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Joji - Nectar
Sep 25, 2020
What if this album didn't have any hidden flaws? Since I discovered Joji 4 years ago now, I always appreciate his rather atypical style/formula despite his more predictable side, making him an artist with the potential to make his mark. Although I don't really approve of the method, George Miller was able to put the entertainment on Youtube to his advantage in order to be able to later make himself a great launching pad to devote himself to Joji, a serious artist who is far from having the face and the same attitude as his many zany characters. We can applaud what he was able to achieve, it's very amazing. What "Joji" has been offering us for the last 6 years is strewn with flashes and "failures" although it's not really the right word. In fact the exact words that can summarize Joji is talent and irregularity. After a mixed first album that divides the listeners, symbol of a balancing act between those who are really seduced by his prowess and those who are more nuanced, finding that one can be too much and expect more. Without forgetting that Joji may also be suffering from his past and the way he came to his hungers. In short, he is now settled and still as expected, if not more. The listeners are waiting to see if he will be able to confirm his potential, and that is why Nectar, which is coming out in a week of hallucinating expected releases, is in the center of attention. So there you have it, as you can see from the rating, Nectar is a solidly built and particularly enjoyable album, however, although one is obliged to note an obvious improvement and evolution, it still suffers from irregularities that do it no favors.

Let's detail this more precisely. First of all I must point out this delicious production that makes Nectar really enjoyable and sometimes on the best songs gives a deeper dimension to it. I have a lot of respect for well-produced albums, which is still an aspect that is sometimes underestimated in popular styles. There are producers like Bekon who had already shown the extent of his talent for his partner Rich Brian of the 88Risings family. It's amazing how Nectar reminds me of The Sailor in his work, his orchestration and his seriousness. There is no coincidence. Musically nothing is so surprising, whether it's his versatile alternative R&B style that we already knew, we must admit that the team put a fist of honor to render a worked content where minimalist and detailed intertwine to bring this touch of charm. Unfortunately the album still suffers from a weak moment that could have been avoided in my opinion. This is what we also find on The Sailor by RIch Brian. On the other hand, Nectar offers a solidity, a homogeneity and some fantastic songs that allow you to have great listening experiences. It's also important to note Joji's maturation as he tries to explore in his writing, his ideas and his vision to go further in his work, trying to go through a very complicated stage for many young popular artists nowadays. So yes, on the one hand we can think that the neat aesthetics of the album may hide some flaws, but overall it must be stressed that Nectar is a success. In any case, I still prefer to wait for the rest, I expect much more.

Doublez's Tags
the sailor was far better imo. less filler and more corny moments biut overall more focused and legit
Of course! I can't argue with you! I will also say that there are some really better songs on Sailor
Anyway I think the 12 songs format for an album is the right one, to avoid mistakes
Surprisingly, I thought that 'Nectar' was better than 'The Sailor', it was just a relaxing listening experience that kept me coming back while like @TomBejoy mentioned, 'The Sailor' is so much more focused and requires slightly more attention to enjoy, at least personally for me. Anyway, love this review!! :)
@Cry for me it was the converse, mainly because like @DoubleZ said, yeah the sailor has its own flaws but its induvidual highlights are much higher. When he started flowing on Kids I got flashbacks to a bunch of old hip-hop id heard right before that and it's good. ANother issue with nectar was filler, some tracks did NOT need to be on there. They are both nice projects but I definitely expected more from Nectar given the hype surroudning it
@TomBejoy I just thought that 'Nectar' was a no skip album while on 'The Sailor', there are some songs that I'd skip whenever I re-visit it. There are a lot of old hip-hop vibes from 'The Sailor', that was one thing that I loved about the album! I'm gonna re-visit 'The Sailor' since it has been a couple of months since I last took a listen to it, will let you know if my thoughts changed. I completely forgot abt the good songs from 'The Sailor' so a listen to the album should refresh my mind because there were certainly some songs that blew my mind. :)
@Cry my big issue with nectar are a few songs: Upgrade goes nowhere, High Hopes is just mediocre and Omar Apollo is a bad frank ocean clone, nirtrous doesnt go anywhere either. Tick Tock is a bit too short and it also feels a bit underwhelming on the production side. Normal people was forgettable. Your man sounds exactly like elderbrook (who had a part in making the music) but the song literally has NO writing lmao. 777 is of course hopping on the synthpop wave for money lmao. Other than that the album is amazing but these flaws deduct like 10-40 points from songs
Thanks @Cry! I think that even if we reduce Nectar to 12 songs, I find that Sailor stands out precisely by its best songs, on the contrary Joji is capable of better while Rich Brian seems to show some limits on his album for my taste
@Cry @TomBejoy
Joji is also less versatile than Brian when you think about it. As producers I would say they are equal
This is debatable, but in any case we are not talking about a big difference
I have the impression that the versatility of Joji's voice can offer more in the future if he manages to improve on this point
@DoubleZ I completely agree, Joji’s voice has the ability to produce more variety in the future, something I’m excited for from him
@TomBejoy Great job explaining all the flaws on ‘Nectar’, you nailed it! :)
Like I said, gonna have to re-listen to ‘The Sailor’ as it has been a while, forgot about a lot of the songs.
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