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I Like Music I listen to music i like to rate what i listen to Music Is My Life
a teenager that sits in the corner of his bedroom listening to music instead of doing schoolwork.
BTS existence is worth a 100
16 | Nihilistic Asshole | High School Sophomore | I'm probably a hipster in denial. | My favorite genres are indie, metal, alt rock, punk, and hip-hop 100: Maximum Tier 90-99: Certified Hood Classic 80-89: Fantastic 70-79: Great/Really Good 60-69: Good 50-59: Meh/Alright 40-49: Mediocre 30-39: Bad 20-29: Terrible 10-19: Atrocious 0-9: Make It Stop, You’re Physically Hurting Me
New York
Hi I'm Noah. I'm 17 and I enjoy listening to, talking and writing about music. Also something to know about me is that I'm a lead singer of a band named Audio Circle. A link to our YouTube channel is below. Pronouns: he/him Rating system: 100 - personal favorite 95 - nearly perfect 90 - outstanding 85 - great 80 - solid 75 - good 70 - decent 65 - alright 60 - acceptable 55 - Middling 50 - Indifferent 45 - unremarkable 40 - bad 30-35 - awful 20-25 - atrocious 10-15 - scum 0-5 - unlistenable
i review only with good grades, even if i am not too interested in the album. if i think an album is horrible, i don't rate it. 70-80 normal; 80-85 good; 85-90 notable; 90-95 aoty material 95-100 perfection feel free to recommend
British person living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Music enthusiast/pessimist. Dancer to architecture.
My Score is 90 to 100 add in library and ❤️ (- Live Albums and Copilations), 80 to 89 add Just to library. ❤️🎤🧡🎧🎷💛🎺💚🎸💙🎻 100 = Masterpiece/Some of The Best Albums in History in My Opinion 90-99 = Unforgettable/Most of My Favorites 80-89 = Fantastic/Incredible 70-79 = Great/Very Good 60-69 = Above Average/Could Be Better 50-59 = Average/Just OK 40-49 = So So/Forgettable 30-39 = Terrible 20-29 = Horrible 10-19 = Extreme Garbage 00-09 = Chorume/Toxic
In a cage, on antibiotics
Only difference between 90 and 100 is personal preference.
Is this an illusion?
Im honestly bad at reviews but I love music and I try to understand music, so here I am, also all of this is my opinion so... ok? also following back ;)
doin' your mom
Singles account of ItsJustArcherr. Because why the hell not? My main AOTY account:
𝔪𝔶 𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔰𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔢: 100 = Certified Classic 90-99 = Masterpiece 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good/Very Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Mediocre 40-49 = Bad 30-39 = Really Bad 20-29 = Terrible 10-19 = Trash 0 = WHY
I Am A Music Fan Have been listening to more music and getting used to listening to many genres since 2017, I have been starting music reviews since 2019 and am really excited to start the new year packed with music reviews new reviews probably every day. I will also have a list of the best albums at the end of the year, like I have been doing for the past couple years. (Update: Thanks For 50 Followers You guys rock)
chilly joel
if julian casablancas is involved, i'm down
Hello! I am a Physics teacher and general nerd from the great state of New Jersey. I listen to a good amount of music and I'm deluded enough to think people care about my opinions. Anyhow, I hope you do. I tend to write long winded explanations which may contain personal anecdotes, strange comparisons and references to whatever I feel is relevant in the moment. Enjoy, and I look forward to dialoguing with you about music!
Just a guy who loves to listen music, watching movies/tv series, reading books and travel. Click on that follow button 😎
I will be inactive until 2/7.
Above 7/10 is what I would usually save on Spotify
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Music lover from Poland🇵🇱. Born in 1999 ♂️. Joined AOTY in November 2020. I mostly do short reviews. I use 0-5-10 rating system.
18, UK, music enthusiast and aspiring musician. Occasionally review stuff. Open to any and all genres. Ratings are based on a mixture of personal enjoyment and my attempted judgement of objective quality.
stuck in my 20 something
Im a total synth slut. A 65 rating is decent 80+ is great I like: electronic, hiphop, funk, rnb, Synthpop, Dreampop, indie rock, soul, Electropop, trap, hiphouse, deep house, triphop, techno, house, EDM, reggae, psychedelic rock, classical, jazz and downtempo.
Paris, France

He/Him I have shittaste, so 🧎‍♂️ plz forgive me I'm sad_castic pretty much everywhere so,,, yeah Hablo español igual, así que disculpen el inglés medio básico, chau 🦦 100 - Masterpiece 90-99 - Amazing 80-89 - Sweeet 70-79 - Pretty cool 60-69 - Alright 50-59 - It could have been worse 40-49 - Meh... 39-0 - No❤
What is a genre?
thanks for 100 followers!!!!!!! 16|Lucy/Penny|she/they blm!! ayo wassup i like music follow me if you want, or send me a shout!! love y'all
hey everyone. i’m @alessiaoop’s new user, i’m a minor, i’ll like to share about the music i like (even if i’m not a good writer) and i’d love if you send me your music!! 95 / 100 — a masterpiece 85 / 95 — excellent 75 / 80 — very good 65 / 70 — good 55 / 60 — decent 45 / 50 — average 35 / 40 — bad 25 / 30 — very bad 15 / 20 — terrible 05 / 10 — trash 00 — dreadful — favorite artists: mitski, björk, kate bush, st vincent, fiona apple, fka twigs, rina sawayama — / @mitskileaks
Minnesota, USA
18 // he/him 🏳️‍🌈 Liker of music, enjoyer of breakfast sandwiches --------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENTLY LISTENING/RE-LISTENING: - Selected works from MF DOOM discography
I'm just trying to explore new and interesting music and sharing my opinion on it with the internet. Feel free to recommend some albums or artists you like or think I might like! PS: The rating I give the albums is a median of the median of each song's score + an overall feeling score. Love.
pee pee poo poo land
Fricker who listens to too much pop music. My favorite genres are synth pop, indie pop, indietronica, glitch pop, pop rock, emo, hyperpop, pop punk, wonky, hip hop, ambient, metalcore, noise pop, and post-hardcore. My scores are mostly based off pure enjoyment. Singles are rated in intervals of five.
somewhere (rip my old pfp)
I Like music, and i bet you too i think? maybe not, or something.
Tamaulipas, México.
i love music but i'm not an expert, don't be mad, it's just my opinion. Amo la música pero no soy un experto, no se enojen, solo es mi opinión.
Pathumthani, Thailand
Cooler than a monkey. I Also made Art blog.
I review anything that I watch or listen to in at least 100 words to keep myself busy. Film & recently music buff. Feel free to disagree or agree with my opinions!
There is no such thing as bad music! My 100/100 might be your 0/100. Hope you enjoy ! My rating system: 100: Masterpiece 90-99: Near perfection 80-89: Amazing Experience 70-79: Good Experience 60-69: Potential (a worthy listen) 50-59: Average. Nothing new 40-49: Near Forgettable 30-39: Bad Experience w/no directions 20-29: Painful experience or Bad release 0-19: Would Avoid !
Los Angeles, CA
Here at Sonic Discovery I take a glimpse at the newest music being released and feature the stuff I believe is worth checking out and occasionally review some other stuff that's crap. It's all part of the journey of discovering new music.
Anything above fifty is enjoyed! Albums I own in physical copy are in library.
Mississauga, Canada
Female Asian Canadian teenager. I follow back everyone :) - I listen to each album with an open mind and at least five times depending on how good it is. - -1 - must be burned 1 - unlistenable 2 - terrible 3 - bad 4 - didn't like it or underwhelming 5 - ok 6 - good I guess 7 - I enjoyed it - solid and consistent 8 - I really like it and you should listen to it 9 - basically perfection but missing just a lil somth 10 - *chef's kiss* current average rating: 67 - just for fun don't be mad
Minnesota, USA
I Mainly Listen to Hip-Hop | Trying to Listen to All Albums With Over 100 User Reviews | 100 = Perfection | 0 = No Musical Qualities | If You're Interested my Main Playlist is Below
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