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Oct 22

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Doublez -
The History of the Albums - n’242

Another example of one of the most beautiful Soul voices of the sixties, a pride of the south, a queen of New Orleans, I name Irma Thomas. At the perfect junction between the rhythm and blues roots of New Orleans, an underground Southern Soul with a little pop fantasy, Irma Thomas has not made history as directly as some of her peers because she never achieved the commercial success she hoped and deserved, yet she has built her own legend through a ... read more
Doublez -
Halloween is fast approaching, impossible to escape, just like today's topic. Almost 1 year to the day, Clipping doesn't just come back with a simple sequel to satisfy its fans, the second installment Visions of Bodies Being Burned is even juicier, terrifying, intense and more immersive than the previous one. A total success that confirms the fact that Clipping continues to build their reference to the Horrorcore pantheon, and even more to create its own legend thanks to this consecration. ... read more
Doublez -
The History of the Albums - n’241

In spite of the fact that he is a motto of opinions and that he does not have a discography that makes the unaminity, Yusef Lateef is a great figure of jazz because of his musical openness and his atypical side. This composer and multi-instrumentalist is a jazzman of reference who often swam against the current of what he was doing, bringing new sounds by exploring the music of the Middle East and Asia, being one of the first world music artists even ... read more
Doublez -
The History of the Albums - n’240

[I invite you to read my review of Sandy Bull - Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo (1963), if you want to know more about it]. It is impossible, even criminal, not to honour the legendary John Fahey at least once when you make some kind of list of the ideal discography. There are many very simple reasons for this, the first being that he was an outstanding songwriter, a genius, innovative and technical guiratist who was able to give a whole new face to ... read more
Doublez -
The history of the Albums - n’239

As in the previous episode, here is a new example of a little known jazzmen/composer from the 60's, who nevertheless managed to bring a new energy to Post Bop: Grachan Moncur III. Although he is building a long career, most of his work is from the 60s and 70s. Moreover even if we gather all his works as a frontman and also as a Sideman, he is not known to have been very productive. However Grachan Moncur managed in the space of about 3 years (from 1963 ... read more
Oct 26, 2020
I can see why it feels like a playlist for sure
Oct 25, 2020
Whats up brother, just fyi Im not spamming this on all users profiles just mostly on the few I follow. I started a youtube channel with a brotha of mine and I just finished uploading our second video. They’ll be plenty of more content In the future but I just launched the channel on friday. Subcribe If u like, leave a comment In my shoutbox with ur thoughts & opinions If u wish, I’ll greatly appreciate It :)

Have a nice day!

P.S. It would be awesome If we could probably have you on an episode for an album your passionate about!
Oct 25, 2020
I've listened to a LOT of jazz from the 1950's this year and even if some stuff didn't interest me as much as other stuff, I've yet to listen to a bad jazz album from that era. That got me wondering if something like that even exists so I thought I would ask you... is there any BAD jazz albums you know of from the 50's or is that simply not something that's possible lol
Oct 25, 2020
In your opinion who is the most overrated artist (for a list)
Oct 25, 2020
(I was bored and wanted to know your opinion on the new Gorillaz album lol )
Salut double! Comment fais-tu ce que tu as pensé du nouvel album de Gorillaz? Je voulais faire ça parce que je sais que tu parles français et ça pourrait être une bonne idée On parle en français
Oct 24, 2020
Très heureux de lire justement toute cette passion dans tes reviews et c'est vrai que ça me fait vraiment chaud au coeur quand je vois qu'il existe toujours des adeptes de l'album et de la musique non-fast-food, des vrais passionnés qui cherchent toujours à découvrir plus de musique!
Je pense que c'est faisable, quand ce satané corona nous aura enfin foutu la paix. Si tu monte un jour sur Paris, je serais ravi de te rencontrer irl :) Sinon, une petite question qui n'a pas trop de rapport: as tu une collection de vinyles?
Oct 23, 2020
Congrats on reaching 1000 followers!! Your reviews are truly great.
Oct 23, 2020
Thanks so much! Your support is always a blessing, even on something as dumb as my dad list.
Oct 22, 2020
You totally nailed the principle! My album choices are just strange and hyper specific to me, and I was in a particularly odd mood yesterday (as evidence by my very weird list choices.) I’m happy most people seemed to have fond memories based on the albums they chose.
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