HAIM - Women in Music Pt. III
Jun 26, 2020 (updated Jun 26, 2020)
We thought they were lost, showing some negative signs on their previous album, but Haim managed to raise their heads and fight in the best possible way to offer us an album that reflects their "rebirth". It's a return to grace, which also shows that like all human beings, going through doubts and trials, it's possible to bounce back, and above all to become stronger.

Women in Music Pt. III is a pop rock/pop punk album, very emotional by its sincerity, showing all the human trials they went through, mainly accessed and led by the leader, but not only. It's a much more mature version of Haim, who arrives armed more than ever, dragging the trials of life they face, showing a face both stronger and freer. As its name suggests, Women in Music Pt. III is also a struggle, affirming femininity, equality and equity. It also emphasizes life and freedom. These are very important symbols. You can feel the full confidence that comes from their music.

We can see very clearly through Women in Music Pt. III, that their previous album Something to Tell You acts as an imperfect intermediary that the band was able to develop. We can clearly see their original essence, but also the new directions, sounds and experiments that made Women in Music Pt. III sound like a more accomplished and surprising version. That's when this album. In other words, it allows Women in Music Pt. III to compete with Days Are Gone and to offer new horizons that make it totally different. Because yes, and it's obvious, there's really a musical divide between the first one and this one to our greatest delight. And it's always complicated to break away from it, without losing one's identity. Haim came in with a very colourful rock, very young and full of energy. There was also this aspect of naivety that they knew how to sweep away, even if in the end they more or less had to. Days Are Gone is last them now.

In the colour of their city Los Angeles, without losing loyalty to their identity either, Haim offer a diverse palette drawing from several eras (but very coherent), ranging from the warmest mood, to an authoritative rock and roll or a hypnotic electric pop/soul ballad. It's a lot to digest at first, but after many listeners, everything makes sense. It's an alchemy that's been carried out with great care and that will seduce you in the end. Women in Music Pt. III presents a delicious and touching writing, to which their fascinating universe gravitates. What's more, Haim didn't do things by halves, Women in Music Pt. III is proof that they have taken it one step further, putting forward a much richer and impressive production that makes the project so enjoyable and vibrant. Bravo
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Jun 26, 2020
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