SAINt JHN - While The World Was Burning
Nov 20, 2020
Saint Jhn fell into the trap, and it's not a bad play on words. This third project While The World Was Burning could have taken Saint Jhn a step further artistically, but conversely, it accentuates the fact that it is classified in the group of bangers creators, but how long will it last? Too calculated, but without being efficient.

Having discovered him in 2016 on Soundcloud, Saint John is one of the hybrid artists with a very interesting potential, which I'm sure is still there today. Luckily for him, success came some time later, like a miracle (although it is deserved) with the famous electronic remix of Roses. At the same time with a few songs and some collaborations Saint Jhn was able to concretize some victories which allowed him to justify his nascent success. However the rapper showed us especially his ease to make bangers and R&B ballads efficient and particularly catchy. If his first project Collection One is, as its name suggests, a compilation of his old works mixed with new ones, thus putting a face and a voice to the young rookie, the second project Ghetto Lenny's Love Songs affirmed his potential, but I must say that I expected more from this new project. To be precise, I was rather hoping that he would take risks and step out of his comfort zone, thus supporting a more artistic approach, rather than a simple reproduction of the work he has accustomed us to. Unfortunately the signs were already negative with the promotional singles, although an unexpected surprise could have very well happened, but it didn't.

The problem is not that he makes us bangers on his album, on the contrary, it could help commercially his album and above all it would be stupid not to put a very successful person on it especially when we know his ability to do it. A small dose for a big effect would have been enough. The real problem is that when you listen to the album, that's the only thing that really saves him. It's not a bad album, but it sounds like a banal mixtape, which today remains the symbol of many Rap albums. So what do we do, we wait for the deluxe version or we don't waste time believing that the improbable is going to happen, like a thunderclap? I have to say that I'm pretty tired of always listening to rap albums with potential without having any real satisfaction from them. So let's summarize the situation for you to understand my opinion, While The World Was Burning contains 12 tracks, so 2 singles released before and 2 remixes acceptable but nothing more. Then on the 8 remaining tracks, you have 4 solo songs and others with featurings. Where do I start... honestly when you get to the half of the album, you know that you didn't expect anything from the collaborations, whether it's from our dear grandpa Kanye, the predictable Lil Uzi Vert with a verse already done beforehand or an R&B feat with 6lack and Kehlani. So logically, there remains the featuring of J.I.D who could not disappoint no matter what. To finish you have the last solo tracks of Saint Jhn which unfortunately can't be as bad as his singles, or not at all, which has become a more pronounced problem than what we feared at the end. Once again, if I allow myself to be so critical towards this kind of album and artist, it's because the disappointment is only due to a few things to call ahead without exploiting the slightest potential, because I thought I would have preferred a failure when taking a risk, a new direction, a new approach. But not this time.
Doublez's Tags
Nov 20, 2020
Great review, I feel like you probably didn't like this album cause you discovered him a while ago (2016 was longgg before he blew up) which is why he must've gotten a little stale and boring, not trying to improve or try new things. This was my first time listening to his music and I was super impressed as I never expected an artist who blew up with Roses (Imbanek remix) (which is a popular Tik-Tok song) to create such a beautiful album, but those are just my thoughts. Anyways, like I said, amazing review! Love the analysis! :)
Nov 20, 2020
Thank you very much @Cry, it's a pleasure! I like your opinion because it underlines an important point also in rap, that we try to combine massive productivity with customer prospection, but with the unfortunate tendency to forget the first fans or on the contrary to rely too much on what we already have. Honestly I'm not shocked that you liked this album if it's the first time you discover the talented Saint Jhn, especially since the album is not bad (I rate it rather severely because I'm disappointed), unfortunately in my opinion an artist must be able to progress and not stagnate after only 4 years. This is a recurring problem, especially for today's rappers.
Nov 20, 2020
100% agree with the points that you stated. As a new listener, I was actually impressed with the album as Saint JHN is certainly talented, especially with his vocals, like you mentioned. Yeah, Saint JHN probably forgot abt his older fans and worked on feeding his newer fans (which I assume three must be more of because of Roses (Imbanek remix)) which is something all the artists, who have been in the industry for quite a while, are doing. I completely understand for why you're disappointed and I agree than an artist should have progressed and should've not stayed at the same level after 4 years. Great points! :)
6d ago
great review DoubleZ, i totally understand your viewpoints. honestly i wouldn't take this project too serious though, saint jhn wasn't even trying.
6d ago
Thank you my friend! it s kind! I also understand your point of view, but personally it annoys me to feel like I'm wasting my time with this kind of new hip hop project, especially with artists I like, sometimes I feel like I'm the old asshole who hopes the guy does something at least within the norms, with a minimum of seriousness! But it doesn't matter (: @Rater
6d ago
@DoubleZ you're not don't worry, this definitely isn't that good but he clearly didn't put much effort into it either
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