clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Oct 23, 2020
Halloween is fast approaching, impossible to escape, just like today's topic. Almost 1 year to the day, Clipping doesn't just come back with a simple sequel to satisfy its fans, the second installment Visions of Bodies Being Burned is even juicier, terrifying, intense and more immersive than the previous one. A total success that confirms the fact that Clipping continues to build their reference to the Horrorcore pantheon, and even more to create its own legend thanks to this consecration.

Yet the Los Angeles trio of Daveed Diggs, William Hutson and Jonathan Snipesn, had already achieved a feat the year before when they poured the essence, ready to burn alive, on There Existed an Addiction to Blood. Although it had been almost 5 years since the public had discovered this talented trio of experimental hip-hop, which was full of talent and originality, it took time for the band to make people forget and better than their surprising first album. To achieve this, Clipping only developed their universe without ever really distorting it completely, to make it richer, more accomplished and even more random. They succeeded in doing so. To be honest with you, before that, I wasn't a big fan of the trio, but I didn't hate them. However, I must admit that the significant step they took last year is still impressive and you can see it now in their approach and creativity. They found the right recipe. So when we were getting closer to a sequel, like a second cinematic part, my brain would get impatient and my heart would ask if it was a good idea to set the bar so high. So I tried to keep my patience, passing by the excerpts and more for the final result. Here we are, the beats of the introduction resonate thanks to an aggressive percussion. The strident atmosphere takes over, the fog sets in. Diggs opens the ball. There is no turning back now, Visions of Bodies Being Burned is your only nightmare.

There are always things that mark from the first moments that you discover a work. Especially when it is remarkable and when you also have a means of comparison like here. At first glance, the suite seems to resemble its precursor. The aesthetics and the universe are identical, even up to the cover. Yet this suite has a lot to offer, maybe even more. If the first volume was about the universe, the second volume is so imbued with it, that you can feel much more, as if it was still possible to dig while you are already at the bottom of a pit. What used to be frightening has become all the more terrifying. As you touch the bowels of the dirt, Clipping has made it all darker, more oppressive, and more engaging, and you will never forget it. Without hesitation, they did it, because the similarities between the two are so close that if this was just a continuation, then listening to it would just be pleasant without surprise. This is obviously not the case. If we dissect a little more precisely, Visions of Bodies Being Burned has the same structure that we are now used to. Yet one can feel very clearly the evolution of the band, a palpable progression from production to writing. I was admirably impressed by the production of this album, much more than before. The production has a grandiose side to it and the result is much clearer. As if the acoustics of this one had been fine-tuned so that you can almost feel the instrumental vibrating at the heart of your eardrums. The macabre atmosphere of the album only makes it more valuable with a production capable of doing such a thing. Several times during the listening, it seems that the production becomes physical, as if it was interacting with your body, it's disturbing. Of course, if musically this second part is a total satisfaction, Clipping has also raised the tone, elevating the storytelling to another level as well, the suspense is constant and thrilling throughout. Incorporating more images and references into their stories, the trio seems to find a balance that makes the experience more immersive. The first volume was more evasive, more abstract, while its sequel is more brutal, as if the demons and fatomes lurking around its prey were close to taking action. In reality this is already the case, but it is too late for you to notice it
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