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It's hard to admit it mom but I'm white
Saudi Arabia

perfect places
So... what now?
United States
I’m here to get others to be more interested in some of my favorite albums. Music inspires unity!
If you are curious about my thoughts on any of these albums, you are welcome to ask and I'll post a review. I feel overwhelmed to review every album I listen to and personally find critiquing music time-wasting. AOTY is a good library for what I listen to, so I'll mainly use AOTY for that.
I jumped into a meat grinder. Go follow GeMann. He is my favorite reviewman
22 I like video games & music
sistema de nota (nem sempre correto e mt comprometido por gostos pessoais) 100 = perfeito/ favorito meu 95 - 99 = masterpeça, obra prima 90 - 94 = quase perfeito 80 - 89 = ótimo 70 - 79 = bom 60 - 69 = okay 50 - 59 = misto 40 - 49 = ruim 30 - 39 = mt ruim 20 - 29 = terrivel 10 - 19 = nojento 0 - 9 = pior dos pior
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WAS TEENOFSTYLE, I LOST MY PASSWORD, YET AGAIN, BUT I'LL BE SAFE THIS TIME. My name is Damon, 17 year old musichead. Once I get this account settled, I'll do reviews. You know the drill, 100 are my favorite albums, in the 90s also amazing, 80s great, 70s good, 60s worth a listen, but not an essential, just alright, 50s mediocre, 40s bad, 39 & under: garbage, don't waste your time unless you want a good laugh, 15 & under worst thing ever.
favorite genre: rock favorite artist: David Bowie favorite album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars favorite song: "Heroes" by David Bowie 100 - A Masterpiece and one of the greatest albums ever made 90-95 - Almost Perfect 80-85 - Very Solid 70-75 - Pretty Good 60-65 - Goodish 50-55 - Average/Meh 40-45 - Disappointing 30-35 - Bad 20-25 - Awful just Awful 10-15 - Horrible 0-5 - kill me
i'm a person i like indie/experimental rock, but i think that's pretty obvious i'm WAY too generous with my ratings i hope you have a good day :)
Bruh LeBron James *Fart Sound Effect*
I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account of: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Writer for AboveTheBridge, this is my casual review account. honestly my ratings mad inconsistent so don't believe anything I say, the only certain is that Punisher is a 10.
I like rap. A lot.
My real name is Adrian Roberts, I live in Ohio and I have a big love for good music, I HATE BAD MUSIC THOUGH! 100-0 My Thoughts Every album i rate over an 90, I have it on vinyl or plan to get it.
One of those rare (non-local) music fan you can found in Bangka, Indonesia
24.Enjoying music
straight outta sadness country, youknowwhatimean?
hey yo! privet from grustnaya motha rashka i'ma dancer, music fanatic and DJ in the future you can follow my activity here or in my IG 100-95 = f*ckin masterpiece, a part of myself, a piece of art that somehow changed me 90-85 = so wonderful throughout, absolutely definitely in my constant rotation 80-75 = high quality, but for some reason did not impress me enough 70-60 = average release, but at some points weak and boring or annoying 60> = weak shit for several reasons 40> = totally trash.
Simping To Les Claypool
I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
fuck off you creep
hi i'm tyra shanks, im 84 and i love cats and soft cock on winter mornings. i love walking by the beach and contemplating drowning myself, i love praising zendaya as my one and only lord. fishes are honestly my spirit animal - they're also the natural scent of my gaping vagina <3 hope we can get along and hopefully land myself a hot man that will not only mentally abuse me and my children but also cheat on me with an inferior hoe. much love!! ttylxox, hmu if u got $$$ bec ill fwy.
Brooklyn, NY
Stylist with a budding music fetish. Hip hop head at heart tho. Guitars gimme eargasms always. Basslines make my eyes close. Synths electrify my body. Drums make my head bob. Keys touch my soul.
Rio de Janeiro

Hello, I’m a music reviewer on Instagram. Here’s we’re all the reviews get dumped. RATINGS: 0 - Fattest Fucking Shit Ever 1 - Pretty Big Shit 2 - Shitty 3 - Ass/Terrible 4 - Sucks 5 - Meh/Indifferent 6 - Okay/Slight Enjoyment 7 - Decent/Alright 8 - Good Shit 9 - Great/Poggers Certified 10 - GOATED/Perfect/Rio Certification
I simply exist, what else can I say about myself? Oh, and don’t expect me to give songs straight up 0s and 100s. I do that by actually looking at the songs and deciding if they really deserve it. And yeah expect me to mostly rate singles.
Spain (Andalusia)

Brenny land
Brennny, I am 15, a trans girl, and mentally ill af on twitter
Itamarandiba-Minas Gerais
Bem-vindo ao Chokecritic 💜💎♎ Espero que gostem dos reviews🙃 Albuns com 80 até 100 vão pra biblioteca de 79 a 70 recebe like,de 69 até 40 tem nada,e de 39 até 0 vai pra lista piores álbuns que ja ouvi 100-Perfection 💜💎🌟 99-90 Diamante💎 89-80 Ótimo👏 79-70 Bom💚 69-60 + ou -🤔 59-50 A Definição de "Meh" 😑 49-40 Mediocre 😝 39-30 Horrível🤒 29-20 Nagasaki😷 19-10 Hiroshima☣ 9-0 O próprio Chernobyl☢☢☢
I like to pretend that my opinions matter.
#BlackLivesMatter Also Happy Halloween!
Listening to Black Sabbath or something
Rohan Agrawal, 15 years old, he/him. Bassist/Guitarist/Drummer. Virgin. The most generous reviewer out there and trying too hard to be funny. Also, I try to review everything as best I can.
MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS SO MUCH BALLS Singles account: 95s are basically 100s but 100s are like WOWOWOWOW
Davibitt’s single account
MG Brazil
Music is subjective My 10 can be your 0 You won't see me doing reviews 60-less because I don't see a point of why should I review an album I don't like.
United Kingdom
Usually I just rate projects but I'll write the odd review when I'm in the mood to. Vinyl collection in Library 100 = Perfect 90 = Excellent 80 = Great 70 = Good 60 = Okay ... 50 = Mid 40 = Poor 30 = Bad 20 = Awful 10 = Atrocious 0 = Never listen again
just here for fun. ratings may change in the future. music memes and reviews on my insta: @hyperballad.innuendo
If it's a bad album, what is the point of listening to it?

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