Del Shannon - Runaway with Del Shannon
Jun 25, 2020
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The History of the Albums - n° 172

Before the arrival of the British Invasion, the early 60s are known to me as the bastard or middle years, because popular music was undergoing a metamorphosis, and without really offering fantastic content. Pop vocals were losing market share, rock n roll was lacking inspiration, which led it to be forgotten little by little and soul was becoming the current trend. It was then that the pop singers and rockers of the time found refuge in a hybrid pop mixing all the genres/trendy styles of the time, disguising the poverty of innovation. Everything was available for sale, so it was necessary to have catchy songs and above all to be the icon of young people, even if it meant cutting oneself off from a part of the public.This strategy, which we call "Teen Idols" will not only bear fruit for about 2 years, but it will also unconsciously change the artistic and commercial directions of the labels, which will encourage the arrival of the British Invasion among others. In short, until the Beatles conquered the throne. Among the best examples are Pat Boone, Ricky Nelson, Paul Anka, Dean Martin, Dion, Gene Pitney, and of course Del Shannon. Quite honestly, it is not necessary to study their discography, but they all have a Billboard hit that is worth the detour.

In spite of a possible "musical trickery", which is just a digging of several styles, this mode of Teen Idols really shows the first generic and smooth contents that non-traditional music has known. Beware, there weren't only bad things either, I selected for example Del Shannon which for me stands out from the crowd, notably thanks to its phenomenal Runaway and a rather amusing first album. Born in 1934 in Michigan, Del Shannon has the peculiarity of having been classified in this "category" of teen-idols, but in reality he has an original side. He is a musician/singwriter who has a sense of effective melody combined with a rich musicality for pop music. Although he was a music lover, he learned at a young age to play instinctively, mainly country music, Del Shannon was for a long time a worker of all that was common for the time. At the end of the 50's, he had the chance to join a band, before becoming one of its leaders. In 1959 he met Max Crook, whom he hired to join the group. This was an important turning point in his career, as they wrote Runaway together in 1960 (released the same year in the UK, and 1961 in the US), shortly after signing their first (real) contract with BigTop.

It's a shortcut that I'll write, but it's true that the career and success of his first album Runaway With Del Shannon is mainly due to the dazzling success of his first single Runaway which ravaged everyone on its way to the top of all Billboard charts. It's fair to say that all the singles released afterwards benefited from the success of his previous one, allowing him to continue his career for a few years. Runaway was such a success, that Del Shannon and the label rushed into the studio to record and build a debut album in lightning time for the time to capitalize. But what's amazing is that this album contains only 2 standards/songs, which proves that the goal was not to do all the blithering of the filling. On the contrary, Del Shannon participates almost entirely or partially in the writing and composition of all the songs present, which is also very rare for the time. In a mix of fun and sentimental themes, Del Shannon controls his project from beginning to end. Moreover, it best represents this Early Pop Rock period, which marked the arrival of Pop domination
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