KSI - Dissimulation
May 22, 2020 (updated May 22, 2020)
Like his discography, Dissimulation is yet another example of a rap album that pulls the genre down, like a real regression.

I encourage every artist to want to create what they want, now that it's possible for everyone to make music, but in the end there are limits to it all. As a lover of "Hip Hop", I'm starting to feel so much frustration that turns to anger when I see that artists continue to feed our listening with such uninspired entertainment. Usually I tend to always rely on too radical opinions on rap albums, often a bit wrongly judged, when it deserved to be better considered, but now I'm going crazy when I already take stock of the first half of the year 2020. Hip hop has become so popular that artists don't have to make much effort to sell their stuff after all. Without being mean to be mean, KSI is the perfect example of an uninteresting artist, who manages to live well without ever having contributed anything positive.

There is logically nothing to say about Dissimulation. From the beginning to the end it's the sidereal void. Even if I put aside the writing and the subjects covered, which don't necessarily have to be a primordial value criterion to make a good, respectable and pleasant "hip hop" album, there's nothing to save yourself. Concretely there is no adjective that best defines Dissimulation than the term: generic. It's like listening to an album you already feel you know, but on top of that it's of such a low level that you feel you're wasting your time. As for the production and the featurings, they are as sterile as the rest. It's frightening
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May 23, 2020
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