Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet
Andrew W.K: An Artist We Don't Deserve.

There hasn’t been a single figure in music history as amazing as Andrew W.K. How does the legendary "jack-of-all-trades" manage to talent the world one solid performance at a time? What does Andrew do? What makes him so special in the music world? More importantly, how is he connected to Cartoon Network’s greatest show ever, "Destroy Build Destroy?" It’ll all start making sense soon.

According to the "MADtv ... read more

black midi - Hellfire
Hi, hello, and welcome! It’s been approximately four months since my last review, and I was able to listen to over five hundred new albums in that long period. To put this very humble and astonishing achievement into perspective, I listened to over 550 albums that were released in 2022 as a whole. It's safe to say I’m a little knowledgeable about projects released; that being said, how many were good? Ten albums were good; the rest were awful or revolting. Take this list as an ... read more
Chat Pile - God’s Country
Every now and then I like to indulge in music lists that contain “disturbing content”. Most of the time they start with mainstream appeal with slight mentions of dark tones and ideas, then they progress to underground artists with uncomfortable writing or background stories. The lyrics in those albums contain themes of suicide, violence, and a deep hatred view on society, things like this are expected. I view these lists just to see what exists out there in the infinite realm of ... read more
Babyfather - 419
I fucking love Dean Blunt, everything he's created so far for me has been amazing and unique. There was a point in time when I was trying to find some excellent experimental hip-hop albums/tapes to get out of my comfort zone, I often came across 419. I didn't even know that Babyfather was a group that included Dean Blunt at the time, I went in blind and immediately fell in love. The opening track “Hunt” had unusual mixing, the synth used was thick and beautiful, and ... read more
Vegyn - Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God!
Vegyn's Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God! is the most chilling yet comforting ambient tape I've ever heard. Each time I listen to the mixtape, I create new images in my head. The long-ass fuck track list to me feels like an endless road, it's not a painful drive or anything, but you can't see the destination anywhere. I often get lost while experiencing TWDIYWTMG (GOD THAT SUCKS), I can doze off so quickly and daydream infinitely to the soft synths. There are melancholic moments mixed ... read more
ZillaKami - DOG BOY
GRADE F (again)
This is literally just Lil Darkie but he can actually say the n-word. I'm totally aware of ZillaKami's voice and sound, I've heard two City Morgue albums and have enjoyed them much more than this solo effort. I'm confused about the perception this album has it's not totally positive or anything but this sounds like something everyone would make fun of for being poorly written, badly produced, and cringe but I guess not. There are tons of corny ass lines, and shitty ... read more
Ken Carson - X
Ken Carson of Opium dropped a very very much anticipated album a week ago and I am honestly super lost on how I feel about it. First listen through I was extremely bored and thought the rage beats carried the fuck out of Goomba especially in those freestyle songs. Second listen I had a lot more fun but I wasn't paying attention really, THEN in the third listen I started to realize just how underwhelming the release was. Ken Carson is probably my least favorite member of ... read more
Bones - AmericanSweetHeart
BONES IS BACK! With his 2nd album of the year, which would be an unusual amount for every artist other than Bones. We were getting a far more melodic venture from his previous releases, and they mainly were chill. I'm not against that or anything, but my favorite tracks from the guy are the louder more abusive ones that make me feel like an edgy white boy. AmericanSweetHeart is unique in some of its presentations at least by Bones standards. Most of the instrumentation is either ... read more
Bones - TeenWitch
Bones! I really fucking like Bones, I think he has released some of the best cloud rap mixtapes and has played a big role in my life from 2016-2019. Since he's dropping a brand new tape this week I wanted to continue listening to his infinite number of releases and somehow I managed to pick the worst one. Bones is obviously edgy, like even from the name and cover you can already tell what you're getting here, but I was not prepared for how incredibly lame and touchy WitchBoy ... read more
1naya - I Could Take On the Taliban
I'm not nearly as offended as others when listening to this failed attempt on breakcore, but that doesn't mean I didn't hate it. It's only 3 tracks and I literally couldn't sit through it all and had to take a break half way. The mashups are very lazy and poorly made, it sounds very A.I. generated like something off of DJ.Rave or other mixing sites. Clearly this person was inspired by other breakcore artists and wanted to make something similar but forgot the fact that you ... read more
Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
A+ Trying to understand Little Simz A+
Hip-Hop is my favorite genre, it’s by far my most rated genre. I would say that the majority of my ratings are rap, and the majority of my reviews are the same. Every year I listen to critically acclaimed albums and come out of it satisfied, but 2021 was the only year ever where I felt indifferent about the Hip-Hop album of the year. Little Simz is a UK artist who dropped a surprisingly good album in 2019 with “GREY Area”. I mostly liked ... read more
Michael Jackson - Michael
One of the weirdest experiences I've had as of late. Listening to Michael is like watching a reanimated corpse try to walk again for the first time. The tracks aren't that bad and sometimes there are some catchy tracks but I feel incredibly dirty listening to this. The production is exceptionally dated even for its time, Michael's vocals don't even stand out like it typically does. In Hollywood Tonight Michael Jackson sounds like an actual Hollywood impersonator and it's not intentional. This ... read more
Weiland - Vices
In 2020 there was a moment when I would exclusively listen to underground rappers. Because of COVID and the pandemic most mainstream artists didn’t want to make any new albums or songs because they wouldn’t make as much of a profit out of it. I gave up on them and decided to see what the other side was working on. The underground scene seemed so fresh, there were several new sounds that were popping off and some exciting artists. One of those artists I ... read more
Lil Slur User made a new EP and I was never as curious about anything musical-related until now. I have a pretty weird history with this guy, during 2020 I started checking out a lot of Spidergang’s music and at the time I was super into the trap metal scene. Lil Darkie with the help of Wendigo was able to make some pretty fun ignorant music for me, but after a while, something happened. It’s like someone smashed a mirror in front of me and showed the wall behind it. Darkie’s ... read more
Drake - Certified Lover Boy
Why is Drake so Popular?
Hip-Hop in the most current state is the most popular genre in the industry and there is nobody in the game that is more notable and successful as Drake. It’s rare to see an artist become increasingly more popular as their career goes We often hear about people who used to be big have their downfalls, but Drake is immune from being irrelevant. It’s weird, critics don’t like him, and rap fans online don’t appreciate him and are starting to get ... read more
iann dior - on to better things
My least favorite album of the year ๐Ÿ˜ช
Every year I try to listen to a bunch of albums. Some of them end up being amazing, and some could even just make me content, but there are a few albums out there that make me feel actual frustration. I don't typically do negative reviews, but Iann Dior’s “on to better things” is legitimately the most awful mainstream emo-rap release I’ve ever heard. It’s so unbelievably bad that I CAN’T LET IT GO FROM MY HEAD, ... read more
chrisโ€ โ€ โ€  - deep dark trench
Part 1: The End of an Era

Vaporwave is a genre that many people see as a glorification of the 90s with slowed-down vocals and atmospheric production. Many of the biggest albums just focus on making a really comforting area for the listener, making them feel nostalgic for a time when it was much simpler. A time that is often remembered to be much better than it actually was. Artist John Zobele aka Christ††† kind of does the complete opposite of this in the eerie “Deep ... read more

Kanye West - The Life of Pablo
Kanye’s most recent release, Donda 2, is by far his most forgettable and disappointing. I feel like his recent albums, while good, is missing a special moment. The Life of Pablo has that “special moment” in almost every track. From the beginning, it starts with probably Kanye’s most popular intro ever (at least stream-wise.) Ultralight Beam is a beautiful way to start the album, it has this grand choir and features Kelly Price in the second verse that transitions into ... read more
Fivio Foreign - B.I.B.L.E.
I'm a big fan of drill and I've been listening to a lot of it for like a year straight now and the only thing you need in your song is energy. Normally I'm a sucker for this sound but for the love of Fauci, B.I.B.L.E. plays itself too safe and hearing artists who don't typically do drill hop on these beats sounds so awkward. A lot of these songs sound kinda awkward, both of Quavo's features were instantly forgettable. Coi Leray was especially horrible on What's My Name and the only ... read more
Jack Harlow - First Class
Such a W banger honestly, this proves my point that Jack Harlow is the GOAT ๐Ÿ in the game right now (along with the 5 others.)

Mfs be like ๐Ÿ˜ญ you listen to that new jack harlow naw im busy JACKing this HARd on the LOW

Bitches be like omg jack harlow so cute, like dang he look like the half brother of that one mf from victorious ๐Ÿ˜ญ

can we agree Wack Warlow is in the top 5 right now

getting my audition for admin in this hip hop twitter account :) guys wish me luck !
The song is ... read more

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