Jan 14, 2022
On Caprisongs, FKA Twigs exorcises her demons in a cocktail rich in flavor. While this mixtape has a lot of great things to offer, especially with its mood and uniqueness, this one struggles to shine like the previous projects.

It's a great day for R&B and Pop, as one of its divas offers us a very generous mixtape. It even affects me more personally, since FKA Twigs has been my favorite female R&B/Pop artist for a few years now, which means I'm expecting a lot from this project, and it doesn't matter if it's a mixtape or not. Fka Twigs perfectly embodies that delicious balance of genius and experimentation that takes shape around a hybrid approach, a multi-octave soprano voice and also a certain gift for delivering maximum emotion. In a decade, the English artist has become one of the muses and actors of several relatively modern currents such as Ambient Pop or Uk Bass, although her versatile style is varied enough to be logically labeled Art Pop. At the same time she draws a lot of her influences from revolutionary artists like Kate Bush, Bjork, Tricky (Massive Attack) or Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees) who have upset the ecosystem of musical genres with fusions like real chemical reactions. For now Fka Twigs seems to be heading in the same direction, forging her own paths and futuristic opening. She has just concluded in 2019 the splendid album "Magdalene" which symbolizes both her personal and artistic outlet. While the step is quite high, FKA Twigs has finally used intelligence by choosing to work on a mixtape that can be described simply as a compilation in concept with many prestigious guests. Thanks to this, FKA Twigs relieves some of this pressure as she plays the gift card. In fact, the idea of a mixtape is explained in my opinion by the fact that FKA Twigs did not really know what she was looking to do creatively with an album that she teases since the end of 2020, except a good dose of fun.

So we dive into Caprisongs, a play on words either in relation to the German drink "Capri-Sun" or/and by the fact that she is simply Capricorn. This one highlights as I said a large handful of artists/producers recognized and multiple horizons (The Weeknd, Daniel Caesar, Jorja Smith, Pa Salieu, Arca, Mike Dean, Sounwave, Cirkut, Koreless etc..). This mixtape is more relaxed and less personal than the previous album "Magdalene", which was marked by a painful relationship. Caprisongs is a hymn to life, to love, to pleasure, a real need to be reborn. Musically, Caprisongs symbolizes the regular collaboration between FKA and the Spanish producer El Guincho, known for his work with Rosalia. To start with a positive point, I will say first of all that I am glad that the songs "Dont' Judge Me" and "Measure Of A Man" were not part of the project because it was not good enough. Overall Caprisongs is a project that is unlike any of her previous projects, especially in its more urban and exotic musical tone. FKA Twigs returns to the alternative R&B as the main nomenclature but not the one we knew at the beginning, opening up to multiple eclectic styles never explored so far for her (dance-hall / afroswing etc..). Caprisongs is like a road trip through several countries, where the author seeks to change the ideas. That's why the songs don't necessarily have links between them, or still that we find a certain assumed lightness with some touches of introspections which also make injury. There is thus to drink and to eat on 17 tracks, what can repel certain listener, to see probably disappoint those who expected a continuation of "Magdalene".

There is no harm, even for a more avant-garde artist, in taking the gamble of a "Pop" project that vibrates like a breath of fresh air, like a relationship with no tomorrow. However, it is necessary that the project is solid and complementary. One thing is sure, Caprisongs is not up to the mark, not because of its artistic direction, but because of the intrinsic value of each song. In fact, it lacks great songs capable of rivaling Cellophane or Sad Day, and in the other direction some irregularities weigh down the collective. That's not to say that Caprisongs doesn't want the job, far from it, it's a pleasant, catchy and well worked project that has seductive weapons. The mixtape opens with "Ride The Dragon", a sensual and romantic ballad that spreads like thick smoke before vibrating with infectious vibes. It's a success in many ways, because "Ride The Dragon" kind of embodies the idea of Caprisongs while also supporting the fact that the production on this mixtape is top notch. We also notice that Fka Twigs has not lost the mystical aura that surrounds her art, on "Honda" an Afroswing anthem with the smell of gasoline with the revelation Pa Salieu. I really appreciate how the instrumental spills over and drives the proceedings like some kind of bonfire trip, it's both mesmerizing and confusing. As on most of the mixtape, Caprisongs shares often joyful dialogue that underscores the idea of the somewhat "living" road trip concept. "Meta Angel" is a way to show that she is capable of making pulpy but sophisticated pop, especially through her interpretive prowess but also through the great mixing work of the legendary Mike Dean who handles much of Caprisongs. This quickly leads us to understand that even the less exceptional songs remain attractive and interesting.

Once past "Tears In The Club" with The Weeknd which is a nice single, then the less satisfying "Oh My Love", a romantic ballad with good ideas but not sufficiently exploited, it's the turn of the eclipse "Pamplemousse" to shine with a thousand fires. It is a kind of hyperpop combined with UK Bass, giving the impression of a powerful discharge of good mood, too bad that it is so short. Whether it's "Grapefruit" or the following "Lightbeamers", Fka Twigs has managed the complex task of making the songs interact with each other, even though they are opposed by their stylistic difference. Caprisongs is not just a postcard adventure, the mixtape follows a continuity. That is to say that even if you go from one atmosphere to another, it remains coherent. "Papi Bones" is a club demo, which draws its essence from the author's Jamaican origins. The connection with Shygirl is very interesting, another proof that Fka Twigs knew how to surround herself with good collaborators. Like "Pamplemousse", "Which Way" is a kick that keeps the intensity of the mixtape. I was happy to find the Nigerian Rema whom I like a lot, but unfortunately "Jealousy" is decent, without more.

On the contrary, the slow tempo of the ballad "careless" with Daniel Caesar is a success, maybe because we find a more usual Fka Twigs, with these melodies and this atmosphere that hypnotize you. It should be understood that the end of the album from "careless" is without question the best of Caprisongs. On "Minds of Men", Fka Twigs shows the extent of her pop abilities on a full-flavored electronic instrumental. This song also symbolizes femininity in all its splendor, with a strong and sincere message. And it is not finished for the beautiful surprises, "Darjeeling" is a Trap/R&B slaughter to which comes to add the charismatic voices of Jorja Smith and Unknown T, an absolutely fascinating alchemy. Finally, the most important moment of Caprisongs is found in the outroduction with the overwhelming and transcendent "Thank You Song", produced by Arca. Like the introduction of the mixtape, "Thank You Song", channels the instropection, the state of mind and the tone of the project as if everything was summarized here. Everything here is contemplative, ready to take off, showing that FKA Twigs is now almost cured, simply liberated. To conclude I will say that I hope that Caprisongs symbolizes a punctual stage of her life in the sense that I both want to see her go through avant-garde directions but also this mixtape remains a milestone in her career, as the moment when the author simply wanted to release the pressure. And that's humanly speaking, we all go through a period like that one day and that's important.

Track Ratings
1ride the dragon / 80
2honda / 70
3meta angel / 70
4tears in the club / 70
5oh my love / 60
6pamplemousse / 80
8lightbeamers / 70
9papi bones / 80
10which way / 70
11jealousy / 70
12careless / 80
13minds of men / 80
15darjeeling / 90
17thank you song / 90
Doublez's Tags
Jan 14, 2022
shes art pop and alt rnb btw not pop
Jan 14, 2022
@aztroiid art pop is pop
Jan 14, 2022
Also great review as always. I agree with what you said about Meausre of a Man not being here. I thought that was a really bland single
Jan 14, 2022
Thank you very much my friend! Glad to hear it, I'll even go further it's the worst FKA song ever @21stcenturyschi
Jan 14, 2022
great review!!!
Jan 14, 2022
Thank’s ! 🙏 @brinatti
Jan 14, 2022
@DoubleZ I would agree if not for Holy Terrain
Jan 14, 2022
Haha, sorry buddy I love future too much to agree on this one
But indeed it's by far the least good song of Magdalene @21stcenturyschi
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