The Weeknd - After Hours
Mar 20, 2020 (updated Mar 20, 2020)
Even if it will probably never be the best project it will offer us, with After Hours, we have the impression that The Weeknd managed to make a "perfect" album, as much in the sense of production as in the content.

I didn't expect such a good album, and even less to see The Weeknd finally make the right choice, which totally changes the trajectory of his career. After having impacted the world of contemporary music in the early 2010's with his influential trilogy, for me he had clearly taken the wrong path, with a series of wobbly projects, because even if there were still things to keep, they were still a disappointment when you think about his potential. I had hope, but I lost it when he released Starboy, because for a while I was afraid that The Weeknd would only vibrate with the sounds of the 80s, but without really adding his touch. I was actually terrified that his new status as a pop star would force him to play and be some kind of 21st century Michael Jackson. Until a month ago I couldn't believe it, especially since the first 2 singles didn't really seduce me entirely. But you could say that he hit hard.

First of all, I'll say that I live the After Hours experience like a movie, it's so immersive and offers millions of images. Everything is super done like a super blockbuster, nothing is left to chance, down to the smallest note, to the smallest detail. The production of the album is just incredible, it's really top level. Yet The Weekend called upon its usual team and other well-known producers who produce popstars, but there are some things that happen on After Hours, some things that are unique. That's also why the construction of the album is totally successful and the experience is even more appealing, more spectacular. Unlike his previous projects, After Hours shows an evolution in the writing, which also brings out a much more human and mature side of Abel. As much for the instrumentalization as for the vocal part, although he never abandoned his basics, to the point where you will never be out of place, even for a second, he skillfully plays with his voice and also tries some new things that work. The only thing I regret in the end (and that's very important) is that there aren't really any surprises and innovation that can make me think that After Hours can compete with one of the EPs of the trilogy. See how it reacts with time too. To take an example, when Kanye released MBDTF he not only proved that he can release a "perfect" album he also revolutionized music, I think that's probably what After Hours is missing

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