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Doublez -
The History of the Albums – n°303

This Californian rock band recognized in the 60's is typically the kind of band I like. Not as popularly recognized, often neglected to its true value today and distinguished by an atypical style/content. While it particularly smells of acid, generously swallowed by these individuals and imagined in an underground rock/proto-punk garage, the Seeds are known to have been one of the first pioneers of Psychedelic Rock at the same time as the Yarbirds or ... read more
Doublez -
Approaching a new Indie Rock aesthetic and releasing a more diverse and elaborate instrumentation, Little Oblivions sounds like a new, more pop turn for Julien Baker. In spite of the limits, she can always count on her particularly harrowing and hard-hitting writing.

Soon only 25 years old, Julien Baker has built a formidable career, especially because she started early, officially after she turned 18 and unofficially long before that with her first band The Star Killers. Marked by a rather ... read more
Doublez -
Carnage is not just another page, it opens the door to a whole new story. It is a human and personal deliverance for the authors who allow us for 40 delicious minutes to close our eyes and escape.

Unless you were born yesterday, there is no need to introduce Nick Cave, a genius, an accomplished legend in the history of music. The Australian, known under multiple aliases, first as a band in the late 70s in the midst of the birth of Post-Punk and New Wave with The Boys Next Door quickly ... read more
Doublez -
Baguette et béret – essai n°4 // The History of the Albums – n°302

Today I will try to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful legends and one of the best French-language albums of all time. I can say without hesitation that the Belgian Jacques Brel ranks among the legendary trio of French music alongside George Brassens and Serge Gainsbourg, and that no one else can hold their own. So yes, I'm talking about a monument that should be taken as the ultimate example, ... read more
Doublez -
The History of the Albums – n°301

[I also recommend that you read my previous reviews on Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited, to better understand the context and this one].After a tumultuous yet prodigious year 1965, Bob Dylan had already reached the glass ceiling, marked by the break with his old traditional folk fan and his rise to commercial success with his new Folk Rock/Blues Rock formula. So after the 2 classics Bringing It All Back Home and Highway ... read more
Feb 23, 2021
great pick, thanks for answering!
Feb 22, 2021
Hey! going around AOTY asking people a question for a list.. what’s your favourite Pink Floyd song? thanks :)
Feb 22, 2021
As I am planning on making a list from AOTY users, I would like to ask this question: What is an album that you and your parents like? Please elaborate if you'd like :)
Feb 22, 2021
mmmmm grapes supremely underrated

thanks for the pick man <3
Feb 20, 2021
Hi, I am here with a question:
If all album covers were edible, which album would you choose to eat?
and yes, this is for a list.
Feb 19, 2021
Hey friend! Thanks for the follow, I appreciate it! :)
Feb 19, 2021
Congrats on 1400 subs man, you are easily one of the best in the site, well deserved
Feb 19, 2021
thank you so much for following
Feb 18, 2021
Lmaooooooooooooooooooooo this is a bit of a meme song

I was trying to make a parody of Everywhere at the end of time while also making a dumb song about among us. Why not mix the two
Hi! I hope to be able to debate with passionate people like you, that's why I joined AOTY

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Mini-Serie // What should we remember about Baguette & Béret ? Being French, I would simply like to make you discover or rediscover a few French-speaking albums/projects/songs (so that also ...
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Hey AOTY, this is the launch of my second new mini-series dedicated to Hip Hop and published weekly. Hip hop think tank will be built on no rules. I can talk about an album, an artist, a song, a ...
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