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Sep 16

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Doublez -
The History of The Albums – n°361

This episode is probably one of the most significant of the 60's for popular music, not in the purely musical sense, nor in the album format, but in the role of the music and entertainment industry. While Rock and Roll definitely changed the music of young people around the world in the 1950s, the music industry regularly looked for innovative approaches to capitalize on the money and create highly profitable products. The phenomenon of Beatlemania ... read more
Doublez -
[A gigantic thought to the wonderful 1900 followers, I am very touched and many have been with me for a long time now, I thank you! Love]

Lil Nas X has just given birth to a baby, a first child named Montero, size 15 songs and weight: 78 . Montero responds to the expectation, with a very versatile mix of pop songs as sweet, sincere and infectious. Congratulations to the father

It's time for one of the most anticipated pop albums of the year, Montero a potential sig-nificant turning point for ... read more
Doublez -
The History of The Albums – n°360

If the second half of the 60's overshadowed Jazz because of Pop Rock, that doesn't mean that some legends were not born there. Pianist McCoy Tyner is the perfect definition of a crucial influence of this period but also afterwards for modern Jazz. In my opinion, McCoy Tyner is even more than that, he is without question one of the greatest pianists in the history of Jazz, just like Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Art Tatum, Bill Evans, Bud Powell, ... read more
Doublez -
The Melodic Blue is like a recipe to potentially make a great feast but when you taste the final result you have this impression that some ingredient is missing or that the cooking is not necessarily mastered. If Baby Keem didn't succeed in crossing this step, there are still some satisfying points if not a really thrilling album experience...

Hykeem Jamaal Carter, better known as Baby Keem, is purely that kind of new wave rapper. That is to say a modern artist rather versatile, relaxed and ... read more
Doublez -
The History of The Albums – n°359

Cream is the embodiment of a legendary trio shaking up the codes of Rock forever. Disraeli Gears remains as its spokesman. Formed by guitarist Eric Clapton, singer and bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, Cream is known first and foremost for being the very first "Supergroup" of all time, a term given to a group made up of already famous musicians. Clapton was already considered one of the best guitarists with his experiences in the ... read more


Sep 20, 2021
That means a lot man. I really love reading your reviews, even if it’s for music i know nothing about. You always explain everything in great detail.
Sep 20, 2021
what would you say about my little simz takes? i think grey area is a lot betterthan simbi
Sep 17, 2021
oh wow that's cool! i thought it was a satellite picture lmao
Sep 17, 2021
my blonde and gkmc opinions are probably the only "controversial" ones i have amidst the sea of 90s 😅
Sep 17, 2021
Hey thanks for all the support on my reviews.
Sep 17, 2021
definitely waiting for that review, it ought to be interesting
also, i guess we agree on everything, donda, injury reserve, montero, everything, rofl
Sep 16, 2021
Hey, just wondering, what is your profile picture?
Sep 16, 2021
was really happy to see your score on the IR album, still the greatest opinions on the whole site 🐐
Sep 12, 2021
Hope you're having a great day today! ❤😊
Sep 10, 2021
Thank for contributing, the list is already up so here’s the link if u wanna have a look :)


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