Apr 17, 2020
On BLAME IT ON BABY, DaBaby has managed to give a more pop and melodic dimension to his music, while recycling a formula that is beginning to run out of steam with this new impetus.

It's nothing new for anyone, but DaBaby is one of the hot new rappers that literally exploded last year, and as is often the case in this case, in full turmoil, the artist often chooses to capitalize rather than do something qualitative. When you think about it, he's not wrong in substance. At a time when music is consumed as fast as fast food, and listeners get bored after a few days, a week at the most, it was obvious that when you find the magic formula to enjoy it as much as possible. So yes, he's not an extraordinary guy, who has the pen of your favourite conscious rapper, but although he can have this redundant side that can get you angry, he's still a pretty atypical rapper. Actually he never really impressed me, but that never stopped me from liking the vibe. On his last album, a lot of people and I was the first one to criticise him for going round in circles with his formula, and with all his flaws, that made a lot of things awkward, so I logically understand the negative opinions that revolve around him, although I found there were some interesting things to remember.

In 2020, he didn't really have the right to make mistakes (as if it was already 10 years ago in our time) . And I, for one, wasn't sure he could go any further. In the end, I think that BLAME IT ON BABY succeeded in giving a second wind to its content, even though there are always avoidable moments in these projects. He almost answered everything I expected from him, on his scale of course, because I'm not really counting on him to revolutionize hip hop. He was able to diversify his flow a bit, although he still seems to be too much prisoner of his formula, by adding a few nuances and a lot more pop melodies. BLAME IT ON BABY presents a much greater instrumental and sound "variety" than before, while offering other visions. The only real reproach I can make is that I invite him to open up and talk about interesting things, without necessarily becoming the writer of the year, and also to build an album rather than this format that makes you think more like a compilation of songs. Without ever being flamboyant, I often find the alchemy takes, but it's still too messy, not thought out enough. Maybe we're getting closer to that. I think we have to be indulgent given that he's a young rapper with a young (real) career.
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Apr 18, 2020
Apr 19, 2020
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