Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?
Jun 26, 2020 (updated Jun 26, 2020)
Incredibly hypnotic, incredibly groovy, What's Your Pleasure is a radiant work that cannot leave you indifferent. It sticks perfectly in the air of the time, combining beautiful writing with a dancing mood.

Jessie Ware was for me recently, a brilliant artist that I learned to discover, for which I surprised myself to have missed it. She has a career in constant evolution (despite the small slack in her previous album), which not only shows that she has been able to reinvent herself, but also offers a solid and impressive discography. This is again the case for this sparkling and burning last opus What's Your Pleasure. After a short and well-deserved break that probably did her the most good, Jessie Ware has rekindled the flame. Without knocking at the door, without any complex, she brought all her energy to offer us probably one of her best albums to date. Always more groovy, what marks the most is the sulphurous assurance of both the artist and the instrumentation. Jessie Ware hasn't changed her mind. She has kept her pop/soul style, combining it with a more 70/80's synth rock/disco/funk formula, sometimes even adding the club atmosphere and ambience.

Honestly, I'm not entirely won over musically speaking by the whole album, because there are so many moments of lightning, really sensational, while on the other hand sometimes the instrumentation rises the ridiculous with deconsecrating ease. I find it's a double-edged minimalism that sometimes spoils part of my listening. Contrary to the musical and the existing innovation, the attitude and the messages delivered through the singing and the writing are really the main driving force behind the success of What's Your Pleasure. All this positivity, hopes and energy are so contagious that even an individual who is resistant to her music could be drawn into a few songs. Despite the flaws I can find in the album, the superb production, a very catchy replauy value and some fanstatic songs allow you to skip those last ones. With her latest album, Jessie Ware proves that certain pop stars should be inspired by her. You can't imagine how complex it is to achieve a perfect balance between dance music and interesting subjects, without ever being generic and without overdoing it. It's like it's natural for her
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