Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
Sep 3, 2021
Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is the odyssey of Litte Simz, an accomplished artist who keeps proving her immense talent. Through 1 hour of 5 star travel, the London native delivers a moving experience without ever losing sight of her multiple struggles. A real treasure.

If Little Simz is the real darling of the public, it is simply because she is one of the most talented female Hip Hop artists of the last few years, and well beyond. Since A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons (2015), in the heart of the Uk Hip Hop revival in England, Little Simz has only progressed to acquire a deserved notoriety (which could be even more important in my opinion). Thanks to her partner Inflo (Dean Josiah Cover), producer and musicians of Michael Kiwanuka, Jungle or The Kooks, Little Simz has the ability to offer a sharp flow, technical and a punchy writing, articulated around a dimension always very conscious and human. Her talents as an actress, writer and musician also allow her to have the flair to perfect her content. No doubt the status and expectations around the London native changed considerably when Grey Area seduced a large part of the Hip Hop scene becoming one of the most essential albums of the last decade. Little Simz is also known for being a discreet artist, who speaks when she is only needed, which makes her personality even more fascinating. It is for these reasons that Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is an album where all eyes are riveted on it as a beautiful promise.

Carefully crafted to be a cinematic sound experience, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is an album of considerable richness. One feels very clearly that Little Simz passes again an artistic course, because she manages to tame a very ambitious project. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert takes shape on 19 tracks, that is to say more than one hour, what makes this album a first for the artist used to a more concise format. Yet despite the difficulty Sometimes I Might Be Introvert doesn't really have any flaws. With conviction Little Simz teams up again with Inflo, accompanied by an impressive orchestra and collaborators who came to support this project. When it is not the case, Little Simz is almost dedicated to itself with a surgical precision. If this new opus does not hide its ambition, we can say the same about the creative will as one of the main objectives. In order to be as effective as ever over 1 hour of adventure, this album offers a lot of musical versatility and stylistic changes. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is jazzy, groovy, angry, moving, melancholic and punchy all at the same time.

Basically, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert tries to break away from the success of the previous Grey Area with several major differences. If Little Simz does not abandon her multiple fights, her human and societal convictions, but had never delivered an album as intimate and introspective until now. Grey Area generally transpires as a rather obscure album while Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is more colorful, warmer and more clear-sighted. Even beyond the format and length of the album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert sounds more like a concept, both in its dimension and in its themes, while Grey Area feels like a perfect compilation of several independent storytelling. The fact that the musical diversification is more pronounced is also explained by the fact that Sometimes I Might Be Introvert opens up to a multitude of subjects linked to what she feels in an introverted way, both directly and indirectly. This 4th album tackles more personal subjects like family, femininity, self-esteem but also by her convictions and human principles when the extrovert is touched.

The choice of Introvert as an introduction to this new opus is of course very clever, as it sets the whole thematic and philosophical scene of its author. While she tries to open up, like an audio diary, throughout the album, Little Simz had at heart to confront her introspection with her vision of the world. That is to say that Introvert is used in an ironic way, since this political anthem against social discrimination is rather extroverted. In fact the artist is constantly trying to combine these 2 elements which allows the claim to appear more charismatic and the storytelling more real, more touching. On Introvert, we quickly discover the grandiloquent orchestra that accompanies Inflo in a song absolutely triumphant, which gives the impression of being in a fusion between the instrumentalization of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West) and the interpretation of Nas. On more than 6 minutes, Introvert remains ambitious, as the image of the album, but nevertheless there is nothing to throw away here. The whole is very well put together, the choirs and the instrumental parts feed the intensity and the variety of this song. While the writing power of Little Simz manages to tame a very complex test initially.

Woman shows directly that Sometimes I Might Be Introvert will be eclectic even if we find some orchestral bases and touches of Inflo. In any case, the following will prove her right. As its name indicates it, Woman is a neo-soul ballad dedicated to the women of the whole world and explores the differences of community and origin. Backed by Cleo Sol, her poetry is the image of her vision of the world, which makes that sincerity and justice immediately gives heart to this song already excellent musically. With a sample of Smokey Robinson, Two World Apart is a high-flying Jazz-Rap lesson, as if all the disguises fit her. While I agree with the energy she expels on more conscious and politicized songs, what I admire more than anything on Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is when she delivers her own introspection. I Love You, I Hate You, dedicated to her delicate relationship with her father, is the perfect example of a song that is both heartbreaking and emotional. Add to that, the fact that this song is absolutely killer from start to finish. This is not the only example, since it is immediately accompanied by Little Q, a powerful mixture of Jazz-Rap and Neo-Soul where Little Simz pays tribute to her cousin while denouncing the difficulty of the black community to evolve in this system.

What Little Simz proves during the listening is that we hold a real treasure with Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. Sincerely, it never stops. Gems" sends you to the 7th heaven in an absolutely angelic classic explosion. In a different register Speed is a Hardcore Hip Hop where Little Simz shows her teeth against the competition of the Rap circuit. Standing Ovation when it arrives perfectly the art of the transition, it is true that the production and the instrumentation is quite simply (almost) ideal. I find that if Little Simz shows a constant evolution, Inflo also passes this stage easily, which immediately gives a superior dimension to their work. I always have the impression to be constantly well caressed in the direction of the hair, like a well cozy cocoon where regularly you change the type of rhymes. In fact, when you dig deeper, you can find some imbalance, in the sense that the density of the album forces the author to slow down a bit. All that is only very minor. I See You still manages to seduce thanks to its delicacy. On Rollin Stone, Little Simz shows some limits on the Trap/Grime register. In fact we end up noticing them because when the alchemy takes, we sail in full happiness. The cinematic interlude The Rapper That Came To Tea is an absolute delight, while Protect My Energy is a Saturday night fever with a Synth-Funk as hypnotic as contagious. The Afrobeats/Afro-Funk touch that Point And Kill offers is terribly endearing. The interplay between Little Simz and Obongjayar is equally endearing. Fear No Man explores Nigerian roots, especially Highlife for a dazzling sonic journey.

Once you get to the end of a few listens, you realize that there are really no flaws to focus on. How Did You Get Here and Miss Understood quietly finish the job, with sweet soulful piano ballads that are irresistible. Again, I insist that even if everything is not perfect, the whole thing reacts like a piece of the puzzle that cannot be separated. But more than that, the "weaker" moments are actually very good songs that don't shine as much as the highlights. In my opinion, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert surpasses Grey Area and yet the step was very high. What Little Simz offers over 1 hour is simply amazing, never does the intensity drop and never does an ounce of boredom get to you. I sincerely think that with an almost idyllic interpretation, this level of instrumentation and this overwhelming poetry, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert easily ranks among the best Hip Hop albums I've listened to in the last 5 years. Can't wait to see how it stands the test of time, potentially making it a classic
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Sep 3, 2021
Congrats for getting front page in rym !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 3, 2021
Thank you very much! @vermilion
Sep 3, 2021
Hi - lovely review, I´m also eager to see how this stands the test of time
Sep 3, 2021
Hey buddy, thanks for these words! I think that this is the element that will tell us how to interpret this record at its true value! Your opinion and review is very very interesting, especially since I already had a conversation with you about how to interpret the "perfect". I will say that first of all that the average score for this album remains a little bit too high in my opinion because we sometimes forget or ignore our heritage (especially the Golden Age Hip Hop). You have underlined it, this album has nothing innovative. However I think indeed that it is the kind of Hip Hop album that we need at this moment because it speaks to the whole society
Sep 4, 2021
Hey friend, I would like to mention the great Lester Banks talking about eating shit because billions of flies can´t go wrong but this ProtoPunk attitude would be totally unfair towards this record. I think the problem is time and availability. I remember how I reacted to real classics. My first reaction has often been what the fuck is that-meh. But when something in the record grabbed me and even so I could not understand the new musical language I continued listening (U either bought a record or it has been lend by a friend so U always gave sth. a third chance)
Today everyone is eager to be the first to listen - the first to comment on music in full availability to all in real time. So my thesis is that a majority don´t take the time to listen to radical "new"-directions in music to recognize the quality. Instead if you listen in a hurry and want sth. to be good you go for what you know and when it sounds great and pushes the right buttons you LOVE it.
Sep 4, 2021
Excellent, thanks for dropping this in here like this, as always I love your sense of analysis and reflection!
Unfortunately and it's been a long time since I really got a real musical slap in the face with new releases because deep down when you're used to listening to lots and lots of things, things have more and more difficulty to conquer you.. Even if we spend time to listen and search more rigorously a project
This new opus of Simz is like the excellent releases of this year, an excellent experience but not extraordinary. I also think that your theory is right, but we must not forget to take into account that the musical experience is also important in the sense that people who do not have many references nor many years of listening will necessarily find their happiness more easily. This record is typically a gold mine for some of these people, since it's a very well done tribute to Hip Hop as a whole with very touching current or personal themes @ocrakraut
Sep 4, 2021
Peace bro
Sep 21, 2021
Great review! The opening track "Introvert" itself left me in awe of its orchestration and impressive lyricism (both in style and content)
Sep 23, 2021
Thank you very much! Also, it is technically very well built and realized @SharonXZheng
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