Five Finger Posse - Trapped In The Trenches
Apr 7, 2021 (updated Apr 7, 2021)
hip hop think tank – episode 6 – Tread's investigation


This episode dedicated to Tread will be accessed as a guide (so relatively different from what I usually offer), where I will explore the background/history, the characteristics of the trend, as well as a reflection on the future. This guide will also continue with concise reviews, a ranking of the best Tread projects and a recommendation playlist. Enjoy

As I was going through my ideas for a new episode, I thought it was the right time to dedicate an in-depth analysis on a specific Hip Hop music genre/style. The first problem I was directly confronted with was to know which one to choose, because quite honestly I couldn't see myself writing about a subject that everyone has already covered a thousand times. Unfortunately for Hip Hop lovers, the first frustration comes when you realize that since the Golden Age when most of the Hip Hop styles and sub-styles were conceived, it's hard to really find something new. So yes we don't spit on the fact that things have evolved with time, as many metamorphoses as mergers, but if I simply list the new Hip Hop styles and sub-styles of the last 20 years, you will realize very quickly that it's not much. First of all I'll say that there are only 2 musical styles: Trap (thanks to the holy trinity: T.I. / Gucci Mane / Young Jeezy), Cloud Rap (thanks to Lil B / Viper / Clams Casino) which gave birth to a small handful of "sub-styles" like Drill (Chief Keef), Uk Drill (Uk scene / Pop Smoke) , Emo Rap (Bones / Wicca Phase Springs / Ecco2K / Bladee) , Trap Metal (XXXTentacion / SkiMask / Bones / Denzel Curry), Plugg (Playboi Carti / Yung Gleesh / MexikoDro) , Phonk (Dj Smokey) and finally the Tread that we will study today [of course I quote only the main pioneers in the brackets]. I think it's important to point out that the 3 major points that define our Hip Hop today are Trap, Cloud Rap and the influence of Drill as a kind of backbone. Tread is a sub style as underground as it is obscure since it is very unknown to the public, which few people talk about specifically because it is not only represented by few artists but also because it is a "phenomenon" of the Soundcloud era that has lost its breath for a few years, even if recently there are new things happening. Yet it's probably one of the new Hip Hop sub-styles of our last one that I prefer because of its rather raw and futuristic side.

To reduce the definition of Tread to accelerated Trap, incorporating elements of Cloud Rap and Drill, and articulated around a very icy atmosphere, angry synthesizers and chaotic bass would be to overstate the case in the definition of the sub style, yet it could be mainly summed up this way. Originating from Philadelphia, the Tread has known some symbolic figures as performers like SickboyRaRi (Black Kray), the Five Finger Posse crew (composed of 5G / Sub9K / Alvin Abyss / Morgue! Or Yung Mojo), WifiGawd or Chxpo, but the Tread is mostly defined in the way of producing, especially thanks to the pioneer of Working On Dying: the producer F1lthy, his brother Oogie Mane, Forza or Brandon Finessin. That is to say that there is very little content outside the intervention of these producers mentioned that we can really classify as Tread. This term was defined by the rapper BOOTYCHAAAIN who was close to the sphere Working On Dying, that is to say a few months later when the first songs emerged, especially through the work of F1lthy with SickboyRari in late 2015. For more than a year, the current will first buzz underground and in the shadows, printing almost all the bases that will define the Tread. It is during the explosion of Hip Hop on the internet in 2017 that the phenomenon will be democratized, helped by Soundcloud phenomena like the kid Matt Ox (and his massive success of Overwheling), or The Khan or Chxpo. What supports precisely the fact that the Tread is more a way of producing than interpreting, is because in 2017, the main rappers of Philadelphia will disappear or remain in the shade while the producers of Working On Dying will multiply the external collaboration. That's why other more popular rappers will end up getting involved, like Lil Yatchy very briefly, the Swedish scene with Bladee and Yung Lean or even Sheck Wes later on. What's great about the Tread and what goes beyond the underground and authentic content that makes you feel like you're taking a ride in the abyss, is the difference that each Working On Dying producer has. These guys are really great beatmakers. First of all the leader F1lthy, known for having collaborated mainly with Matt Ox, Bladee and now Playboi Carti on Whole Lotta Red (on 6 songs, which makes him one of the main actors of the project). His main distinction is based on futuristic sounds, very often clear with a production more minimal than others. He will be followed in his signature by Brandon Finessin who will mainly collaborate with Lil Uzi Vert since 2019 and very regularly until today. On the other side there is Oogie Mane and Forza, with a more raw and aggressive content. Oogie Mane remains one of the pillars and one of the best producers of the Tread scene. It is him who produced notably Overwhelming of Matt Ox and it is the first one to be crossed in another dimension, collaborating notably with Drake on I'm Upset in 2018. Today he is with Brandon Finessin, one of the main actors of the production of Lil Uzi Vert. On the other hand, Forza ended up leaving the crew in 2019, and he remained an underground producer, however his impact is not negligible on the foundations and development of the Tread current.

We can now ask ourselves the question: what is the future of Tread? It is a complex reflection, to which I will try to bring a forecast. Although the year 2017 was the "golden age" of Tread and its popularization, the trend has quickly lost momentum in the following year. I think there are several phenomena that explain this, of which the gradual decline of interest in Soundcloud is a major factor. If the Tread had been a mainstream success, it was all limited to the internet and the underground sphere eventually. That's why, since the big players of the music market are not interested in the phenomenon, Tread will have two very slow years between 2018 and 2020. However, the producers of Working On Dying understood very quickly that they had to go through this period, looking for more prestigious performers and collaborations with a wider audience, which they finally succeeded in doing. That is to say that 2020 was finally the last chance for the Tread, especially when Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti fell in love with the production of Working On Dying that was the perfect elements to renew their own styles and offer new things to their fans. First of all, there was the phenomenal Sanguine Paradise in 2019 which should have been present on the long awaited album of Lil Uzi, but we will have to wait in 2020 on Eternal Atake and its "deluxe version" to hear the flamboyant POP, the avant-garde Futsal Suffle 2020, or Myron. Of course the true purists and connoisseurs of the Tread will tell me that it's not exactly the same thing, and it must be said that the producers of Working On Dying have evolved their formulas towards a more "mainstream" aesthetic. However when we listen to the first part of Eternal Atake which plunges us in a boiling furnace, in settings of science fiction, we can't say that we don't find the brutality and the purity of Tread, there is just to listen to the examples that I quoted a little bit above, as well as Baby Pluto, Lo Mein or You Better Move. Without forgetting the much criticized (wrongly) song outside the project: Sasuke. It is then F1lthy to illustrate himself on Whole Lotta Red with the turbulent Stop Breathing, Rockstar Made, M3tamorphosis or Punk Monk. We can already be reassured by the fact that the producers of Working On Dying have succeeded their metamorphosis on very popular albums which I do not doubt that the influence on other artists will be really not negligible. If you add on top of that new phenomena, which appeared last year, like Rodeoglo and his Tread/Hedx fusion or the rise of ThouxanBanFauni since 2 projects (although his style is rather hybrid Cloud Rap/Plugg/Tread), we can perceive the hope that Tread will continue to live, whether it is in a direct way or diluted in other formulas. However, only time will tell.


° SickboyRaRi (Black Kray) - Shitty Sickboy (2015 - Mixtape) Rating: 80

It's hard to define Shitty Sickboy as an entirely Tread project, since it's a cross between Trap and pioneering Tread experimentation. Released in December 2015, conversely it's undeniable how Shitty Sickboy heralds the very first premises that will begin the new emerging movement in Philadelphia a few months later. Better known as Black Kray, a native of Richmond, Virginia, he remains one of the most talented and important experimental rappers of the last 10 years. With a hypnotic flow reminiscent of Chief Keef's nonchalant influence, Black Kray's attitude and lyrical universe are essentially based on a mix of eccentricity and sometimes surreal psychedelia. Now a member of the legendary Raider Klan collective of SpaceghostPurpp, Black Kray has created his record on the underground scene especially in 2013 with his fabulous mixtape Crack Cloud$ Over Arts Kitchen, a pillar of Cloud Rap. He remains one of the major influences of Playboi Carti. After 2 years marked by a lot of fulgurance, Black Kray becomes SickboyRaRi, symbol of his metamorphosis towards a more brutal style. Although his "second period" is less known than the previous one, one should not neglect precisely all that he succeeded in offering again to the Hip Hop, even to this day. Shitty Sickboy, the first project under his new pseudonym delivers a lot of interesting things to remember. First of all it's a fantastic and mastered mixtape, helped by its shorter format of 8 songs on 24 minutes and articulated around a really fascinating construction, since it shows in a progressive way the metamorphosis of its musical formula. That is to say that the beginning transpires of a thick trap, rather conventional in its structure but atypical by the singularity of the author, until arriving in the last 3 tracks towards a purely Tread content. It's not a surprise either that Shitty Sickboy is produced entirely by F1lthy (from Philadelphia) and co-founder of Working On Dying, who produced a large handful of songs on Playboi Carti's Whole Lotta Red. If we focus on the end of the project, Mask Up remains probably one of the most important tread songs of the musical sub style, it already establishes the increase of the BPM, on an atmosphere at the same time cold and supernatural with this synthesizer taken out of an alien movie. Elm St Horror Squad is marked on the contrary by a brutality of the lyric and the instrumental, notably on the heaviness and the densification of the bass. The last song Selena Gomez offers a fusion of the 2 previous ones, with an accentuation of the psychedelic effects with loops as paralyzing as quicksand. The Shitty Sickboy experience is an absolute recommendation of the genre, although it's not even SickboyRaRi's best project, yet it's crazy to see how far ahead of his time he was again when the Philly scene hadn't even officially launched this style of theirs.

° Five Finger Posse - Trapped in The Trenches (mixtape - 2016) Rating : 82

The quintet Five Finger Posse is without question one of the backbone of the Tread movement. Indeed, the Philadelphia natives known for their collective work from 2016 to 2017 are one of the major inking point of the style, especially because they have collaborated with Oogie Mane and Forza of Working On Dying. Moreover as you may have seen before, the 5 members have all been declined on several significant solo projects during this period. After their first project The Bitter End which laid the foundations of their formula, that is to say a Tread rather oriented towards a dark and gangster universe, without neglecting the cloudy and vaporous atmosphere of the style, the group offers us in the middle of 2016, the best Tread project to date: Trapped In The Trenches. On 25 minutes and 9 songs of a violent and suffocating density, the Five Finger Posse delivers their best performance, clearly helped by an avant-garde production of high level. Trapped In The Trenches does not leave very little time of respite, it is an aggressive recital without returning in a voluntary caricature, thus showing all the authenticity of the interpreters and their universes. I think that this is one of the elements that explains the success of Trapped In The Trenches, but it is not the only one. Indeed it is rare to find in the Tread project, a content without too much irregularity, which is lacking in all the others, while Trapped In The Trenches is a flawless demonstration, very homogeneous that relies on a strong and fussy interactions. Maybe the fact that their reduced interpretation time favors a more mastered content. It must also be said that their main strength lies in the fact that they all push themselves to offer the best of themselves. Obviously, the futuristic and flashy production of Oogie Mane and Forza offers a lively, sincere and spontaneous form, which allows the 5 interpreters to multiply this singular aspect. Among the highlights of this mixtape, it is impossible to miss Black Punk Rose, one of the best songs Tread, see according to me the best simply. Helped by WiFiGawd, offers us a relatively frightening urban introspection, where the performers spit their venom without detour nor chorus with a smooth brutality. The eponymous song also remains a primordial element, not because it allows to set the scene of the mixtape, but it fascinates by its pure sound, articulated around a frightening minimalism. For the only song produced only by Forza alone, Cast A Spell also sounds like an absolutely paralyzing tread piece, because it highlights the supernatural loop and the droning bass on the main shot, while the band's interpretation sounds like an echo, which helps to accentuate this sinister universe. If on the point of interpretation is complex to estimate any influence on other rappers (except Tread), the work of production is however so important. And to think that the mixtape would have been even better with Body Bags or 5th land Souljaz.

° Morgue! - 1990Morgue (2016 - Mixtape) Rating : 70

While he is one of the strongest elements in the joint works of his group Five Finger Posse, his solo project 1990Morgue released among the series of projects of 2016 remains the "weakest" in my opinion. Well, the term "weak" is to be put in context since 1990Morgue remains a pleasant project that is far from being bad, but it is a symbolic fact even if everything is relative. Unlike the other members, Morgue mainly relied on producer Forza while the others worked "almost" exclusively with Oogie Mane. The proof is that the main asset of this mixtape is when Oogie Mane produces like on Freak Jawn or Check A Bag, with the possible exception of the transcendent Need4Speed 2k55. Overall 1990Morgue is an ultra intense mixtape, based on the constant explosion of the bass, avoiding however any saturation. We also feel all the raw energy that makes the singularity of Morgue.

° SickboyRaRi (Black Kray) - Working Out Da Mud (2016 - Mixtape) Rating: 76

Finally, Black Kray a.k.a SickboyRaRi is surely one of the pioneers of the Tread thanks to the help of F1lthy, but he only surfed the wave for a while, on 2 projects only. That is to say that the Tread didn't even have an "official name" yet nor a "mainstream" success (which will happen in 2017) that he was already exploring other things. Working Out Da Mud is his last work that can be classified mainly in the Tread category and unlike his first Shitty Sickboy, this one sounds like a more mature version. Obviously there are more than 6 months that have passed between the release of the 2 respective projects and a lot of things have finally happened behind the scenes recently. First of all, there is the emergence of producers Oogie Mane and Forza, who have taken over the Five Finger Posse. Having gained experience, Working Out Da Mud sounds more like a kind of studio work for an album format than an obscure mixtape like we usually hear when talking about Tread. While 2016 is marked by Oogie Mane and Forza, F1lthy has made it his sole priority to work together with SickboyRaRi, which is why Working Out Da Mud is primarily produced by the Working on Dying founder. However, that's not all as SickboyRaRi's notoriety and curiosity to always offer cutting edge content has also led him to collaborate with Oogie Mane, Forza and the newest member of the collective: Brandon Finessin. Just in a few words, Brandon Finessin today is Futsal Shuffle 2000 / Sanguine Paradise and his great participation in the album Eternal Atake of Lil Uzi Vert. Overall Working Out Da Mud is a very good mixtape, despite the fact that it lacks emblematic songs as there was on Shitty Sickboy. We can still say that Forza delivered his best instrumental on Everyday of The Week and that the album starts very strong with Trench Town followed by 2.4 Bags.

° Sub9K & Oogie Mane - Blood Diamond Ep (2016 - EP) Rating: 78

Personally Sub9k is my favorite member of the Five Finger Posse, so it's no surprise to find 2 of his projects in the Top 15 of the Tread selection. In a unique collaboration with Oogie Mane, Blood Diamond EP is the second project in the series of solo projects of 2016. Obviously it more concise EP format allows it to deliver seamless content, like a blast that leads to total destruction around it. His voice graceful and distinct, rhythmic, his ease to master the repetition and the unpredictability of his flow are great qualities that feed perfectly this EP. In fact the madness that Oogie Mane's production offers creates a divine alchemy between the 2 as if the magma melted and the duo love to play. Blood Diamond Ep does not let any moment to bore you, it is unstable and capricious, which pushes the aspect of urgency of Tread absolutely angry. The other factor that shows the strength of Sub9K's performance and the chemistry between him and his producer is that Blood Diamond EP is the only project in the series that contains no features. Although I would regret that I would have liked this EP to contain a flagship song of greater scope as he proved later with Robo Coupe or Fishcale, the highlights of this one are on the introduction Gloman, 700Swag and the eponymous outroduction.

° WIFIGawd - Wifiseason (2016 - Mixtape) Rating : 69

Although he hails from Washington D.C. and not Philadelphia, WIFIGawd is one of the major figures in the Tread movement. Emerged at the beginning of 2016, WifiGawd has a broader panel than the Tread rapper, especially because he often combines Tread, with Cloud Rap, Gangsta Rap or Plugg. Characterized by an impressive productivity, WIFIGawd to mark of his singularity the Tread between 2016 and 2017 with 2 projects really interesting with a hybrid versatility, so the first is called WIFISeason. Released in December 2016, WIFIseason is the second mixtape of the rapper, marking a turning point in his musical style when he decides in turn to surf on the new wave of Philadelphia. We find the Five Finger Posse, Dj Smokey (who by the way Hosted by the Dj), Chxpo or Warhol.SS. An interesting first entry mainly thanks to the help of a rich production, but which is unfortunately limited sometimes by the lack of experience of Wifigawd and considerably by the absence of song of very good level with the exception of Dis Side. Fortunately, as a whole the 36 minutes of high intensity will make you spend a pleasant moment.

° Alvin Abyss & Oogie Mane - Horror Block 2K55 (2016 - Mixtape) Rating: 71

One thing is for sure, it's that the members of the Five Finger Posse have a very special way to celebrate the 25th of December, since 2 of the solo projects released in 2016 were delivered on this day. Produced again by Oogie Mane, the man who walked on water in 2016, Horror Block is an interesting mixtape but lacks strong dazzle. It is true that there is Ruby Wrist or the eponymous song that stands out, but the rest shows limits without ever disappointing. It's pretty hard to describe, but you know you're going to have a good time but you won't remember much of it. Marked by a more electric and heavy atmosphere that differentiates it from the other projects, Horror Block also shows the limits of Alvin Abyss compared to the others. On the contrary, Alvin Abyss and his project Horror Block shows a less brutal content for something more surreal, offering elements sometimes close to the abstract that end up becoming seductive.

5G & Oogie Mane - Freeza Burn (2016 - EP) Rating: 74

The second EP released on December 25, 2016 is an essential Tread experience if you are interested in this trend. First of all it starts without waiting, as if knocking on your door before knocking. 5G is one of the leading members of the Five Finger Posse as it is the one that transpires perhaps the most this very icy style that make the particularity of Tread. His extreme nonchalance and his platonic style may seem to be complex elements to appreciate, but after a few listens, his flow and his signature make sense, specifically because he sounds like something so clear. Not to mention that the Freeza Brun EP benefits from an absolutely stunning production by Oogie Mane. The instrumental sounds different from the first, it relies mostly on the complexity of psychedelic loops and soulless synthesizers. One really has the impression to cross unceasingly a dazzling and paralyzing blizzard. Besides Shop For Dat, there is no forgettable moment, each song offers its own peculiarity that keeps the fire in this icy atmosphere, as in Stone Cold Froze, Face Down or V6 for the most significant examples.

° Sub9k & Based Decepticon - Maxed out Money $$$$ (2017 - Album) Rating : 69

Honestly I like this project a lot, but it remains more subjective than objective, since I have to admit that Maxed out Money $$$$ sounds rather like a prototype combining very good idea and flaws. Supported by Based Decepticon, a producer whose origin I don't know, not affiliated to Working On Dying, but with whom Sub9K has already worked a few times, this new Maxed out Money project $$$$ offers an absolutely experimental tread that gives the impression to be pushed to its paroxysm. We find all the charisma and the universe of Sub9k which make his qualities, on a very suffocating, abstract and uncontrollable content. Sincerely, I advise you to test this experience that stretches over almost 24 minutes as you drive a steamroller to pulverize your enemies and obstacles, and more specifically to affrond Shadow Racks.With this kind of projects, relatively similar to others from the same crew, we notice unfortunately that despite the potential, these rappers are not cut out to make a career of a higher scale.

° Chxpo - 9000Paths of Madness Episode 2 (2017 - Mixtape) Rating: 75

The year 2017 marks the year when the Tread will take another dimension of popularity notably thanks to Overwhelming of Matt Ox. The Tread will occupy a more important place on the Soundcloud platform, which will push it to export its native borders. Direction Cleveland, where the rapper Chxpo offered us a smashing mixtape, (again) with the help of a 100% Oogie Mane production. Backed by the very viral song BVNDGXD, figure of the Tread, 9000Paths of Madness Episode 2 has made a place for itself among the greats, especially by differentiating itself from the others. Chxpo delivers a very virile flow, helped by a strong and distinct voice and a particular accent. It's interesting to see that despite his accent that gives the impression of chewing the words, his intonation is one of the most clear-sighted of the Tread scene. His universe is very turned towards the Japanese universe (particularly Naruto) but turned in a very vulgar way. Chxpo is not afraid to take risks and to indulge in fantasies that are sometimes grotesque, often amusing without ever turning ridiculous. Oogie Mane's production relies much more on a flashy bass like his performer, less hazy, dense or futuristic than he usually offers for other collaborators. Apart from the flagship song, I recommend Rock Lee, Hashirama or Perfect Susanoo which is rather like a UFO in the project.

WIFIGawd & Oogie Mane - Trenches To Riches (2017 - Mixtape) Rating : 78

Finally it is by approaching a project linked with Oogie Mane that WiFiGawd will not only deliver his best Tread project, but on top of that he will show that he was never as good as on this one (and that until today). Indeed his personality, his style and his very brutal and chaotic universe will logically stick perfectly with the production of Oogie Mane. A winning connection that will push the best of this collaboration. WIFIGawd also comes back with more experience and more mastery, which allows him to deliver himself quietly when he is supported by a top form Oogie Mane. Trenches To Riches is very often formidable, which makes it one of the flagship Tread projects. WiFIGawd has always shown a certain nonchalance but on Trenches To Riches, he regularly has fun accentuating his flow (at the end of verses) which adds this punchy side. He has also developed his character compared to his previous projects, to deliver ultra down to earth gangster lyrics. I know I'm going to repeat myself again but this production of Oogie Mane is stratospheric complement, which remains obviously the main quality of Trenches To Riches. It's totally crazy to find in an underground project absolutely obscure, because if we compare the popularity to other trendy rappers of soundclound of this time, WIFIgawd is part of the bottom, yet the fantastic level of the instrumentals wipes out the majority of what we found at the time. There's always that buzzing fusion of a bouncy rhythm that gives you an infectious energy that makes you jump in the air. Give it a try by listening to the dangerous Ww111, the unstable Dope, the intense Money Dancin', the bouncy Watcg Outt, the steamy Good Gas or the angry Trenches To Riches.

° Bladee - Working On Dying (2017 - Mixtape) Rating: 74

Of course, the effervescence of the Tread in 2017 has led some experimental artists to follow the trend including the famous Swedish members of the Drain Gang, from Stockholm. We will therefore find throughout the year essays by Yung Lean, Ecco2K or especially Bladee who will indulge in a tribute to the Tread. To the end of the concept, he will even reuse the name of the producer collective of Phildadelphia "Working On Dying" as a title for a dedicated mixtape, released in December 2017. So we find a luxury production by F1lthy, Oogie Mane, Forza or Brandon Finessin. The main feature of this mixtape relies on the fact that Bladee absolutely retains his style and formulas that make his uniqueness, ie a very melodic and particularly futuristic Cloud Rap. We can easily say that the Tread aspect applies here only on the instrumentation, but the alchemy works since the similarities between the sub style and the signature of Bladee are very close. Apart from a few rappers like Lil Yachty who was the first "popular" rapper to test the Tread for a song with Black Kray (on Killa Killa in 2016), the Swedish scene remains the first to really try the experience to the end. Unfortunately it was not enough to make a step forward for a Tread that would quickly fall back into the shade.Concerning Bladee's mixtape which extends on 22 minutes of a very cold and introspective content, we can say that globally the experience is successful but without really reaching the potential that it could have taken. Once again it lacks symbolic songs, although it is a specialty of Bladee. The collaboration with Yung Lean on Lordship works pretty well, as well as the one with SickboyRari on Backstr$$t Boys, but it is especially on the total fusion of the Tread/Cloud Rap styles that Bladee shows his best face with Gatekeeper.

° Keith Ape - Born Again (2018 - Mixtape) Rating : 66

After a year of revelation on the Soundcloud platform, it's time for Keith Ape, South Korean rapper of the 88Rising collective, to try the Tread in his own way. The problem is that the Tread in 2018 is experiencing a significant disinterest, especially since most of the actors and performers of the first hour have started to leave on other different things or simply disappear. I think that the producers Oogie Man, Forza or Brandon Finessin present to animate Born Again must have thought that the emerging success of Keith Ape was going to be a good opportunity to give back light to their art, however the decent but not excellent content of this mixtape did not know how to achieve this goal. Yet Born Again is not a bad project as I often see in opinions, it's just that it has a hard time really shining. The production is interesting but the chemistry does not manage to take, and Keith Ape who yet distinguishes himself from other rappers who have lent themselves to the Tread, especially with an aggressive and nasty flow of Hardcore Hip Hop is confronted with its limits.

° Rodeoglo - BLVCKHEVRT (2020 - Album) Rating: 75

While the Tread has gone back to oblivion, a rapper from Norfolk by the name of Rodeoglo is going to give it a new lease of life that why not could lead to something in the future. After some absolutely uninteresting projects from 2019, Rodeoglo offers us 2 rather interesting projects in 2020, the EP "GOT IT OUT DA TRANCE" and especially the album BLVCKHEVRT released in October. Helped by some featurings, BLVCKHEVRT is globally the work of Rodeoglo who self-produces the (almost) entirety of his project. Rodeoglo's music offers an intense fusion between Tread, Cloud Rap and the electronic form HexD. That is to say that BLVCKHEVRT looks like a kind of "Hyper Hip Hop" ultra futuristic, destructured, ultra rhythmic and very often abstract. It's very eccentric, articulated around a wild production, where one often understands nothing of the word. Of course, it is difficult to associate him entirely to the Tread movement, especially when we note the absence of producer of Working on Dying, but however Rodeoglo could be opening new doors provided that he manages to make already of him to pass a course to his music and to influence other actors who will have a major role. I recommend you to listen to Tweaker, an experimental experience that will give you the impression to have your head under water or the supernatural Blue or the hyper dimensional Try Again

Top Tread project :
1/ Five Finger Posse – Trapped in The Trenches (mixtape – 2016) 82
2/ SickboyRaRi (Black Kray) – Shitty Sickboy (2015 – Mixtape) 80
3/ WIFIGawd & Oogie Mane – Trenches To Riches (2017 – Mixtape) 78
4/ Sub9K & Oogie Mane – Blood Diamond Ep (2016 – EP) 78
5/ SickboyRaRi (Black Kray) – Working Out Da Mud (2016 – Mixtape) 76
6/ Rodeoglo – BLVCKHEVRT (2020 – Album) 75
7/ Chxpo – 9000Paths of Madness Episode 2 (2017 – Mixtape) 75
8/ 5G & Oogie Mane – Freeza Burn (2016 – EP) 74
9/ Bladee – Working On Dying (2017 – Mixtape) 74
10/ Alvin Abyss & Oogie Mane – Horror Block 2K55 (2016 – Mixtape) 71
11/ Morgue! – 1990Morgue (2016 – Mixtape) 70
12/ WIFIGawd – Wifiseason (2016 – Mixtape) 69
13/ Sub9k & Based Decepticon – Maxed out Money $$$$ (2017 – Album) 69
14/ Keith Ape – Born Again (2018 – Mixtape) 66

Unclassified, because it is not a Tread majority project
Playboi Carti – Whole Lotta Red (2020 – Album) 84
Lil Uzi Vert – Eternal Atake (2020 – Album) 80
Sheck Wes – MUDBOY (2019 – Album) 79
Matt Ox – Unorthodox (2021 – EP) 75
Lil Uzi Vert – Luv vs. The World 2 (2020 – Album) 74
ThouxanBanFauni – Time On My Life (2021 – Album) 73
ThouxanBanFauni – Clairvoyance (2020 – Album) 70

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Tread Playlist (in release order)
° SickboyRaRi – Mask Up / Selena Gomez / Elm St Horror Squad (2015)
° Five Finger Posse – Black Punk Rock / Body Bags / 5th land Souljaz / Cast A Spell / Trapped In The Trench (2016)
° Morgue! - Freak Jawn / Check A Bag / Need4Speed 2k55 (2016)
° SickboyRaRi – Everyday of The Week / 2.4 Bags / Trench Town (2016)
° Sub9k - Robo Coupe / Gloman / 700Swag / Blood Diamond (2016)
° WIFIGawd – Dis Side (2016)
° Alvin Abyss - Ruby Wrist / Horror Block (2016)
° 5G - Stone Cold Froze / Face Down / V6 (2016)
° Bootychaaain – Yellow Raincoat (2016)
° Matt Ox – Overwhelming (2017)
° Sub9K - Shadow Racks (2017)
° Chxpo - BVNDGXD / Hashirama / Rock Lee / Perfect Susanoo (2017)
° WIFIGawd – Money Dancin' / Ww111 / Dope / Watch Outt / Good Gas / Trenches To Riches (2017)
° The Khan – Vices (2017)
° Bladee - Gatekeeper / Lordship / Backstr$$t Boys (2017)
° DiamondsOnMyDi*k & Sickboyrari - King Lamagra / Reroctearz222 (2018)
° Matt Ox - Zero Degrees (2018
° Bootychaaain – 4l (2018)
° Sub9K – Fishscale (2018)
° Hi-C – Hell Yea He Got The Juice (2018)
° Sybyr – Bigbeltednascar (2018)
° Yung Lean - Creep Creeps (2019)
° Hi-C – Elfen Lied 222 (2019)
° Sheck Wes – YKTS (2019)
° Lil Uzi Vert – POP / Lo Mein (2020)
° Bladee – Anywhere (2020)
° SpaceGhostPurrp – Dade Country (2020)
° Rodeoglo – Tweaker / Try Again (2020)
° Playboi Carti – Stop breathing / Rockstar Made / M3tamorphosis (2020)
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Apr 7, 2021
Amazing guide, will definitely check out some of the projects you've recommended
Apr 7, 2021
thank you very much, it's very kind! I hope you find your happiness! @jss377
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