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Nico - The Marble Index
The History of The Albums – n°404

It wasn't until the Hollywood revolution that we found artists who were as comfortable in movies as in mu-sic, obviously we think of the iconic Bill Crosby, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton, up to Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and the list is as long as it is full. However, there are also a large number of hydrid artists who have not known the glory of awards and red carpets, but few of them have known how to mark the history of culture. ... read more

The Kinks - The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
The History of The Albums – n°403

[I recommend you to read my previous reviews on the Kinks in order to better understand this one]. The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society (no less) is probably one of the albums that clearly impact-ed my musical tastes in my youth! I grew up with it, I wouldn't go as far as to say that I would go on a desert island with it if I had to choose only one album, but clearly it wouldn't be a bad idea. Finally I discovered the rest of the ... read more

black midi - Hellfire
Finally hell is not so bad

While black midi has only been around for five years, that’s all the time they’ve needed to become one of the most compelling noise rock bands of the moment. The London-based band has already released three superlative albums, none of which are alike. It’s strange to think that their 2019 debut, Schlagenheim, already feels like an old memory when the tour accompanying the album ... read more

The Beatles - The Beatles
The History of The Albums – n°402

The period of the White Album strangely coincides with that feeling that comes over us when we watch with admiration and suspense a TV series where we feel that we have to enjoy it thoroughly because the conclu-sion is coming soon. You know that paradoxical feeling of nostalgia, where you say to yourself that it was still great although there is still time. Because basically, the Beatles' adventure in their management was almost irreproachable until ... read more

The Impressions - This Is My Country
The History of The Albums – n°401

It is well known that each geographical area, even within a country, is so different in its culture, customs and roots that this difference is reflected in music. Far from the musical megalopolis like New York, Los Angeles or London, one city has always seduced me by its particular timbre and flavor, I make the case of course to Chicago. Whatever the period studied, the city of Chicago and its regional periphery is such a rich pool that many musical ... read more


Any records you recommend I listen too? Trying to get some variety and I've gotten myself this far, but I figured you'd have more in mind.
I'd love to write something about it! Perhaps a short one for my year-end list. I honestly like "The Hermit" though - I always weirdly connect to the overly ambitious songs (ahem, the entirety of Sufjan Stevens' The Age of Adz). It's a good song to just walk down the street and look around, lost in the vastness of reveries.

I certainly agree that the others are amazing. Still need some more time to digest the whole thing. :D
Hey, I just wanted to drop in here and say that I knew you’d love Richard’s new record ahahah! It feels so much like home to me - his music always does that to my heart.
Thank you, I'm just tired from all the community dramas That's all. Everything is good for me personally, if anything things are better now than they have been since I first joined the site. And who knows, maybe things will change & I'll feel like I'm part of the community again. And If I do return you'll be the first to know! :)
Hey, I just wanna let you know that I'll be retiring from this website soon. I'm just tired from all of it & I feel like it's time to move on. I just wanna say that you have been one of the nicest & coolest human beings I've met in this community. Not to mention that you're by far the best reviewer on the entire site. I want to wish you a happy & successful future. Thank you for everything & God bless! :)
Hello DoubleZ! I'm working on a community list for the top 50 jazz records of all time (any subgenre with jazz counts as well). What are your top 5 favorite jazz albums of all time? Thank you in advance if you choose to participate!!!
Also not from 71 but this might be the greatest soul album I've ever heard and I need to share it with people
Damn. You're 100% 1971 right now
thoughts on fossora?


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