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she/her. not much of a reviewer.
I only review albums I like. I don't like bringing ratings of albums down and don't really see the point in keeping track of the albums I don't like so all my ratings are 70+. My ratings are not final as I'm always changing them (usually moving them up). Follow my Spotify:
100 - Perfect 90 - Masterpiece 80 - Great 70 - Good 60 - Decent 50 - Meh/Indifferent 40 - Not Good 30 - Bad 20 - Terrible 10 - Painful 0 - War Crime Base the score off the average, but will take some liberties every now and then. Not gonna have many bad reviews because I'm not gonna listen to bad music lol. Probably will eventually update older scores, they're not so accurate.
Inhabited Land
HUGE THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING💜💜💜 41 777 minutes in Spotify I don't reply to comments (only sometimes). Write whatever you want 👍 If music can be compared to architecture, then I'm closer to High-Tech. That's all...
Feel free to give me a shout or a comment. I would love to discuss music with strangers on the internet. -JW
Professional pseudo-philosophical music nerd, currently floating on the silver lining [Grading Scale] 100 = Perfect tracklist, masterpiece status 95 = Near-perfection 90 = Exceptional 80-85 = F a n t a s t i c 70-75 = Pretty good 60-65 = Decent, a handful of highlights 50-55 = Overall mediocre and underwhelming, a few highlights here and there 40-45 = Not good, unpleasant to listen 30-35 = B a d 20-25 = Awful 10-15 = "Wow, this is atrocious" 0 = Speechlessly horrific (zero redeeming quality)
Feel free to recommend any music to me! :)
Music, am I right? :) #1 Song:Famous Prophets (Stars) Album:ITAOTS Artist:Radiohead 100: I never give a perfect score lightly; a perfect 100 means this is one of the ABSOLUTE GREATEST albums of all time, an ABSOLUTE all-time favorite 95-99: Among the greatest albums of all time 90-94: Where the masterpieces begin 85-89: Incredible 80-84: Great 75-79: Very good 70-74: Good 55-64: OK-Nice 50-54: Mediocre 40-49: Bad 20-39: Terrible 10-19: Just awful... 1-9: … 0: Well…I hope to never hear this…
not bgl13
an alt to an alt bc i forgor 💀 my password
I listen to art pop only
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
do a microblog on rym bout history of club deconstruction -------------------- 100 - GOD! 90 - very good sex 80 - Love 70 - Relationships 60 - First Date 50 - Friend Zone 40 - Your Ex:) 30 - Abusive Relationships 20 - PTSD 10 - Death of Brain 00 - Billie Eilish
I like music. I redo my ratings a lot. library is my vinyl collection.
Costa Rica
My rating is based on how an album flows as a concept. That can mean how the album gets me into its vibe and emotion, how the climaxes develop throughout the album, if I like it’s esthetic, how the lyrics give a new meaning to the music, etc. I am mad in love with melodies, drums, lyrics and everything that drives a song to where it wants to be. There is no objectivity in music, but how it makes you feel, you have to let albums posses you, that’s the only way they can have meaning and purpose.
Soy un aficionado a la música,la música me hace vibrar y soñar con escenarios bellos que en esta vida o en la otra son posibles de vivir.
100: Obra-prima ❤ 90-95: Excelente 🤟 80-85: Muito bom 😄 70-75: Bom 🙂 60-65: Decente 👍 50-55: Indiferente 😐 40-45: Ruim 👎 30-35: Muito ruim 😠 20-25: Horrível 😡 10-15: Lixo 🤮 00-05: Completa atrocidade 🤬
Milwaukie, Oregon
I'm exploring a new rating scheme that is based upon 5 stars where each star is equal to 20 points. The total points are accumulated and subsequently divided by the total number of tracks to arrive at an aggregate score for an album being rated. Simple? daFigz™ votes, yes!
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I like music and u
deez nuts
Just a guy who loves talking about great music. 100: Wouldn't change a thing 99-90: Near perfection 89-80: Really good experience 79-70: Pretty good, could improve 69-50: Disappointing and could be better 49-30: What were they thinking 29-0: Actively hard to stomach 1/2 of BrokeN Bois, a podcast where we talk about a lot of the music I end up reviewing here:
Can't log my previous account! Let's embrace a new beginning!
I enjoy everything too much and I suppose I don't like that... ?
reviewing is my hobby :) classical/jazz musician I compare everything I review to Sibelius 2 finale 100: perfection/special to me 99-90: timeless 89-80: outstanding 79-70: above avg 69-60: mostly good/mid 59-50: too inconsistent/mixed 49-40: little substance/more bad than good 39-00: not worth it at all *scores start at 50 and decrease or increase from there*
forgot to add a T at the end of my name
this is bgl13. when i was trying to hit 1k followers, i spam followed other users. i regret this and now it’s clogging up my feed so i’m using this so that it’s easier to view my feed
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shitpost status my ears are fine now :)
Music enthusiast.
just a human who likes music I don't have specific criteria for my scoring system, just sort of a feeling I guess... well, except the 100s they must have a personal impact on me to reach that score
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(un) Professional music guy. 100 - Perfect 90-99 - Must Listen 80-89 - Really good 70-79 - Alright 60-69 - Good 50-59 - Mediocre 40-49 - Wlorse than average 30-39 - Bad 20-29 - Awful 10-19 - Disrespectul 1-9 - Horrid 0 - Nothing good about the album (all reviews will be a few paragraphs, ratings are usually from album i've listened to that don't really need a review)
18, he/him @pokemandt's new account. I made a new one mainly because I didn't like the name on my old one, but also because there are a lot of albums that I have rated on that account that I have changed my mind on since then!! Hope you enjoy my profile!! I am very excited to track how my music taste grows over time. Music is fun. 10-experience 9-blew my mind 8-heavily loved 7-enjoyed 6-good 5-...could be better 4-uninteresting 3-very bad 2-pain 1-???
Xander Apfel
I’m 18 and a absolute nerd for music. Always have and always will be. I’m here to share my opinions and would love to chat about music with anyone who wants to!
if i like an album is my all time favorite
100 FOLLOWERS❤️‍🔥 THANK U! Hi! I am a music lover from Kazakhstan. I'm newcomer to this site. I love music very much, regardless of the genre. I am still learning English, and because of this, I sometimes use a translator. If you have read a ridiculous sentence, I apologize in advance Rating system: 100 = Masterpiece. 90-99 = Incredible 80-89 = Great 70-79 = I like it. 60-69 = Ok, not bad 50-59 = Meh 40-49 = Bad 30-39 = Terrible 20-29 = Ewww 10-19 = Shit 0-9 = the Worst of the worst.
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I strive to be the worst reviewer on this platform :) If you decide to report me because I'm so bad I will come back with my army of toes! Ah someone has reported me and currently can't send shouts :( Sorry will reply soon I also like to confuse y'all
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