Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA
Apr 17, 2020 (updated Apr 18, 2020)
SAWAYAMA is a lively contemporary pop album, which has things to tell us, because behind the superstar and fairy-tale aesthetics, we feel a lot this human side.

To be perfectly honest, although the balance sheet of this album is positive when I think about it objectively, it's not the type of music that really makes me vibrate. A bit like Poppy's last album (although it's in a different register), I saw and felt many similar things on SAWAYAMA, that is to say a rather atypical character visually and internally that offers a multi-genre/musical style music mainly dominated by this very pop side. What bothers me a little bit is that when you think about it, a big handful of this year's "best" or "highlight" albums just navigate on known grounds without ever trying to really create something. So that's not a problem in itself because we're still lucky enough to have some very good albums. But finally when we step back on SAWAYAMA, we realize that behind all the fantasies and explosions, it's mostly a modern version of the music we listened to in the 90's/2000's, i.e. a mix of "platinum blonde" dance pop, R&B halfway between boy bands and contemporary singers and nu-metal, all that sprinkled with electronic touches to make the whole thing modern.

So that's all right then. We expected it, SAWAYAMA is in the same line as her previous RINA, which is not worse because it allows to "complete" and especially lengthen a little bit the magic that his first effort had. I even think that she took advantage of it to make here some things even more "successful" and more "grandiose". The melodies she offers us are always so catchy that they often manage to erase precisely the musical aspect that sometimes seduces me much less. Although it was almost an obligation to progress and for a real first album, where SAWAYAMA went further, it's in the construction and the realization, which carried by a solid production, manages to look good. It's also one of her strong points that makes SAWAYAMA different from a lot of bland and generic pop albums, it's that there's not only energy and efficient melodies, Rina Sawayama is also to put emphasis on artistic, without neglecting the subjects and interesting lyrics that she spreads through her songs. And that's a very important point. Unfortunately, for my taste, it's sometimes irregular, there are too many moments that are a bit forgettable
Doublez's Tags
Apr 20, 2020
I would certainly compare this one to Poppy's last record when writing my review. Reading your opinion, I know that I would be right then hahaha.
Apr 22, 2020
I'm glad then to know that others had the same thought! @GodGabz
May 2, 2020
Poppy definitely came to mind when I was listening
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