Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Apr 17, 2020 (updated Apr 18, 2020)
If I had to describe Fetch the Bolt crudely, I'd say it's a masterpiece that sounds timeless.Combining perfectly the winning combo in my opinion, a high level of instrumentalization, a splendid interpretation/writing and finally the fact that you will always be pleasantly surprised, has such points that you will ask yourself that she slows down, in order to have time to digest.

How far will it go ? As if her discography career wasn't already out of the ordinary for a "contemporary" artist, Fetch the Bolt Cutters is a new proof that Fiona Apple is simply a genius, for the moment absolutely imperturbable. From the first note, from the first chord, to the last breath of this marvel, Fiona Apple is literally so unpredictable that I was constantly bluffed as if I was discovering her today.Yet even though I'm a big fan and familiar with her discography, listening to Fetch the Bolt Cutters has left me in awe. In fact, this is one of the first times that I don't even feel the need to really talk about her previous albums in detail to make comparisons between them, there's no need for this album to be enough on its own. As I said in my intro, this album sounds timeless, because musically speaking it could have been made in the late 60's without any problem, in the sense that nothing is revolutionary and above all I have the impression that it's unclassifiable in terms of time. On the other hand, it's incredibly rich. Besides, it is useless to make an in-depth analysis to notice directly that there is a multitude of details and experiments which remain on the surface so much it overflows with talents. This kind of detail that gives an indescribable pleasure to dig, to explore, then to rediscover.I could go on for hours about instrumentalisation and production, but if I had to go to the essentials I'd say they're like nothing else, although all things have influences.

Now if I look at the vocals and the lyrical content.Fetch the Bolt Cutters is not an album that leaves you indifferent, quite the contrary. Often touching on feminine themes, I'm absolutely not concerned, the sensitive, sincere, real, poignant and touching subjects it tackles through a writing always so fantastic (this word is not enough) manage to reach anyone who has a heart and enough maturity. Of course her poetry and themes are relatively made for an adult audience, and as usual she is not afraid to go all the way.Let's take the example of For Her, which is a totally disturbing song, but it's important to be able to convey fights and emotions through art in order to change things. To accompany the writing, the interpretation it delivers, it's still something totally crazy. There is so much passion and emotion in every word. Very often her interpretation comes close to soul and gospel, like a symbol, logical after all. A classic needs time to build up and to be built, Fetch the Bolt Cutters is already very close to becoming one

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Super résumé ;) Tout comme toi je suis un habitué de la maison mais je pense que c'est un album qui marque d'autant plus qu'on le rattache à son histoire personnelle. Après je ne dis pas que ce n'est pas possible de l'apprécier en ayant un passé en jachère, mais j'aurai écouté cet album une bonne dizaine d'années en arrière, je ne suis pas sûr que je l'aurai apprécié.
Merci ! j'aime beaucoup ta chronique aussi! Oui c'est vrai, c'est très prenant, notamment parce que c'est du vécu qu'elle expose, avec l'ensemble des émotions. je te rejoins aussi sur le fait que c'est uniquement avec la maturité suffisante qu'on comprend véritablement cet album
Great review. The album truly does feel timeless.
Thank you so much @blink. !
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