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Dorian Electra - My Agenda
Oct 16, 2020 (updated Oct 16, 2020)
My Agenda shows a certain urgency through an explosive and intense album that hasn't finished making people talk. If the first one drew their portrait and exposed their strong potential, this second one is an exceptional dive into their world and their struggles. It is an open-hearted album, an experience retracing their personality through something even more raw than in the past, like a digest of raw feelings and energies.

Born in Houston Dorian Electra is one of the modern and innovative artists, but also a human of the 21st century, who is not afraid to go to the end of their ideas and convictions, without fear of making a fool of himself. It's no secret that 2019 is mainly marked by sensations like the duo 100 Gecs and of course Dorian Electra, symbol of a Bubblegum Bass as crazy as it is zany, and then finally addictive because of its creativity and depth. Although the opinions are still to this day still contrasted on theire first album Flamboyant, there are a few things that everyone agrees on, is that Dorian Electra are a different artist, who has their own musical paw. Overall I didn't know what to expect from this second project, because in reality I had already taken a slap on each cheek when I listened to Flamboyant. In spite of my initial reluctance towards it, I ended up at the son of the listeners getting to know and understand it, a key factor when you want to analyse it properly.

Logically it is the same for this album, maybe even more so because it leaves less room for their interpretation. Dorian have opted for a short album in order to touch more directly. Reduced by 20 minutes compared to their previous one and with more collaborators, Dorian preferred to call on prominent guests to support their ideas. A good thing in itself, because despite all the humor, the rocanbosleque and the strands of folly that emanate from their music, there is always some deep hidden under a thin layer of eccentricity. When you think about it, the large number of guests is not disturbing because they fit in very well with the universe, it is a mutual understanding that is felt. From the very beginning of My Agenda, Dorian propel us into the middle of a gladiatorial battle in the middle of an arena, in the wrong arena far away. There are very few fallbacks, the ideas fuse and follow one another. Finally, despite the boiling, Dorian don't bother, they aim just and short which allows this dense content to melt into the mass and be pleasant to listen to. If I still don't have the important answer as to whether this album will stand the test of time with all its sparks on both sides, My Agenda has its flaws and limitations, but ironically that's also what makes it beautiful. Personally, I still have a preference for Flamboyant.
Doublez's Tags
Oct 16, 2020
Hey buddy! Just wanted to point out, Dorian's pronouns are they/them not he/him. Wasn't popping in to be rude, just wanted to make sure you knew!
Oct 16, 2020
Hey! thank you my friend, I knew it but I admit I didn't pay attention it's a small mistake indeed, it's not very difficult for me as a french guy with pronouns etc... especially when it's a little bit particular (even if it's not an excuse) I have to correct it, i’ll edit (: @MasterCrackfox
Oct 16, 2020
Thanks for being understanding! Like I said, definitely wasn't trying to be rude, just wanted to be sure that you were aware.
Oct 16, 2020
On the contrary you did well, thank you it's kind buddy (: @MasterCrackfox
Oct 16, 2020
I’m surprised a person like you like PC music! I personally gave this a 1.7/10. PC music is a horrific genre, with some exceptions.
Oct 17, 2020
I can reassure you that I surprised myself last year with Flamboyant as well, I understand that it is a music that repels people. What I like in this genre is above all the artist attitude that wants to move things forward and open new doors for the future. Maybe artists like 100 Gecs or Dorian Electra will remain a kind of prototype and in a few years we will be able to have a finalized version, it's to be seen with time. On the other hand, personally, I'm still surprised but I really liked Charlie xcx's latest project, even if I agree that it's different from My Agenda (: @okcomputer12127
Oct 17, 2020
I don’t totally hate PC Music (Ayesha Erotica!!!), but you say 100 gecs is better than say Brokenycde. Come on now... if they made the same music today it would probably be an average score of 7, but of course it has to be a 0.5/10.... Like you said, I still think PC Music (as a whole) has lots of potential, but I guess time will tell, as they say ;)
Oct 18, 2020
Oh good choice for Ayesha (that's also weird as an artist lol !) !
I confess I don't know much about Brokencyde but I think I understand what you mean, unfortunately it is also a question of good timing and notoriety, more than talent sometimes. For example I am a big fan of XXXtentacion who is too much hated for no reason in my opinion. They are also innovative prototypes, but among them there are the chosen ones and the sacrificed ones... a strange lesson of life... @okcomputer12127
Oct 18, 2020
I’m surprised you like XXXTENTACION! The reason I hate him not only for his misogynist and homophobic behaviors, he has domestically abused his girlfriend, his music sounds so generic, that even anything that sounds even slightly good makes me remember what he did to people: mentally and physically scarring people for life.
Oct 18, 2020
It's totally understandable, besides I agree with you on the person, and your analysis is really right, I hadn't seen it that way. For my part, I am a fan only when I talk of course about his music and the emotions he manages to transmit through a raw structure. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to make that happen in a successful way. As far as the person is concerned I would like to make it clear that I hate what he has done. @okcomputer12127
Oct 18, 2020
I mean, I know that. Of course you’re against all that, I know you!
Oct 23, 2020
Don’t list to Brokencyde. That is all.
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