Oct 10, 2019
Excuse me for typing "atmorsphere". I promise I'm not an idiot.
Oct 10, 2019
I genuinely love that album. I guess both albums are quite similar in that they both try to create a very enveloping atmorsphere, so if you're not entirely smitten by that right away, the enjoyment can possibly tail off a bit. At least there's one thing we have strongly differing opinions on!
Oct 8, 2019
Is there any particular reason you haven't rated Julia Holter's "Have You In My Wilderness" yet? Have you not listened to it yet, or did it end up in the purgatory that is your NR-pool? Hahaha
Oct 7, 2019
I have a question. How does it feel being the sexiest person on this website?
Oct 6, 2019
What are your five favourite albums of all time?
Oct 6, 2019
Hey. What's your favorite album from an LGBTQ artist? It's for a list.
Sep 30, 2019
hey im doing a list, what's your favorite mumble rap album (it's my favorite genre)
Sep 29, 2019
ah okay... If you weren't big on peasant then you probably wont love this new one anymore 'cause its kind of the same thing with different subject matter. Slightly more modern sounds though... I'm surprised you don't like him though tbh. Tastes are funny that way.
Sep 28, 2019
What's your favorite album from a genre you usually don't like? It's for another one of these dumb lists lol
Sep 27, 2019
Not sure of your stance on leaks but curious to see if you like the Richard Dawson.
Sep 25, 2019
I’m not an alter ego, I’m my own entity
Sep 22, 2019
what is your least favorite album?
Aug 25, 2019
Yeah, I'm expecting good things too. The new track is possibly my favourite one they've released so far, so if the whole album is able to uphold that quality, there might just be something special ahead!
Aug 15, 2019
Do you think Big Thief's second album of the year will be just as good as - or better than - "U.F.O.F.", or are you expecting a subpar album of songs that didn't quite make the cut for the first one?
Aug 3, 2019
I will follow you into the dark...
Jul 30, 2019
thanks for the follow!
Jul 13, 2019
They do sound even better in real life. Because of its 20th anniversary, they recently did a tour playing "The Ideal Crash" in full and that was amazing, so that's a huge part of why I gained a newfound appreciation for the album.
Jul 13, 2019
Jul 7, 2019
Pleaseee check out dEUS' "The Ideal Crash". I'm 99% certain you'll love it!
Jun 21, 2019
DAMMIT! I was listening to the black midi album and I was thinking "holy crap, this is some high 80's right here", just to check your profile and see an 89 hahaha :'((
Jun 20, 2019
Glad to hear it! I'll keep an eye and an ear out. Cheers
Jun 19, 2019
By the way, if there's a particular album that you think really doesn't get nearly enough credit on here - one you think I should check out - definitely let me know!
Jun 19, 2019
Hahaha yeah I know what it must look like, but I swear you seem to think the same as me about a lot of albums coming out, but you just seem to review them before me, so it probably seems like I'm copying. There are a few albums, though - like the Glen Hansard one - that I wouldn't have given a chance if it weren't for you, so cheers!
May 26, 2019
Doofy: *reviews 4.3K albums*
Also Doofy: *has no albums that have a rating between 50-59*
Me: *confused noises*
Apr 25, 2019
Do you mind sharing your all time favorite album so I can put it into my community picks list, please?
Apr 25, 2019
Hey! You know how I said Wizards of Ooze made the best album coming from Belgium. Well, I still kinda stand behind that, but we've also got a pretty incredible rock outfit here: dEUS. I'd love to know your opinion on their first record. It's probably more your thing than Wizards of Ooze anyway.
Mar 19, 2019
That's big news considering your fondness of the year! I'm glad you enjoyed it haha
Mar 18, 2019
Yeah! There were only three songs that I found were lacking a bit, but most of the album was just such wholesome and innocent fun. Thanks again, couldn't do it without ya hahaha

Also, when friday rolls around, considering that's your day for new music, I'd love to hear your opinion on "The Dipster" by Wizards of Ooze. IMO, it's the best album to ever come out of my country, so I'd love to hear what you think!
Mar 10, 2019
It’s interesting and unexpected. I’m fairly certain peter cat is coming out with a proper album this year, their online presence is lacking but from what I can tell they have an album coming from a French label... hopefully it will be good!
Mar 5, 2019
Consider giving this a try:
It's the Lifafa guy's band from New Dehli, but musically it doesn't sound much like Jaago.
Feb 15, 2019
I can't wait to jump into more of those albums that you've given high ratings, as you seem to be the first person on the site whose unorthodox high ratings are given to albums I get a lot of enjoyment from myself. Thanks again.
PS: I also absolutely loved "Heave Ho" haha
Feb 14, 2019
Great! Also, thanks for helping me discover "Hats" by The Blue Nile and assisting me in the rediscovery of "Fuzzy" by Grant Lee Buffalo, they're both incredible records :)
Feb 12, 2019
I'd say people are paying literally zero attention to us, so it's fine!
Feb 12, 2019
What's your opinion on the recent Ben Howard singles/B-sides?
Nov 27, 2018
Oh, wait you're actually Doofy from Sputnik?
Nov 20, 2018
No one of note, I just lurk and read the reviews. Yours are always top of the line.
Nov 12, 2018
Hi Doofy! Just wondering, did you actually buy Book Of Romance and Dust or did you listen to it somewhere else? I really wsnted to check it out but unfortunately I can't buy it. Also, thanks for introducing me to new music. Here's a thing you might like:
Nov 4, 2018
See you’ve migrated from Sputnik!
Oct 28, 2018
Oct 15, 2018
Your profile is great :)
Oct 7, 2018
Thanks for the kind words & follow, man! Take it easy!
Oct 7, 2018
Thanks a lot for the follow :)!

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