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Doublez -
The History of The Albums – n°368

In The History of The Albums, it is necessary to know how to make choices and Their Satanic Majesties Request is the perfect example. Simply, because Their Satanic Majesties Request is without question the most controversial album in the Stones' repertoire since it divides opinions. You could say that's part of the reason for this choice. In fact, I think that most of the band's fans would have rather chosen Between The Buttons, released the same ... read more
Doublez -
Head straight to Coloratura, the rest of Music of the Spheres is an album that is woefully lacking in flavor and could very well go into the dictionary as an example of generic music. It's a frustrating and disconcerting experience, especially when you know the true potential of this iconic band.

Coldplay was initially a great band that got lost in a downward spiral when they tried to reinvent themselves especially by incorporating Electronic. The moral of the story is that it's not for ... read more
Doublez -
The History of The Albums – n°362 (late episode, I missed episode 362)

In the middle of the sixties, the psychedelic scene gave birth to three music groups called Kaleidoscope, and when you look at them without paying attention, there is a lot of confusion. In reality there is a world of difference between them. If a similar situation would happen nowadays, we would find it a bit crazy, as if three bands with the same name released an album within a few months of each other in the ... read more
Doublez -
The History of The Albums – n°367

There are artists or bands that have changed the history of music forever, but remain far less known and renowned than their spiritual children, the importance is not to ignore it. Moody Blues is this kind of pioneer band, as generally many of the sixties generation that established significant foundations, thus drawing the Pop Rock we know today, simply by their innovative and creative vision. In the middle of a revolutionary period, the Moody ... read more
Doublez -
Although more immediate, Friends That Break Your Heart is not a watered down pop version of James Blake, it is on the contrary a deeply liberating act that offers us this collection of ballads as hypnotic as emotional.

I would like first of all before launching into the analysis of this new album to specify that James Blake remains probably one of the favorite Pop/Electronic artists of this last decade and one undeniably underestimated. I find him very singular, in-fluent, bewitching, ... read more


Oct 15, 2021
A bit disappointed by Punk tbh :(
Oct 10, 2021
the day you give a 100 is the day the world explodes
Oct 10, 2021
hey you wanna give my EP Ugly Perfection a shot ? I think youd like it
Oct 9, 2021
my man wrote the three most popular reviews of the week lesssssgooooo
Oct 8, 2021
My man Mr. ZZ, I opened up an Ig act where aI’m posting all my art. Follow a bruh @Souzart97
Oct 4, 2021
Yeah, its probably the most promising thing from him in a while. Always thought he was a better attist than given credit for
Oct 3, 2021
It seems to be a more minimalist/organic sounding Beautiful Thugger Girls, and thats my favorite Thug project so im happy with this
Oct 3, 2021
OH MY GOD THE NEW givenchy young thug previews are beautiful we in for his best in a while
Sep 29, 2021
np, u deserve it :)
Sep 28, 2021
congrats on 2k followers!


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