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Hey AOTY, this is the launch of my second new mini-series dedicated to Hip Hop and published weekly. Hip hop think tank will be built on no rules. I can talk about an album, an artist, a song, a musical sub style in particular, no matter as long as the subject is related to Hip Hop.
I'm also open to suggestions, even if I can't assure you that I'll deal with them all, so don't hesitate to leave me your comments in the list if you have any ideas.

Today, the third episode...

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Episode 3

Curtis James Jackson III, a.k.a 50 Cent is one of the contemporary examples of success. Starting from nothing, avoiding death on several occasions, 50 Cent has managed to build a business empire and to flourish artistically in many fields, both in music and film. Today 50 Cent is best known for its celebrity and trolls, more than for its past as a talented rapper and even its past life. Born in 1975 and originally from Queen, 50 Cent had an unhappy and disastrous childhood, a symbol of the precarious life during the crack pandemic of the 1980s. His father left home when he was a kid, his mother later died, and he had to be raised by his grandmother. All of this misfortune and poverty led him to sell hard drugs at a very young age when he was still a kid, before being arrested several times during his teenage years. At the same time, he built up a competitive nature in himself that would later be reflected in his music and his lifestyle. One of the important qualities that 50 Cent will bring to the Hip Hop scene..

Full review : https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/1031-get-rich-or-die-tryin/#
Future - Monster
Episode 2 - Future

It starts out brutal, but the subject demands it, Future may be a complete as***le in terms of marriage but he is surely one of the most important contemporary rappers of all time! That's what we call a smashing entrance, however now that the abscess is burst, let's go. Personally I reassure you it is one of my favorite rappers and it is not about to change! I don't think I teach it to anyone, many know Future for his miscellaneous facts and his incalculable hits, a rapper known for his misogyny impulses, also known for having 6 children from 6 different babymamas (again I only count the official ones...). And that's not all, he's an unfaithful husband or even a perfect selfish at times. Well, that's gossip and it's basically his personal life, but is it an objective criterion to judge his music? In my opinion, not the least in the world. So why start this way? I understand that when you're faced with very serious events like R. Kelly, you choose to boycott his music, but if Future is just a bad boy who's not worthy of being seen, that's his business. But really, let's be honest, what would Future look like without his vices and all this extravagance? The very essence of all the derision and luxury, offers a rude character out of the ordinary. It's like falling under the spell of the evil character in a movie. It's not even possible to think about it, the character Future embodies may be inspired by his own way of life, but he is necessary to his music. Without it, nothing would really make sense. Can we even think, conversely, that Future has never been as sharp and good as when he was at a dead end, going as far as his own self-destruction? To deepen this subject we will return to Monster, one of the masterpieces of the Trap, structured around several significant episodes of his career..

Full review : https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/22536-monster/
Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late
episode 1 -
Drake, an artist rooted in pop culture

Rare are the examples of Hip Hop artists who have achieved such commercial success and hallucinating popularity as Drake. An atypical character that we don't need to introduce anymore, that even our parents and sometimes our grandparents know. Today for a younger generation Drake represents the record breaking pop star, known for his famous dance steps in Hotling Bling, his controversial generosity in God's Plan, his sometimes excessive vampirization and the story of his hidden son. At a time when Drake is about to release his 6th album, for the first time all fans and listeners are wondering if he is giving up his leadership. While there are many signs that he's done his time, let's not forget how Drake is one of the best rappers of 2010. You only have to listen to his early projects to realize that, and I think it would be unfair to think otherwise. So I asked myself, watching for the 1001st time his hilarious dance on Hotline Bling, what is actually Drake's best project? To answer this question, I offer you a detailed analysis of Drake's 5 best projects in chronological order...

Full review.. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/27797-if-youre-reading-this-its-too-late/
Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
bonus episode

Whole Lotta Red has everything to sound like a potential significant act that could turn Hip Hop upside down, maybe even more than Playboi Carti has achieved so far. A creative and fun experience that hasn't finished pushing the limits of the possible. It's simply a joy for the listener looking for new thrills. Just like Whole Lotta Red, it is not a late review, it is a timely review.

It arrived like a gift under the Christmas tree, one thing about Whole Lotta Red has been much talked about, and it's not about to be finished. When you think about it, there are very few Hip Hop artists today who are able to have such a craze around an album release, but when they do, it's a bit of a suicide mission for them. Waiting is something so toxic, like a parasite grafting itself to its prey, that one digs into the smallest details of a new release while being unconsciously much more severe or on the contrary too laudatory as if the messiah had landed on earth. We like that, that's what makes us vibrate and that makes us rush deep inside ourselves. Carti understood this and played it, fuelling the enormous expectation around an album that he had sold as an instant classic. Nevertheless, whatever the increasingly delirious marketing drifts of rappers, as long as the artist's artistic and creative state of mind is at the heart of the project, it's not a problem. In my head I think of the unthinkable and grotesque promotion around The Life Of Pablo where Kanye West had taken the music industry by storm. It's a bit the same today with Playboi Carti, one of the most creative rappers of the last 10 years. It's important to understand one essential thing about Carti, it's this ultimate willingness to always look for the right sound..

Full review.. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/142562-whole-lotta-red/
Kanye West - The Life of Pablo
bonus episode

The day Kanye West played with the laws to make an album more alive than ever…

At a time when music is beginning to become dematerialized, many artists favour streaming for commercial and/or artistic purposes. Streaming platforms are gaining ground in the music market, in contrast to the now outdated CD format. Streaming has transformed music and the album format in particular, while forcing artists to change their strategies, to the point of taking control of the market. Using very concrete examples such as the surprise releases of Beyoncé's eponymous album in 2013 or Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late in 2015, we can see how streaming has expanded the opportunities for artists, creating new trends. In the years 2015 and 2016, symbolizing the transformation from physical to digital, streaming has literally doubled its income. The most creative and ingenious will therefore benefit from this new momentum. And in 2016, it's Kanye West's turn to come up with a crazy idea, offering him the opportunity to mark history once again.

Just 4 years after its release, The Life Of Pablo is still one of those recent albums that fuels the debate. Unlike the last 2 efforts, Ye and Jesus is King, which leave a mitigated opinion, The Life Of Pablo remains for many fans as a new generation classic at a time when Hip Hop is going through a rather timid, even desert period. Without even going into the details of the pure musical aspect, which includes content and innovations, The Life of Pablo should not be perceived as an ordinary and entertaining album. It would be disrespectful. It's not the first time Kanye...

Full review.. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/48146-the-life-of-pablo/
Nas - Illmatic
bonus episode

« I hate a rhyme-biter's rhyme ; Stay tuned, I assume, the real rap comes at halftime » - Halftime

Although I was a teenager, so still very young when I bought the record and discovered it, Illmatic literally transformed me. If Illmatic is without a doubt one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time, it's because it has been able to change forever and considerably, like a musical revolution, like few albums in history. Not only has Nas established a multi-syllabic flow/storytelling/rhyming technique (flow) now set in marble, which remains one of the strongest influences to this day, but he combines all this with one of the most beautiful writings making him on Illmatic an authentic and sincere lyricist, who perfectly describes the reality that many people were living at that time and finally still do today in a different way. Illmatic is also an excellent album that contains only a perfect content, close to perfection, there's nothing to throw away, everything is memorable. Moreover this album has influenced so many artists and it's so real that the immense success of this one has made Nas never managed to release an album as wonderful and natural as this one. Once he left his life in the ghetto and reached fame, nothing could have been as good, and that's logical when you think about it.

When you dig down to the roots, 2 years before the release of the album, when he was still called Nasty Nas, his first real single Half Time, the sublime street anthem that appears in the Zebrahead soundtrack, allowed him to reveal himself to the world. Nas was already showing that he was a very talented atypical rapper who possessed a particularly remarkable ease, already showing his conscious and political side which are determining aspects that announce what will be on Illmatic. While growing up in Queens, Nas fell in love with hip hop culture..

Full review..https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/4128-illmatic/
Young Thug - Barter 6
bonus episode

Although I have a deep respect for the hip hop of the 90s, and I don't like to make impossible comparisons between old and new generations because continents separate them, Young Thug is personally one of my favourite rappers that I could come back to every day without ever getting bored. For a long time in the history of Hip Hop/Rap, when New York the motherland and Los Angeles (and its surroundings) dominated, for more than 20 years, while Southern Rap which offered us wonders with Outkast, UGK, Three 6 had never really been able to go beyond the 2 big locations. In the 2000s, things started to move when artists like Kanye West or Lil Wayne started to break codes and borders, although each place had its own culture and rules. New rap listeners were beginning to take an interest in more diverse things, while new rappers were also interested in making a difference. When the Holy Trinity of the Trap arrived in the 2000s, Gucci Mane, T.I. and Young Jeezy, who also left a considerable legacy, there was still a lot of disparity of opinion, between the hard-core purists and the new listeners, the "first" Trap was struggling to make its mark, although it was beginning to plant its seeds. Eventually the evolution of rap accelerated considerably in the late 2000/early 2010, when the internet opened the doors to the infinite, transforming rap forever and offering accessibility to many artists from all over the world to do what they wanted, it was finally the 2000's generation that finally took the lead in Hip Hop, gradually erasing the old generation. It's important to point out that without this evolution guys like Young Thug could never have existed and survived in his previous decades, not because he didn't have enough talent, but only because people wouldn't have accepted him and he wasn't ready for it..

Full review.. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/31377-barter-6/
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it may be difficult to find, but I think this is a great polish hip-hop album! https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/149436-meek-oh-why-mio-byo-pozna.php
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