- Skinty Fia
Skinty Fia is an analysis of evolution and change, but this new album reflects above all the own progression of a band that climbs the ladder with talent.

[Today 2 rather concise reviews compared to usual, as you may have noticed I don't have much time to write at the moment, but it's a nice week so here we go].

Fountains D.C is one of the archetypes of the Post-Punk Revival band of this last decade but the Irish prove on this 3rd album that they want to break those chains forever. I ... read more

 - It's Almost Dry
It's Almost Dry is as its name suggests, not sharp enough to scare, not consistent enough to shine as it should. If we see the glass as half full, we can say that it remains an interesting adventure.

It's no surprise to say that Pusha T has been sitting comfortably at the table of Hip Hop's greatest for 20 years now. He will be a legend in the pantheon. Whether it's with Clipse, the group with his brother in the 2000s, his solo career the following decade until the presidency of the label ... read more

 - You Belong There
In life, everything comes to an end, and the adventure of Grizzly Bear has seemed to follow this same fate as the New York indie folk band has gone on hiatus over these past two years. The time is ripe, then, for Daniel Rossen to really take off on his own after more than 15 years in the band, and his first solo album, You Belong There, is of exceptional quality.

Crafted in isolation during the pandemic, in the middle of New Mexico, Daniel Rossen faced only himself and had the time and space ... read more

 - Chloë and the Next 20th Century
Let's get carried away by the nostalgia of a time that no longer exists in Chloe and the Next 20th Century, a timeless love story in black and white settings. Father John Misty succeeds again in the challenge of the concept and he seems to take pleasure in doing it

[ Hey AOTY, It's a pleasure to see you again after a 2 weeks break, Love]

Beyond his musical content, Father John Misty is also known for his remarkable and fascinating career. Born in Maryland, the artist began his career under ... read more

 - Melt My Eyez, See Your Future
It is a Denzel Curry 2.0 that we find on Melt My Eyez, See Your Future to write a new era, more liberated, more mature, more melodic, more accessible, without touching his divine mastery.

Born in Carol City, Denzel Curry is obviously not to be introduced anymore, he is the most appreciated modern rapper of the musical communities as here in AOTY, or on RYM. And rightly so, because Denzel Curry never makes a mistake. He perfectly combines all the criteria of a good student, i.e. being ... read more

« We find all the ingredients which play to his strengths as a singular artist and his ability to build catchy songs around contagious melodies. Once again, Rex Orange County delivers a lasting sense of warmth through a naïve but seductive romanticism »

Please click and read, your support is essential, love

 - The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark
The History of The Albums – n°398

[I advise you to read also my review on The Dillard - Back Porch Bluegrass (1963), in order to better under-stand the context]. 1968 sounds like a pivotal year for the whole "Country" family. Let's scan the horizon to prove my point: First of all, it's impossible to miss the unavoidable and probably the most cult live album of all time with Johnny Cash's "At Folsom Pri-son". We find the creation of the Outlaw Country movement. ... read more

Like the theme of the album, based on duality, MOTOMAMI is divided between an over-ambitious concept and on the contrary the fact that Rosalia offers a unique and tasty project despite its flaws

I don't look too long to say that Rosalia and Arca are the most brilliant and creatively prolific "Spanish / Latin" artists for more than 5 years now in my opinion (see comment section). Their music crosses language barriers, their musical genre to graft as the vanguard of Pop. Today the soon ... read more

 - West Side Soul
The History of The Albums – n°397

Today we're going to visit a very unrecognized classic in a rather concise review compared to usual. I hesitated for a while to write this episode, because there is not much to say about the character's life, but this album is so excellent that I decided to go for it. At that time, no one had added a note to this album, yet for those curious about old school stuff and guitar lovers I strongly advise you to give this product a chance. You have to ... read more

 - Cheap Thrills
The History of The Albums – n°396

If not the top band in the Bay Area, wouldn't "Cheap Trills" be the best album of the San Francisco Psychedelic Rock band during the 60s? I'd say it's not far off. Among all the Bay Area bands, generally better known as Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead or Quicksilver Messenger Service, the jammers Big Brother & the Holding Company managed to make a place for themselves in a flourishing and innovative scene before becoming ... read more

 - Classic Objects
With Jenny Hval, we are never at the end of our surprises. "Classic Objects" is further proof that the artist has an inexhaustible imagination and talent.

Direction Oslo, in the heart of a Scandinavian scene always as prolific as interesting. Pop and traditional culture is constantly animated and there is always something to eat. Today we are going to talk about a multi-talented artist, far from being a beginner, the brilliant Jenny Hval, who in my opinion remains one of the most ... read more

 - Machine Gun
The History of The Albums – n°395

Let's imagine that I had to choose only one Jazz album (except Jazz-Rock) in 1968, my heart would lean without hesitation towards "Machine Gun" by The Peter Brotzmann Octet, not only for its avant-garde aspect, but especially because Jazz needed an album like this one that year. As I have already explained a few times in my previous episodes, but Jazz was going through a rather empty year in terms of releases in 1968, because it lacked the ... read more

On "Painless", Nilufer shifts into high gear by opening her heart like she has never done before. This second album paints in a delicate introspection the mirror of a youth lost in uncertainty and trying to find its place in the world

Business and music are often very closely linked, it's rare to have artists or producers who do pure charity or just provide for their living needs. Let's not be so naive to believe it. The power of producers and investors has always ruled artists ... read more

 - Sweetheart of the Rodeo
The History of The Albums – n°394

For those who have been following this series for a long time, it's no secret that I love the Byrds since today I'm dedicating their 4th and last episode to them. So if you are curious, I advise you to read my previous reviews on this subject in order to better understand (see at the bottom of the review). For the occasion I'm going to break a little the formula and the usual style of construction of HOTA by comparing the 2 albums released in 1968 ... read more

 - Music in a Doll's House
The History of The Albums – n°393

Who really knows Family ? Probably a few specialists or curious people, but few people will tell you in a conversation about the 60's: "Family was really good, it's as good as the Who or the Stones", no it's not likely. I personally didn't know them before doing my research for the selection of the episodes. Like any band/artist cruelly and criminally forgotten, Family delivers in 1968 one of the most interesting album of the year. So in ... read more

Squeeze is a cry from the heart of its author, a powerful demonstration of brutality on one side, an assertive melancholy on the other side. Sasami continues to confirm through a second solid album

I discovered Sasami Ashworth a short time ago and I must say that I really appreciate this kind of artist's background. Originally from Los Angeles, Sasami is a very versatile artist, singer-songwriter, musician and arranger who can be described as an ultimate music enthusiast. After graduating from ... read more

 - caroline
Caroline's first album is a breath of pure oxygen, approaching a music as instinctive as refined. With this performance, the London band asserts their promise and catches the light for a potential golden future.

Caroline is like a good gastronomic feast accompanied by a glass of wine, when the pleasure increases ten-fold on your taste buds and happiness invades your body. You let yourself be transported without restraint, light as a feather, no longer trying to know where you are lost. ... read more

 - Music from Big Pink
The History of The Albums – n°392

While the evolution of Pop Rock was in constant ebullition at the end of the 60's, the year 1968 marks a symbolic advance that will continue to have a considerable influence on the major part of the years to come (until 1976 to be precise). Once the Summer Of Love passed, the psychedelic movements, until now omnipresent, will gradually weaken, leaving place to 2 different branches: the muscles of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and on the contrary the ... read more

 - Once Twice Melody
"Once Twice Melody" remains the most ambitious project of the duo so far, but it comes at the right time, showing all the experience and mastery of Beach House.

The now legendary Dream Pop duo Beach House doesn't have much to prove anymore, just to make us vibrate again. Founded in 2004 in Baltimore, the duo composed of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have built a breathtaking discography, becoming one of the most important groups of the last two decades. No doubt they will still be ... read more

 - Begin
The History of The Albums – n°391

1968 is such a crazy year that some bands/artists of the top 20/30 albums could have largely conquered for a place in the Top 10 of any other year from 1980. Here are some examples: The United States of America, Silver Apples, Small Faces, Dr.John or The Millennium. In fact, few people in the general public know The Millennium, it's reserved for specialists or underground fans, yet they released an absolutely fantastic album, the one and only under ... read more

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On Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia
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"Honestly I understand all the details you bring and thank you on the one hand to have underlined these precise points On the other hand, when I quote the term "Latin" I am only referring to the musical family as a whole and not to the belonging. Obviously there are many cultures and differences, many musical styles and sub-styles that belong to each country, each continent but you have to see this tribute as if I was talking about the "rock" family for example, that is to say that it is very vast and it includes artists who sing Spanish and who are for the general public worldwide part of this family So yes the term "gospel" is not appropriate it was to try to describe the best musical sounds (if ever you have a term more suitable do not hesitate) Arca for example are typically the kind of artist who has made most of his career in Spain and Rosalia on the contrary has been in the United States for a few years, so yes there are differences and an important cultural heritage but.."
"It is a sad reality my friend, I do not lose hope that Rosalia will find the resources to reach the grail @ocrakraut (ps: Off topic, I listened to Voivod from 1988 and it is pure madness indeed! One of the great metal records of the avant garde)"
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On Peter Brötzmann - Machine Gun
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