Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now
May 15, 2020 (updated May 15, 2020)
Isolated, Charli offers us a fantastic and particularly energetic new project, which not only displays the inexhaustible talent she has, but also continues her crazy race for innovation.

In the space of 7 months Charli is ravaging the pop world, as if her latest super hit album wasn't enough for her. To our great joy she is not content to enjoy success as most would have done, she is thirsty to go even higher. At the top of PC music and Bubblegum bass, she is "slowly" leaving a considerable imprint that we like or not, it is necessary to take into account that all this will have a considerable importance very soon and in the future. Unlike its previous sound, I find that how i'm feeling now is aesthetically more like a mixtape than an album, not in terms of production but more in its relaxed concept and reminds me of the sensational Pop2 and Number 1 Angel. how i'm feeling now is relatively short and to the point. It avoids a few detours that I found a bit regrettable on the album Charli and above all it is incredibly homogeneous, offering exciting listening.

Of course, considering the context, the album doesn't contain any features, not only does it feel good, but it also shows that she absolutely doesn't need any help. It also allowed it to offer a more personal content, as if you were immersed in a kind of reality show. It's an amazing project, really. It never gets exhausted as you go along, and on the contrary, it goes totally crazy when you get to the end, like the outroduction Visions, which without a shadow of a doubt transcended me. It's not her best project but she's getting closer to it because we keep seeing it evolve, improve on certain points and continue to offer us a very solid content. We also see much less of the generic facets that we could see more often on Charli, she took the right path, it's a rare but incredibly clever choice

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