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Mini-Serie // What should we remember about Baguette & Béret ? Being French, I would simply like to make you discover or rediscover a few French-speaking albums/projects/songs (so that also extends to other countries, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada to the African continent, etc...), without any real specific rules! The episodes will be weekly

Jacques Brel - Ces gens-là
Today I will try to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful legends and one of the best French-language albums of all time. I can say without hesitation that the Belgian Jacques Brel ranks among the legendary trio of French music alongside George Brassens and Serge Gainsbourg, and that no one else can hold their own. So yes, I'm talking about a monument that should be taken as the ultimate example, author among others of "Ne Me Quitte Pas". An incomparable influence, artist and lyricist of Songs with Text close to the divinity, Jacques Brel is Brel, the incomparable. Tackling provocative and arrogant poetry, with the insolence of his deep, high-pitched voice, Jacques Brel didn't keep his words in his pocket, he expressed them with such power that his songs still resonate today despite the time lag. It is not annodin if it is main success and his genius of writing in particular with "Quant On N'A Que L'Amour", "Vesoul", "La Valse A Mille Temps", "La Chanson Des Vieux Amants", "Amsterdam", "Mathilde" or "Ces Gens-La" enabled him to be exported beyond the French-speaking countries in an international way, inspiring great geniuses such as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and taken again by Frank Sinatra or Ray Charles. That's why I don't exaggerate when I talk about legend. We will revisit the album Ces Gens là, symbol of its apogee and some time before it "forsakes" a little music for the cinema. Action..

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Jacques Dutronc - Jacques Dutronc
It is necessary to understand the context, in the 50s France proposed musically the "Song", superficial pop, jazz and classical music in its entirety, and the arrival of rock n roll to change habits, well before the "Yé Yé" period, which will give way to a desert generation of the most symbolic French artists in the history of the country over the next 10 years. It is difficult to really fix the impact and popularity of this new generation when you are a foreigner, but in France artists like Johnny Hallyday and Eddie Mitchell have become the most popular French artists of all time, perhaps even more so than Serge Gainsbourg. However, if we discard the popular aspect and rely solely on musical objectivity, neither Hallyday nor Mitchell were better than Jacques Dutronc. Let us say especially that the first 2 are rather recognized for their interpretative talent, whereas Dutronc offered a much better content in a more complete profile..
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Alain Bashung - Fantaisie militaire
« In addition to my own interpretation of the content and poetry that animates his music, Alain Bashung makes it a point of honor to show precisely all the complexity of the human being and his relationships. A heavy burden to bear. He was at that time an artist with a broken heart, torn by his recent break-up with his wife and isolated from his thread. Throughout the tortured Fantaisie Militaire , Bashung seeks to rebuild himself, trying to mourn his relationship through a deep emptiness and sadness that seems inconsolable. There are no other words than darkness and melancholy to describe one of the greatest albums of his discography. He who had reached the top of the sucés, crowned by mythical songs and albums, which have marked the history of French music, he ended up isolating himself in a working-class neighborhood following his depression which he had led him to a rest home. Throughout the process of conception of the album, the author Jean Fauque will join him to compose what will become Fantaisie Militaire. The songs were then recorded with the help of the group les Valentins and a Franco-English production. So it is not by chance that Fantaisie Militaire remains one of his greatest Bashung prowess, it is logically the consequence of a fantastic and idyllic alchemy to make the most of all the wounds he had on his heart. There was nothing better than an Art Rock atmosphere and aesthetic merged with complex poetry to awaken all the demons that occupy the author's mind »

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Orchestre National De L'O.R.T.F / Ensemble Instrumental De Musique Contemporaine De Paris / Maurice  - Xenakis: Metastasis; Pithoprakta; Eonta
« For this first episode, we are going to plunge into a wonderful and obscure album Metastasis; Pithoprakta; Eonta, composed by the french greek producer/engineer/composer/music theorist Iannis Xenakis. In the shadow of any form attached to popularity, Metastasis Pithoprakta Eonta is an orchestral collection that specialists recognize as a pioneer of the Stochastic Music genre/style of which Iannis Xenakis is the principal investigator. It is clear that this is subtle and complex music for the discerning ear that only a small core of musicians, artists and seasoned listeners can really understand, although the subjectivity of each individual is taken into account »

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Françoise Hardy - Tous les garçons et les filles
« Françoise Hardy and her album "Tous les Garçons et les Filles" (All Boys and Girls) are exceptions for yé-yé music, so much so that this album ranks among the best albums of 1962 (internationally speaking), it is mainly because Hardy was a fantastic artist who offered us during this period her most beautiful songs , while standing out from the others Recorded in a very condensed way over a period of less than a year, when she was so young, apart from 2 songs, all the other songs were written and co-composed by Hardy herself with the help of Roger Samyn. It has the more modern aesthetic of the "song", with a light and minimalist instrumentation that remains very much in the background to just support the vocals and the lyrics. Françoise Hardy was not as naïve in her lyrics as she was in her interpretation as the rest of the yé-yé scene »

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