AOTY 2023
Three 6 Mafia - Chapter 1: The End
It sounds a little silly to say that Three Six Mafia's "The End" is the most underrated rap album of all time, even with their incredible influence in the 90s. After the release of Mystic Stylez, hip-hop changed, not just in Memphis. The release created a huge impact on gritty lyrical content, which proceeds the violence presented in records like "Slim Shady LP" and "It's Dark and Hell is Hot."

Of course, aggressive tones and lyrics have existed since N.W.A., but ... read more

Aesop Rock - Integrated Tech Solutions
One-note might be a harsh way to describe Aesop Rock's performance across the 18 tracks, but regardless, a clear passion for storytelling is presented as witty as ever. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried about the project after hearing the single "Mindful Solutionism."

Aesop Rock isn't self-absorbed, but I was anxious that Integrated Tech Solutions would be yet another out-of-touch concept warning audiences of the uncontrollable growth of technology. I'm glad the result was a ... read more

Toshifumi Hinata - Sarah's Crime
In a similar vein to Silent Hill 2 and Chrono Trigger, Toshifumi Hinata has created an atmosphere that transforms my mind into an alternate reality. Sarah's Crime could easily fit as an official soundtrack to a mystery visual novel series with its preternatural laze aesthetic, which has heavily inspired the images we see today when hearing vapor or slushwave. An intriguing texture that reminds me of the eerie nature of calmness is found in rest sites in video games. The welcomed shelters of ... read more
SD - Life Of A Savage 3
i miss when mixtapes had the shittiest autotune and the most whimsical ringtone beat over lyrics i can't relate to at all. Bring back Drill 2024.
Javiera Mena - Esquemas Juveniles
This is an incredibly cute and moving synth/indie pop album filled with beautiful, catchy songwriting. There's an amazing balance between somber breakup ballads that make me want to cry under my sheets and warm-hearted love letters that still have an incredible emotional impact. Despite the project being released in the mid-2000s, it sounds timeless and has aged gracefully. If you love the 80-90s teenage romance aesthetic, this is exactly your type of album, especially with the track "Yo ... read more
Cheap Talk - Let's Get Electric - 1987
This is the perfect recreation of 80s pop music without the cliche traditions you see in other throwback albums. Often times, the songs mimicking old synthpop songs sound better than 90% of pop music at the time. They absolutely nailed the mixing on the vocals; sometimes it may feel overwhelming, but I loved it. This is the type of shit your dormmate would play while you're trying to sleep, but you really can't be upset because it hangs. Definitely give this one a listen, it's only 30 minutes ... read more
People Like Us, Matmos & Wobbly - Wide Open Spaces
Plunderphonics focused on the old cowboy American lifestyle. It's possibly one of the most profound portrayals of the wild west since Westworld. The incredibly cool combination of early electronic elements mixed with a rural environment very much reminds me of steampunk. Atmospheric is TOP TIER Sadly, many songs don't work well as songs, mostly just an awesome concept that's stuck in my head. Now don't mind me, imma get back to my animatronic horse and ride towards the sun exploding from a ... read more
Yussef Dayes - Black Classical Music
Despite the inflated tracklist and underwhelming atmosphere, I think that black classical music is solid. Yussef Dayes manages to add great variety to his sound in the majority of these tracks, and his lounge-room-esque environment creates a very laid-back sound. It's not the most engaging, unique, or spiritual experience, but a comfortable feeling of familiarity that carries favorable solos and performances.
Nuclear Death - Bride of Insect
blah blah cool drumming female vocalist whatever BUT THIS SHIT IS NOT AN INSECT thats a spider. Are they stupid?
Andrรฉ 3000 - New Blue Sun
The Grammy Awards started in 1958, in an era that laid the foundations of the genres we regularly hear today. The meteoric rise of rock n’ roll and catchy pop tunes would dominate not only the industry but the academy. Despite the untouchable legacy of the early pioneers, few stood the test of time—the majority that can be topped today. The same, however, can’t be said for the legendary history of jazz in the 1950s and 1960s. It’s a genre where the influence has gone far ... read more
BabyTron - MegaTron 2
Your Momma bloated like a BabyTron album...
Eliane Radigue - Trilogie de la mort
This year, I have been getting drone-pilled. First, it starts with a few Tim Hecker albums, then you continue with Stars of the Lid, and then before you know it, you’re up at night crying to The Dance of the Moon and the Sun. A drone album’s most famous aspect is its monstrous length. It’s not typical to find a project shorter than an hour, with releases using fewer notes than the number of fingers to type. The general length makes the genre inaccessible to broad audiences. ... read more
Westside Gunn - And Then You Pray For Me
Ever since 2014, Westside Gunn has been releasing timeless hip-hop albums. An artist who didn't respond to the trends and achieved success through originality. All changed with "And Then You Pray For Me", with Gunn showing his age for the first time.

Realistically, it's not that big of a deal; to some listeners, the aura is still strong enough to win them over. Personally, I think ATYPFM is the most lifeless Griselda album in a long time. The sad thing is that it had every ingredient ... read more

Slauson Malone 1 - EXCELSIOR
Slauson Malone releases a labyrinth of sounds and concepts in "EXCELSIOR" so dense that it justifies the ancitipation. Every track is filled with this unique sense of purpose, yet it will take dozens of listens to organize thoughts. This is an incredibly bold piece of work that combines glitchy ambient elements with psychedelic vocals speaking elusive lyrics. Completely abstract in design yet packed with catchy earworms that keep me coming back addicted to new interpretations of its ... read more
Hannah Diamond - Perfect Picture
This is the musical equivalent of the first 20 minutes of Barbie (2023)
Nas - Magic 3
Nas is definitely the type of guy to exclusively order chicken tenders or mac and cheese at restaurants. It's perfectly acceptable and solid all around, but the tracks easily blend together, creating a potato chip effect (I'm hungry). Nas is still talking about how he's better than everyone, and Hitboy is still sampling the exact same way. It's formulaic and tame. It's especially disappointing due to Nas being such an exciting figure in hip-hop; it just seems like he's burned out here. Usually ... read more
Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
Eternal bliss, truly reminiscent of the first time I had a Oreo Milkshake. An orchestral landscape that's so majestic, that it improves your tinnitus. Highly recommend playing this with car speakers, not sober, and emotionally damaged. Life altering...
Tinashe - BB/ANG3L
All good things come in 20 minutes, my door dash order, my door dash driver, me, and me listening to BB/ANGEL.
Swans - Soundtracks For The Blind

oh and this album sucks

Blank Banshee - 4D
Blank Banshee's "4D" is everything I've wanted and more. I was scared he would stick with his Tride and true utopian virtual style again, but this was surprisingly refreshing. Blank Banshee takes a bold risk and attempts to sacrifice his vaportrap approach by instead focusing more on an industrial setting. This seems more of an evolution from his "MEGA" project, as it's got more of a club feel to it, and I love it. There are tracks that still have the classic BB feel to ... read more
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On Nas - Magic 3
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