Yung Lean - STARZ
May 15, 2020 (updated May 15, 2020)
Much more clairvoyant and refined than his previous work, Starz is finally the album we hoped and expected, that is to say an ultra modern opus that perfectly highlights his talent and his universe.

Although Yung Lean has always found it difficult to make projects solid enough in their entirety, sometimes made from the top down, there's no denying that it's worth thanking him again for the major impact he has had (and not just on rap). In the end, despite his flaws, I personally have always found the harsh criticisms about him quite "unfair", and for me he probably remains my favourite on the Swedish scene. Yung Lean seems to have taken his time, as if he had finally been thinking and preparing this album for several years. It's obviously impossible to miss the fact that he's matured and that he's been able to go even further in his "spirituality" and his "philosophical" way of seeing things without getting lost.

On Starz, he is able to question himself, analyze and correct some of his faults to get the best out of it. Instead of experimenting for the sake of experimenting, Yung Lean preferred to make his formula more "mainstream" so that it would be more relevant and understandable, which makes it just as attractive as before. Around that, we feel more than ever in his discography a coherent guideline and a construction emphasizing the sequence/transitions that allows you to appreciate the album in one go, without ever zapping. Thanks to his self-crooning melodies that resonate through a futuristic atmosphere as hynotic as it is paralysing, Yung Lean is finally rewarded for his efforts

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