Dooosh -
Solid album, has a lot of good songs, personally, gimme cum was great.

Some weaker songs like tick tock tho, 6ix9ines influence on Joji is sad
Dooosh -
Not your usual Jaden album, more singing than rapping. I think all the songs have a good Christmasy vibe but sometimes his vocals are just not good. Solid album
Dooosh -
donda is nonda-existent
Dooosh -
His first Posthumous Album. I've heard it three times now. Let me get you into my thinking space. Juice WRLD has over 400 leaks which in every 50, there is a 10/10 song, at least 2 9/10s and a lot of 8/10s. Listening to this album, I don't see many of these. The label was big on having 0 leaks. Only 3 of these were not leaks. There wasn't an excuse not to have good songs here. I mean, yes, it has multiple bangers but you have to like juice WRLD quite a bit to think the album was really good. ... read more
Dooosh -
It's pretty consistent where the worst song is good parts that carry it. Features are a big part of this album but his solo tracks were good too.
My ranking :
1. Domain
2. Down Like That
3. Cap
4. How it feel
5. Poppin
6. Bad Lil Vibe
7. Houdini
8. What you been on
9. Wake up call
10. Millions
11. Killa Killa
12. Undefeated

If you don't like his voice you probably won't like the album. The features help out but some of these songs show that he's capable too. This might be bias too but the ... read more
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