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Sep 28

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Love - Four Sail
Four Sail
Oct 26
Love - Da Capo
Da Capo
Oct 26
Love - Love
Oct 26
Grouper - Shade
Oct 22

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Doofy -
Album cover the proof Madonna has done gone sucked the blood of ten virgin first born sons and regenerated like a crazy ho


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Doofy -
If this album's predecessor 'False Start' brought the funk then 'Reel to Reel' brings the soul. This combination works a bit better, in particular Lee's voice holds up surprisingly well with this style, at least in the studio anyway.

Love started with a none more '66 artefact in the shape of the debut, and this is the equivalent for '74 - so you couldn't accuse Lee of not moving with the times at least.

The writing on this one isn't really distinct or memorable but it motors along and is ... read more
Doofy -
The twin influences on 'False Start' are Hendrix (who guest features on the opener) and funk - a combination that really makes Love sound like a totally new band this time.

This in itself might not be the worst thing, only the distinct personality of Lee's past song writing is jettisoned and replaced with some very standard genre pastiches and copycat 'rock moves'.

The album is far more listenable than 'Out There'...but possibly even more forgettable and that's despite featuring a song ... read more
Doofy -
Love's wheels start to come off with the 1969 release of double album 'Out Here' where the material remains somewhat catchy but frequently in an inane or charmless way now.

The opening pairing 'I'll Pray For You' and 'Abalony' have awful singalong tra-la-la melodies and naff lyrics. The less said about the flat tone and redundant cynicism of 'Discharged' ('I just received the Purple Heart and I know you're proud of that...our fighting men, our fighting men!') the better.

The best stuff here ... read more
Doofy -
The only direction for Love would be down after an album like 'Forever Changes' and it seems the band were aware of this as they all walked away afterwards...well all except Lee. He brought in an entirely new set of bandmates and went to work on a follow up to 'Forever Changes' that would be worthy of the association.

The pun-tastic 'Four Sail' is what they delivered and what's surprising is this is a very fine attempt at a reboot; the playing is tight and although the writing is less ... read more
Doofy -
'Forever Changes' is one of those 'where did this come from?' fairy dust albums because it sounds like such a radical step up from the level the band had been operating at previously. The instrumental passages are more complex, richer, but sound so natural in how they weave together.

On top of this Arthur Lee's lyrics and vocals mesh in with these melodies like never before and are more successful in projecting his charismatic personality, as well as having a lot more depth to what they're ... read more


Oct 26, 2021
Thanks for contributing man!
I'll send you the link tonight
Oct 22, 2021
I was thinking to post it on the 27th, so there's plenty of time still haha
Btw, killer pfp, love that movie.
Oct 20, 2021
Hi bro, thanks for following back! Hope you're having a great day, and btw...
I'm doing a community list in collaboration with the homie @PelicanManners, it's about AOTY's favorite 10 songs of the year! I'd love for you to be part of it, so if you want to participate, you can shout me your 10 picks (in no particular order), and if you want to write some thoughts on your songs that would be amazing, if not you can just name your picks. Let me know if you want to participate :)
Oct 6, 2021
Yes, I agree that the album starts off a lot stronger than it finishes. I mainly came away from the album seeing a lot of potential. Crank up the production and songwriting dial just a notch, and one of his subsequent albums could be one for the halls of fame!
Oct 4, 2021
@Doofy - Thanks for the follow. I find your Cale reviews insightful. Thanks for sharing. Peace, bruh. - @daFigz™
Sep 23, 2021
Hey, Doof! Really glad you enjoyed BG Copeland as much as you did! I come bearing a recommendation; I can't even find it on RYM, which is why I'm sharing it here.

This might either completely enchant you or leave you as cold as an iceberg - I'm not sure which. However, considering my very warm reaction, I thought it at least worth sharing with my favourite Daniel Day-Lewis lookalike.
Sep 6, 2021
Thank you !
Sep 6, 2021
Can you please give me your top 5 albums from 1971?
Sep 4, 2021
thank you bro🙏🔥


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