Logic - No Pressure
Jul 24, 2020 (updated Jul 24, 2020)
A final episode that sounds very clearly like a last good note, also acting as doves of peace. Logic seems so relaxed that he has found the formula for success in himself.

No need to introduce Logic, a popular rapper who divides. For a few years now, he has even looked like a pain in the ass to his listeners, who at every opportunity find a way to beat him up, often more than he deserves. So whose fault is it? Let's be honest, Logic had taken the wrong direction for me lately with a series of forgettable projects, particularly generic, which really caused him some harm that he hadn't been unanimous before. However, to be sincere with you, I find that we're too hard on him regarding his first projects, especially his first album Under Pressure that I find particularly attractive, very well done, which I've been into countless times.

If I took the liberty of taking some time to share my opinion on his situation and the facts, it's because it all has something to do with the new album. No Pressure is first of all the one who will normally conclude his discography. A personal decision which, unless I'm mistaken, has no direct link with the negative opinions that revolve around his music. Let's not be totally stupid either. For me, there's necessarily a bit of that. Artists are all attentive to opinions and No Pressure is clearly influenced in part because of that. Why is No Pressure influenced by that? Because No Pressure can be considered as the sequel of Under Pressure, the reference album that was the best received, both personally because they are intimate albums, and musically where we find the same formulas and the same sounds. In a way, a soulful hip hop and jazz rather rhythmic, articulated on a narration and a delicious production signed No.I.D.

So you're going to tell me that I'm not teaching you anything. What I'm really getting at, and that's the most important point for me, is that No Pressure is a pleasant album, well rapped and well produced, which plunges me into a nostalgia for the year 2014 rather than an album that really stands out that I'll remember. Having fun is one thing, and I have to say that it's already good, but I would have preferred it to try something new. Logic opted for a more feasible and effective solution that will still have the merit of containing a few good things and a few good thoughts. It's a good, solid album that shows that Logic was able to take its personal revenge, giving off more confidence and maturity in order to leave with a clear conscience.

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Great review!
Thank you very much @ConcreteCastles (:
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