Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine
Oct 2, 2020
With Roisin Machine, the adjective "addiction" has never been more appropriate, it drips with bewitching energy and contagious melodies against a background of intense nostalgia. This new album is a phenomenal demonstration of the genius of Murphy's Queen of the Night, who at the age of 47 just gave herself her most brilliant work, and it was anything but easy given her remarkable discography.

I'm bluffed, I'm completely seduced, even worse I'm confused. What magical power does this album have for you that bewitched you so much? It's like this memory of such a joyful moment in your life when you were in full capacity, totally unstoppable, making me think of all the evenings spent dancing with no other purpose than to have fun, and of course of all the futures I will live. To try to understand the mystical powers that Roisin Murphy possesses, we have to go back to her beginnings, when she started to make herself known in the footsteps of a Trip-Hop that was both groovy and slimy, and which only reminds us that she has always worked since the early 90s to defend her place on the dancefloor. In the end she never really left it, even when she decided to go solo in the mid-2000s with a more Art Pop formula because she quickly redirected herself like a drug addict in need of electro and disco which gave birth to Overpowered, an unforgettable album. After taking her time and living the last decade more discreetly on the artistic level, Roisin Murphy took her time to draw a work capable of surpassing Overpowered. This can even be noticed in the introduction Simulation which dates from 2012. Finally she managed to finish it, against all odds this one is great and close to grandiose.

Of course it is impossible not to make the comparison with the last albums marking to date the same dance-pop and nu-disco vein that we have known this year and that have thrilled us: Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa and especially the hypnotic What's Your Pleasure by Jessie Ware, but what is great for us listeners is that all these albums are different. This partying trend of course shows the need to let off steam and have fun. There's nothing like the powerful call of disco to be able to achieve this feat in spite of everything. If they are all linked by this time capsule and by their very similar musical styles, Roisin Machine proves to be inexhaustible. Until the end, closed by a revitalizing Jealousy complement, the album never decreases in intensity, despite the diversity of rhythms and the richness that the different songs offer. Making 54 minutes go by as if it were only 30, it's just sensationally strong. Without forgetting that you'll be tempted like me to play it over and over again until it's your own body that asks to stop, due to fatigue. Roisin Murphy may not have Jessie Ware's writing talent, but I have to say that Roisin Machine is a much more touching and addictive album because Murphy's fantastic production and energy makes her music even more timeless. It doesn't mean that her writing is to be put on the back burner, on the contrary, the album may make you want to move, a lot of subjects about life, repetition, routine, and more globally all these questions that we ask ourselves when we feel like we're not moving forward often surface on Roisin Murphy, like a magnet. To conclude, when you can't find a single flaw in this album and you are fulfilled, can we say that something great has happened?
Doublez's Tags
Oct 17, 2020
This is the kind of review that makes me wanna listen to an album. Thank you.
Oct 18, 2020
Thank you so much for those words @Ceach, it really makes me happy! I saw that you were as seduced by the album as I was (:
2d ago
in fact i was. it was surprising finding myself bewitched by the most ominous parts of it. totally worth it!
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