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eat my jorts hehim
favorite genre: rock favorite artist: David Bowie favorite album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars favorite song: "Heroes" by David Bowie 100 - A Masterpiece and one of the greatest albums ever made 90-95 - Almost Perfect 80-85 - Very Solid 70-75 - Pretty Good 60-65 - Goodish 50-55 - Average/Meh 40-45 - Disappointing 30-35 - Bad 20-25 - Awful just Awful 10-15 - Horrible 0-5 - kill me
i'm a person i like indie/experimental rock, but i think that's pretty obvious i'm WAY too generous with my ratings i hope you have a good day :)
Bruh LeBron James *Fart Sound Effect*
I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account of: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
17 year old idiot (he/him) - I sometimes listen to music - I promise I'll get around to rating more albums eventually, currently working on a review of Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads
I like rap. A lot.
One of those rare (non-local) music fan you can found in Bangka, Indonesia
straight outta sadness country, youknowwhatimean?
hey yo! privet from grustnaya motha rashka i'ma dancer, music fanatic and DJ in the future you can follow my activity here or in my IG 100-95 = f*ckin masterpiece, a part of myself, a piece of art that somehow changed me 90-85 = so wonderful throughout, absolutely definitely in my constant rotation 80-75 = high quality, but for some reason did not impress me enough 70-60 = average release, but at some points weak and boring or annoying 60> = weak shit for several reasons 40> = totally trash.
Simping To Les Claypool
I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
fuck off you creep
hi i'm tyra shanks, im 84 and i love cats and soft cock on winter mornings. i love walking by the beach and contemplating drowning myself, i love praising zendaya as my one and only lord. fishes are honestly my spirit animal - they're also the natural scent of my gaping vagina <3 hope we can get along and hopefully land myself a hot man that will not only mentally abuse me and my children but also cheat on me with an inferior hoe. much love!! ttylxox, hmu if u got $$$ bec ill fwy.
Hello, I’m a music reviewer on Instagram. Here’s we’re all the reviews get dumped. RATINGS: 0 - Fattest Fucking Shit Ever 1 - Pretty Big Shit 2 - Shitty 3 - Ass/Terrible 4 - Sucks 5 - Meh/Indifferent 6 - Okay/Slight Enjoyment 7 - Decent/Alright 8 - Good Shit 9 - Great/Poggers Certified 10 - GOATED/Perfect/Rio Certification
Rio de Janeiro

Brooklyn, NY
Stylist with a budding music fetish. Hip hop head at heart tho. Guitars gimme eargasms always. Basslines make my eyes close. Synths electrify my body. Drums make my head bob. Keys touch my soul.
Spain (Andalusia)

Brenny land
Brennny, I am 15, a trans girl, and mentally ill af on twitter
Itamarandiba-Minas Gerais
Bem-vindo ao Chokecritic 💜💎♎ Espero que gostem dos reviews🙃 Albuns com 80 até 100 vão pra biblioteca de 79 a 70 recebe like,de 69 até 40 tem nada,e de 39 até 0 vai pra lista piores álbuns que ja ouvi 100-Perfection 💜💎🌟 99-90 Diamante💎 89-80 Ótimo👏 79-70 Bom💚 69-60 + ou -🤔 59-50 A Definição de "Meh" 😑 49-40 Mediocre 😝 39-30 Horrível🤒 29-20 Nagasaki😷 19-10 Hiroshima☣ 9-0 O próprio Chernobyl☢☢☢
I like to pretend that my opinions matter.
MG Brazil
Music is subjective My 10 can be your 0 You won't see me doing reviews 60-less because I don't see a point of why should I review an album I don't like.
Listening to Black Sabbath or something
Rohan Agrawal, 15 years old, he/him. Bassist/Guitarist/Drummer. Virgin. The most generous reviewer out there and trying too hard to be funny. Also, I try to review everything as best I can.
#BlackLivesMatter Also Happy Halloween!
Davibitt’s single account
If it's a bad album, what is the point of listening to it?
I don't know what I'm talking about. Using a 0-20 scale to make my life easier. Any review older than ~3 months should automatically be discredited.
Lawn Guyland, New York
Hey I don't really use AOTY much but my RYM user is nicklyons__ if you want to check out more ratings there
United States
rating scale -- subject to change upon future listens 10 - excruciating 20 - why did I subject myself to this 30 - no 40 - meh 50 - not too shabby 60 - approve 70 - time well spent 80 - that's what I'm talking about 90 - hell yes 100 - bless us oh lord for these gifts
18 | #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏾 | Social: @dailygerson A person with a marvelous passion for all kinds of music Feel free to message me about anything 🥰
bjorks arse
i'm so shit at reviewing and i'm still learning. i'm open to any typa music <3 !! i have a topster in the website link so check that awt ! i'm also VERRYY generous with my rating so.. don't take anything seriously oh, i love björk, beyoncé, arca, mitski A LOTTTT. so if you love em, we are superior besties !!
human, born in the booming years of the last century, playing music and listening to music for half a century. I listen to anything that touches me, still curious... I usually hate music as a tapestry satisfying my need to hear sounds that keep me safe due to cliches I already heard before. Most of my ratings will be very good as I mostly rate things that I feel the need to get supported due to their quality. I mostly will skip my dislikes as long as I´m not confronted by them on a daily basis
under your bed
Your friendly neighborhood Chinese-American music enthusiast and professional group project deadweight. Used to be able to recite the names of seven hundred Pokémon from memory. Now often forgets the names of immediate family members. Feel free to drop recs - I'll get to them as soon as possible! Open to anything. Rating criteria varies by genre. 60+ means I liked it, <50 means I didn't. Current Obsession(s): K-Pop (sue me), Nu Jazz, Synth Funk
Bogotá, Colombia
Dwell on the beauty.
tenho preguiça de fazer review pra todo santo álbum que ouço mas foca nas notas mesmo parça
I specialise in short hip hop reviews. Always relisten an album before reviewing. Mostly listen to hip hop and soul. Explaining my ratings: 0-19 Awful 20-29 Very Bad 30-39 Bad 40-49 below average 50-59 average 60-69 solid 70-79 good 80-89 fantastic 90-99 classic 100 masterpiece
Southampton, UK
Former Ba'athist now eboy once I realised TikTok was doing more damage to the constitution of Western hearts and minds. Oh I listen to music too.
São Paulo
Lucascritic ❤ Eu incluo nas reviews todas as faixas dos album, sejam deluxe, interludes, bônus tracks, musicas exclusivas de outros países. Eu não incluo remixes se não tiver um outro cantor dentro do remix.
For my ratings I only use these numbers: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 I'll use 50 and 55 as an example of how I rate albums. 50 = 5 55 = Strong 5 60 = 6 7, 8, 9, 10 = I Like this record 4, 5, 6 = Average 0, 1, 2, 3 = I don't like this record 69 = I'll almost never use this score. I'll only use it for albums that deserve it Favourite Artists: Gorillaz Declan McKenna Tyler, The Creator The Strokes BROCKHAMPTON
regurgitating melon man's ratings like a boss
asian man takes form of orange cat to review music • hip hop head • i usually only review things that i like • ratings always out of ten • shit in library = just albums i have never listened to or albums i need to rethink/relisten
Rio de Janeiro
Mais um louco por música @jatedisse here ( ). I'm not a Facebook user anymore, so I had to make a new account.
in bed with mc ride
my name is christian i'm from r&hh amino 100 - Perfect 90-99 - Almost Perfect 80-89- Very Very Good 70-79 - Very Good 60-69 - Good 50-59 - Decent/Alright 40-49 - Listenable 30-39 - Not Enjoyable 20-29 - Terrible 10-19 - It's Painful 0-9 - J. Cole
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