The Smith Street Band - Don’t Waste Your Anger
Apr 17, 2020
It's not their best effort to date, but The Smith Street Band shows that they are staunchly committed to providing us with quality music, offering new landscapes without really getting us out of our comfort zone.

If you didn't know this band from Melbourn, The Smith Street Band has this particularity and is distinguished by emo punk combined with folk. A sound that is now well established, that the band tries to refine album after album, which once again finds a way to be amazing again. On Don't Waste Your Anger, The Smith Street Band managed to keep this passionate aspect through a "triumphant" atmosphere, which exudes emotional power, without ever losing the sincere and touching sides. Although, as usual, there are some rather boring songs and they didn't renew their sound to surprise, Don't Waste Your Anger remains a solid album, because there is a really fascinating writing and composition work, of a very good level, able to erase a little bit the present gaps. If you're a little bit back to pure and raw emo-punk, you'll probably find your happiness here, because the folkloric side, dictated by a particularly generous orchestration and instrumentalization, allows to offer another vision of the idea we have of emo-punk. What you have to remember is that once you make up your own mind, you'll find that there are some striking moments on Don't Waste Your Anger.

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