Perfume Genius - Set My Heart on Fire Immediately
May 15, 2020 (updated May 15, 2020)
[A small aside to thank you very much for the 500 followers !! and especially for all the support and encouragement, thank you for everything !!]

Set My Heart on Fire Immediately has the appearance of a sober record, especially if you look at its cover, in reality it's perhaps his most emotional and profound album to date. God knows that he had already got us used to setting the bar very high.

That's it, here we are. It's neither a mirage, nor a bad surprise, it's Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, a sensational complementary album on all levels, overflowing with extraordinary talent. I am literally in awe of how Mike Hadreas has been building such an extraordinary discography for 10 years now. Throughout the albums, he has always been able to evolve, not only musically but to grow as an Artist, as a Human being. When I made a pre-review before the release of this one, it is at the same time unthinkable that he would fail, but on the one hand he has already achieved so many feats that I was afraid that happiness would end up disappearing as it often does. Fortunately it is not for now. Mike Hadreas has lost nothing of his writing, nor of his voice as powerful as it is touching, nor of his talent as an interpreter, even less of his sensitivity and sensuality. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is an open book that focuses on the deepest feelings, the most intimate subjects. It's not a novelty for him, but behind the extravagance he used to hide on his previous records, this time he's naked, like the cover, to offer an album that's both physical and emotional.

Honestly, when the album begins, it's as if time stands still, as if he were plunging entirely into his universe. This is also the beauty of Set My Heart on Fire Immediately. You live the moment as Mike Hadreas lived it and tells it, up to that disappointment when the journey stops, when the album life has come to an end. Nothing is obviously left to chance and everything is meticulously mastered, like the sweet perfume of an excellent album which, because of its genius, will most probably live on for the next generations. Although it's too early for me to give a place in terms of preference in his discography, this one first of all meets my expectations: that is to say, an intensively intimate album but mature enough to get the best out of it. Helped by a brilliant production, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately won't have finished surprising you musically either, with a relatively wide palette, never really deviating from "his comfort" and his inspirations. Yet he has the key to make his music so multidimensional that the result seems so indisputable. Pop Art in the heights of art
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