Banks - III
4d ago (updated 1d ago)
That half interesting debut album seems a long time ago.

I am confused by this career trajectory - she really seems to have lost the artistry and has gone all out for the lowest common denominator sound :/

I suggest you return to Waiting Game and Warm Water from that first album and then listen to this - my conclusion is she’s gone in the polar opposite of how I predicted (hoped?) she’d evolve as an artist.
4d ago
damn, you're so angry. how do you cope with life?
4d ago
Just move right along to the next album m8
4d ago
Just another old man talking shit about pop or mainstream girls. All this and neither the full album listened .. urrgh, nothing new
4d ago
Old man? I'm 8 years older than Ms Banks? If I'm old she's pre old - can you cope listening to a woman who is so old? Let go of your prejudices be freeeeeeeee
4d ago
Ugh, what a misogynistic comment about the cover. It's okay if you don't like her music, you don't have to be so condescending. Grow up, you're an embarrassment.
4d ago
Ooof, lotta hate haha
4d ago
It looks like this artist I've never heard about before has some major stans
4d ago
‘Misogynistic’? If you think I’d hold back if it was a shirtless man on trashy calendar shoot style cover then you prob need to subscribe and follow me a while.

It’s easy, just click the ‘follow’ button.
4d ago
‘some major stans’

A legion of prematurely firing off white knighting dweebs on the evidence so far
4d ago
Yeah, that's probably a more accurate description lol
4d ago
Oh, so you're not an old man? Worse Than I Thought !! A sh_ 1t adult who loves to hate pop girls or who make mainstream music. A pseudo-cult that only acclaim rock and rap junk. THINK that nobody knows your favorite songs / albums and thus feeds your pseudo-cult-ego thinking that it tastes better than other people's.
4d ago
Ayron, do you ever think for a minute people might not fit one of your pre defined, reductive descriptors. Other people are just as wildly unique and wonderful and hard to categorise as yourself.

Try and let go of your prejudice.

I like lots of pop girls, I used to quite like Banks when she wasn’t releasing music I find as brain numbing as this current dreck.

Chill out m8
4d ago
Just finished the album. I agree, it's terrible. Time for me to enter this "Pseudo-cult"
4d ago
It’s terrible and for real the debut had three or four worthy tunes.

Some of the mainstream critics starting to dish out the real low scores - not sure this opinion is cult enough now ;)
4d ago
Yeah, I saw how you like a lot of pop girls while visiting your profile..You, for example, gave low scores for masterpieces like LP1 by FKA Twigs. I read your reviews, and 90% of them about girls, pop artists or any other popular genre or artist are just "jokes" with a low score. The same thing you did here, with Banks's new album.

Anyway, these discussions will not lead to anything. But I wanted to say one last thing: before you come here to make jokes and give low notes to any artist's work+
4d ago
At least listen to the work in its entirety. You did NOT do it with Banks's new album and came here to give you a low score and just make jokes to win likes of other pseudo-cults * - *
3d ago
@Ayron that's some serious claims you're making. Have you ever thought that people might have different tastes in music? I have to completely disagree with you. He's certainly given scores to several other female artists, such as Kate Bush and Weyes Blood. Also, very very doubtful he just rates stuff without listening to it all. You're way too angry to think clearly just because of an opinion that doesn't match yours and a pretty harmless review
3d ago
Wtf is happening
3d ago
Given high scores*
3d ago
@Follow, Quite controversial? I saw in LAST.FM. He did not hear the whole album. And yes, I know people have different tastes, but what's the point of talking shit about things you did not even bother to hear? How many times did he give low marks to things he did not listen to just to make jokes and win likes? I confess that I got really annoyed, there are so many people on this site who do the same thing ... +++
3d ago
And oh, I've heard him giving good scores to Kate and Weyes. But we're going to agree that your songs are very different from pop girls like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Banks, Charli XCX and others, right?
3d ago
@Follow, Anyway, it's not something that should annoy me, it was just a thing of the moment;)
3d ago
@Ayron firstly, I agree that someone should give the full album a try before rating it. Though while on my own personal experience the album did not get better, that might be different with other people, so I'm definitely not going to defend that. However, I think it shouldn't be assumed that's going to be the case with every/most times he doesn't like a female pop artist's album.
3d ago
Yeah, we can agree they aren't exactly the same, but that's not the point you were trying to make beforehand. You said "90% of them about girls, pop artists or any other popular genre or artist are just "jokes" with a low score." Either way, I think even if you could argue that mainstream pop isn't his thing, I don't think that should deter someone from giving a negative rating (obviously unless if they haven't listened to it all). AOTY to me is a community above all else.
3d ago
There's a bunch of times people have been pretty brutal towards albums/artists I love hearing. Sometimes it can feel like that person clearly just doesn't like the genre, but it's all alright at the end of the day because it's simply them expressing their listening experience.
3d ago
I dunno - where pop girls impressed me it gets a high score. Robyn, Kitty, etc. Stuff thats effectively girl pop but with an edge like Fever Ray and Gazelle Twin I’ve given decent grades to too.

I’m just as likely to give a dismissive low score/review to Ed Sheeran’s new one as this, so really their isn’t a male/female bias.

Bjork, FKA Twigs, Janelle Monae...there are a lot of widely respected albums by these acts I don’t enjoy sure, that’s just my opinion not an agenda.
3d ago
The London EP and singles released around it are drastically different from anything here. This is music for the generic gays. I'm still confused by the trajectory she chose to take... it's not genuine and it's not even critic-worthy.
3d ago
Her and Twigs came out at roughly the same time, since then I've enjoyed their respective releases, agree everything since her London EP and Goddess debut haven't reached the same heights. I think feelings getting caught because she is a genuine artist similar to FKA which is a rarity in pop circles especially since the pop genre comes off as so fake, rightly so. I enjoyed it because I like her voice, but can see others just seeing this as average pop music hence the mixed bag of ratings
1d ago
I chopped the joke from the review, it wasn’t really supposed to be as inflammatory as it was perceived so fair enough.
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