Moses Sumney - græ
May 15, 2020 (updated May 15, 2020)
For some time now, a few years now, we've been observing this trend that some artists use to build an album by setting up parts that are spaced out and published over time like a TV Serie, I'm thinking for example of Denzel Curry, more recently Hayley Williams and of course Moses Sumney with Grae. Personally, although it's a very interesting approach that opens the door to a lot of possibilities for creation, narration and imagination, I generally prefer to have the whole album finished at once. If you read my review on the first part of Grae released more than 3 months ago, you'll understand that I particularly loved it (and the word is not appropriate enough, not powerful enough). Not only is Moses Sumney an extraordinary artist with an incredibly fantastic voice, but on top of that he managed to offer such an exciting and touching opening part that offers a truly hypnotic and mesmerizing listening experience.

First of all I want to say that I was surprised by the artist's choices for his second part, because I expected something more triumphant, more spectacular or even more energetic. And that's where I love music, when I'm taken at face value. So yes, there were a few clues in the evolution of the first part that could claim what we finally got, but like any good rebound succeeds, I didn't see it coming in the end. The second part is even more intimate than the previous one. It's mostly based on a calmer atmosphere, which is as much towards a very acoustic/cloud psychedelic Neo-soul that emphasizes the vocals, the melodies, the voice and especially the lyrics. Moses Sumney has pushed the emotion to its paroxysm by condensing it in a sophisticated minimalism, so graceful. I would say that not only did he manage to offer a dissociable second part that brings and completes the album, but on top of that it's in total coherence, without ever overshadowing the first one.
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