Fleet Foxes - Shore
Sep 22, 2020
After an unusual year marked by isolation, Fleet Foxes returns to offer you the perfect escape, reminding you how freedom is priceless. Particularly invigorating, touching and brilliant, Shore redefines what real life can be like, bringing you closer to the essentials.

It's no secret that some even expected them to be the messiahs, this group so acclaimed by the media, adored by fans, have managed to build a reputation worthy of their talents. After the departure of the drummer, the band took a break, Fleet Foxes came back with Crack Up, which announced a more folk and atmospheric direction, leaving the pop aspect of their previous albums behind. A delight that offered new perspectives for the future of the band, supporting their evolution and their maturity. I don't think I'm taking any risk in thinking that all the fans were asking themselves this question? What was Fleet Foxes going to be able to offer us this time? A new daring bet, a logical sequel to Crack Up, or a return to the source? Well, I'd say it's a bit of everything. Not escaping the rule and the essence of the band, Shore shows again a divine writing, a bewitching musicality and breathtaking fusional harmonies. At first glance, the album does not seem surprising. First of all, we notice a return to the Chamber Pop sound and structure that was the particularity of their debut. Then we notice the use of space, songs more refined and spacious that offers the contrast Crack Up. However, despite this feeling of comfort that one feels on this new album, Shore is not only a simple continuity, it is a new stage.

The main idea of Shore is based on the perception of life and a singular vision of the essential things for which you will recognize yourself. It also comes at the right time after this complicated year, supporting the fact that it's time to let yourself live again. It is obvious that the proposed writing is perhaps the most important thing to emphasize here. This wisdom and maturity can only convince you, whatever your perception and your life habits. Very close to nature as well as full of folkloric details, symbols that things go on in spite of everything, Shore had almost become a necessary experience. Personally, this album comes as a sign, at a time when it was time to put the past behind us and keep only what really matters. For this reason Fleet Foxes is accompanied by a more far-sighted and particularly sensitive production, which provokes in every note, every chord and every melody that kind of light electric discharge that touches you in the heart. Yes, I feel alive. You might think that I'm insisting a lot on this point. But what is more important than happiness and things that allow you to be happy? Over 54 minutes, Fleet Foxes covers us with tailor-made content, a surprisingly rich content for a group that has already offered so much. It's obvious that it's too early yet to know whether Shore can measure up to the first 2 mastodons, or to the delicate Crack Up, but one thing is sure and certain: this album is a new chapter in the story that cannot be dodged. A reversing experience that gives the feeling that there will be so many moments when I will be back in it whatever the mood, because deep down there is the essential here
Sep 23, 2020
Wonderful review, my friend. Always pleased to see your reflections on music like this.
Sep 23, 2020
Thank you my friend! It's a real pleasure! I like yours a lot too, I saw that we mostly share the same feeling (: @MasterCrackfox
Sep 24, 2020
I was going to write about this record, (I do not follow this band but this album is really exceptional) but I do not want to be redundant. Awesome job as usual @MaterCrackfox and @DoubleZ You have saved me a review hahaha. Cheers mates!
Sep 25, 2020
Thank you my friend @Whynot, I appreciate and am glad we feel the same way about this fantastic album (:
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