The 1975 - Notes on a Conditional Form
May 22, 2020 (updated May 22, 2020)
Unquestionably Notes On A Conditional Form is a daring album that shows a bit too much ambition in my opinion. It seems that it actually contains 2 intertwined albums that confront each other and try to speak louder than the other one, when they should rather complement each other . You have on one side some basic but catchy pop rock passages, then on the other side there's all the "avant-garde" part with experimentations mainly hidden in an electronic form.

Ironically I'm not surprised that The 1975 finally released an album like this one, especially now that we're getting to know its leader. However, we can only notice that it looks like a bazaar that often gives the impression that it has neither head nor tail. Of course, one of the main problems of Notes On A Conditional Form is its useless length and its too bold content, sometimes radically fragmented. In fact, there are too many paradoxical things for me, and that's what I find seductive as I listen to it. It's probably the fact that it's "so atypical" in its conception, that it's different from the others. For me it's not the "length" in itself that's really a problem, although I do find there are a few songs that are quite forgettable when you analyse them on their own, it's far from being an unpleasant album that would require a purge just to make it more digestible. It's just that it's too confusing.

Personally at times I understand the choices and the direction they wanted to take in creating these breaks, but the mix is too often miscible. But then again ironically, if you analyse the more "experimental" part alone, you get the impression that something is missing, while the other part can manage and shine on its own. In the end, it might have been simpler to merge the 2 faces they want to show in the same song, which allows for more coherence. It's a choice that can be respected. Notes On A Conditional Form isn't about to end up making ink flow about it, it's an explosion of colors that shocks each other like fireworks. There are flashes of lightning, it's often well written, but there are too many dispersions, like a puzzle that is hard to put together
Doublez's Tags
May 22, 2020
Fantastic review.
May 22, 2020
Thank you very much @DarthSenate66 !
May 23, 2020
"A Puzzle That Is Hard To Put Together" is pretty much exactly how I feel about the album. Well put!
6d ago
Thank you @AndreVital, I'm glad we agree !
6d ago
Thinking in this review I tried to "solve the puzzle" dividing the album in three parts. I placed it in a comment in my review, if you want to see it. Hope you like it and nice review by the way!
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