Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez, See Your Future
Mar 25, 2022
It is a Denzel Curry 2.0 that we find on Melt My Eyez, See Your Future to write a new era, more liberated, more mature, more melodic, more accessible, without touching his divine mastery.

Born in Carol City, Denzel Curry is obviously not to be introduced anymore, he is the most appreciated modern rapper of the musical communities as here in AOTY, or on RYM. And rightly so, because Denzel Curry never makes a mistake. He perfectly combines all the criteria of a good student, i.e. being charismatic, always the right words/punchlines and efficient, hard-working and faithful to his principles, his versatility, his technical mastery, his storytelling, his energy, his singularity, his intelligence and he even manages to bring some touches of experimentation/innovation. On top of that Denzel Curry manages to please the new audience as well as the most purist, a real winning combo. Even I, who doesn't follow so admiringly, agree to say that I understand in a way the whole craze. As usual, the arrival of the new album "Melt My Eyez, See Your Future" sounds like the world will stop moving for a moment for all concerned because yes its status makes it one of the musical events of this year. More than ever, the excitement around the promotional singles has built up the pressure to the point where we have to ask ourselves: what if Denzel Curry gave us his best album yet?

"Melt My Eyez, See Your Future" is a new chapter in the life and career of its author. It follows the trilogy "miami" Imperial (2016) / TA1300 (2018) / Zuu that traced the tense, brutal and sad context of his life so far. Until now Denzel's art offered a very aggressive and immersive panel in each of his projects and this new album resonates as another version of him. No more alter-egos, no more life in Miami, bored, upset, broken, Denzel moved to Los Angeles to get out of that bad environment. Because things were getting worse, he lost his brother 8 years ago in mysterious conditions (police violence), he was also affected by the loss of XXXTentacion, by his breakup in love, the tense environment of Carol City, all this for a man now 27 years old. So he had to start from scratch. On " Melt My Eyez, See Your Future ", Denzel Curry promised himself to focus on himself, to open up to the world until he analyzed it. For that he is inspired by the universe and the way of thinking as brutal as human of famous Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa to set up a cinematographic album, as much in the concept, marketing and promotion.

In a way "Melt My Eyez, See Your Future" is a sign of liberation for the man Denzel. It is also a blessing for us as a listener who finds an artist with new ideas. This new album is built around a more melodic, atmospheric backbone and finds the eclecticism that TA1300 offered. He expands his revisiting of Southern Hip Hop by getting closer to some of the best speakers and producers of the moment to advance a genre that seeks to surpass itself. The term and adjective "Melt" becomes a kind of physical and philosophical result, defining the new state of mind of the author. The album logically starts with an introspective storytelling with a long chorus with "Melt Session #1", a languid and tasty Jazz-Rap that drips into your delicate ears. Although Denzel is embarking on a new path, that doesn't mean he's keeping any of his anger inside, on the contrary he's channeling and externalizing his experiences and thoughts in a different way than in the past. In "Walkin", Denzel expresses his way of the cross, highlighting the difficult trials of life in the face of human vices and our current society. Produced by Kal Banx of Dreamville, the rapper manages perfectly to consolidate a first part Boom Bap more traditional by making it evolve towards the trap, as if Denzel told us his life from childhood to now, taking into account the evolution of Hip Hop. It is an excellent idea, mastered with perfection. Without surprise Denzel proves again that he adapts like a chameleon, change of flow, diversity, technical ease. The writing is as touching as sincerely true. Without question one of the best achievements of his repertoire.

"Melt My Eyez, See Your Future" does not hide its asserted variety, as for example the fact that there is an impressive number of different speakers, including this panel of producer. The political anthem "Worst Come to Worst" includes Dot Da Genius (Kid Cudi) and Naz (Kyle) from relatively different universes, but the instrumentation manages to stick perfectly to the overall idea of "Melt My Eyez, See Your Future". It respects a sort of code of surprising homogeneity while the diversity of direction prevails is the main engine. Moreover all this is articulated around a thoughtful construction, the songs can be listened individually or as a cog of the album, I think for example of "John Wayne". On the ebullient and denunciatory "The Last", Denzel borrows from the legacy of Outkast (especially André 3000), supporting the fact that he is capable of almost anything. This song is a great success, a perfect chill moment but lyrically engaged, mixing Cloud Rap, Jazz and more traditional Southern Hip hop. "Mental" remains in the continuity, by approaching this time a neo-soul just as poignant and striking. If Denzel managed to touch us emotionally by the violence of his life, on "Melt My Eyez, See Your Future" Denzel opens his heart to bare, a facet that we expected more particularly. I will add that the sequence "The Last/Mental" is one of the best moments of this album.

"Troubles" opens up to a more melodic and colorful approach on a Pop Rap as infectious as it is sparkling. Accompanied by T-Pain, one of the pioneers of auto-tune, the rappers let themselves be carried away by particularly subtle vocal nuances that interact on an instrumental signed Kenny Beats and Dj Khalil. This surprising alchemy works very well and the addictive themes are tuned to match this overloaded atmosphere. I admire the effort and the work of the vocals here that give the impression that nothing is holding together, it's a raw energy trying to escape. In "Ain't No Way", Denzel manages to contain many personalities as different as singular as JID, Rico Nasty, 6LACK and Jasiah in 4 intense and burning minutes. We also understand all the extent of the instrumentation of this crazy song by the progressive and lively direction that it takes, never letting itself rest. A lesson of Hip hop. Finally there is no moment of weakness in the whole album, "X-Wing" approaches a melancholic and auto-tuned Trap that could sing in its way Lil Baby or Lil Durk. It is precisely the proof that Denzel is not necessarily forced to offer a quality content. In fact, we let ourselves be carried away in an experience, alternating style and successful idea, without expressing any regret. "Angelz" will not resemble "X-Wings", nor the continuation, but we understand that Denzel wishes to keep each time a common element which connects them, here it is the deep melancholy which the samples offer.

The album ends beautifully, first of all by the energetic "Sanjuro" by a brutal and dark trap reminding Future. While Denzel had erased for some projects this will to experiment above all, "Zatoichi" takes shape around a futuristic will, particularly psychedelic. The instrumentation and the interpretation is sucked by this Breakbeat or Drum & Bass rhythmic, I don't really know, but it gives a really fresh and creative result. Slowthai is there to support Denzel, delivering a really powerful introspective narrative. I find that this is what was missing in the previous projects, although there were very oriented guidelines. That's also why I like Denzel's debut, this will of adventure. This one was too restricted for some time and it's nice to see him again with this conviction. Finally another jewel for the end, "The Ills" breathes all that the Hip Hop brings us as happiness by its splendor and its authenticity. Denzel juggles one last time on a very bluesy Jazz Rap to paint a breathtaking introspection. Although there is not much to reproach to this new album and that one finds a great number of excellent songs, I will say that "Melt My Eyez, See Your Future" however does not manage to impress me as much as TA1300 had succeeded in doing it, and I find that the comparison is very relevant compared to the number of common points that these 2 albums have. On the other hand, I admire and appreciate the new direction and facet that Denzel takes on this album, it is without question a top 3 of his catalog, because it is complete, effective, varied and deeply human

Track Ratings
1Melt Session #1 / 90
2Walkin / 100
3Worst Comes To Worst / 80
4John Wayne / 70
5The Last / 80
6Mental / 80
7Troubles / 80
8Ain't No Way / 80
9X-Wing / 70
10Angelz / 80
11The Smell Of Death / 70
12Sanjuro / 80
13Zatoichi / 100
14The Ills / 80
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Really thorough work, reading this has been a treat.
Really thorough work, reading this has been a treat.
Thank you very much 🙏 I return the compliment for your work @WizardofWombat
Wasn't really that interested in listening to this album considering my current feelings on Denzel's prior catalogue but after your review super keen to give it a shot.
I'm glad to hear it, I hope you like this album, let me know what you think @NaanBread
how'd u release this shit the minute it dropped lol
Simply because the album has been released for hours on the French platforms ! @bennytheasian
Amazing review! Can't wait to give this one a spin, I'm doing it right now.
This is hands down one of my most hyped releases of the year. Your review only has me more excited to finally check it out!
I really appreciate it! Can't wait to read your review @DonCorleone
Thanks @Hummus ! It's always interesting to see the excitement around an expected release like this! Waiting for your opinion
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