Apr 2, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 116

Without disrespecting his immense career, his impressive track record and records, not to mention what he has brought to British music, Cliff Richard is a bit musically a much less gifted version of Elvis Presley, however he had the advantage of being one of the first rock artists to play the bad boys. Since the beginning of the history of music and even today, there are some very popular artists who are far from being talented, but thanks to their assets ... read more
Apr 1, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 115

Gospel music can officially be considered as a musical genre in its own right, as there are many sub-styles, declinations and strong kinship with several other genres/styles such as R&B, Country and Rock n Roll. Gospel is a Christian religious music that has existed for over 400 years. So yes, Gospel music as we know it today is quite different from those early days, it has undergone a lot of evolution and has many different forms.It's often ... read more
Mar 31, 2020*
The History of the Albums - n° 114

Miles pt.4 // Invisible [I invite you to read my previous reviews on Miles Davis, you will find the list below, in order to better understand his life and this one].

Here we are, dear Kind of Blue. Today I'm revisiting again one of the best jazz albums of all time, at least if you don't consider it as the best album since it has some very serious competitors, it would be unfair in my opinion that this album isn't at least in the top 5. If I had to make a ... read more
Mar 30, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 113

[I invite you to read my previous reviews on Jimmy Reed and Howlin' Wolf, see the list below, in order to better understand the context of the Blues Revival and all the influences they had, like John Lee Hooker]. There are 3 important things to know about John Lee Hooker, first of all he is a legend of the Blues, more particularly of the Delta Blues and Electric Blues, one of the greatest guitarist in history who has an atypical style and techniques that ... read more
Mar 29, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 112

Chuck Berry Is on Top wears his name very well, because not only is this third album his best, but it's a wonderful demonstration of rock n roll. So why this one? To put it in context, in 1956 Chuck Berry is now irresistible. He released 2 singles Maybellene and Roll Over Beethoven which are absolute classics to this day and he was one of the best artists of the moment, one of the most influential in the rock n roll scene. However the following year, ... read more
Mar 28, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 111 - [I take this opportunity to thank you very much for the 300 followers, for all this support! Even if I could never thank you so much for all you've done, here are 2 reviews of The History of the Albums in the same day!]

While it has its origins in Blues, Gospel and the first founding styles of R&B, Doo wop appeared in the 40's, however it wasn't until the late 50's that it became more and more popular, ahead of as popular as Rock n Roll, before ... read more
Mar 28, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 110

[I invite you to read my previous review of Bo Diddley's album Bo Diddley (n°77) in order to better understand his life and this one]
While his debut album Bo Diddley did not achieve the great success it deserved when it was released in 1958 in a context that was complicated for him, but which fortunately would become a real reference point for music history decades later, Bo Diddley was going through a rather difficult period. Within a few months he ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 109

At the time when Jazz moved into its modern era, during the 50's, Bill Evans was one of the most important and prodigious pianists of that time. During 2 decades, he left his mark on Jazz, with his multiple prodigious techniques, compositions and readaptations, characterizing his unique playing, allowing him to offer us several standards and album masterpieces. He is still as popular today even though he left us just 40 years ago. During his best years, ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
The release of Future Nostalgia marks an important day of celebration for pop music, but just a week away from the excellent Weekend, pop shows that it is constantly renewing itself with a few interesting actors who stand out from the crowd. So it's not going to stop celebrating anytime soon.

To be honest with you, Future Nostalgia didn't impress me, there's absolutely nothing new I've learned here, yet it's important to reward her for her work and especially because since the beginning of ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
I find it hard to think that Comethazine really listens to what he does, let alone when he finalizes his "project". I can't imagine him for a second thinking "maybe I need to see that part again?". I certainly can't.

Just to make it clear, I really appreciate his first Bawskee tape because he came up with an effective formula, a raw and contagious energy, and although no one really listens to him for his lyrics and subjects, I thought there was something powerful about ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
925 is another example that post-punk and noise rock are still going strong, without showing any signs of fatigue. It's not new, it's been years now that bands/artists can their energies generally in the 80/90's, simply because they are mostly children. The duo Sorry has been building little by little and seems to have been thinking about their album since the end of 2017, today we are lucky to have the final result.

First of all I appreciate and find really interesting the weird universe and ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
Joyner Lucas is typically the kind of rapper I hate, firstly because he's got this purist, non-constructive mentality that makes me want to puke, that spends more time trying to show his convictions, at the expense of his content and instead of realising that he's given us yet another lifeless album. If I start by describing musically what I felt, I'll say in a "sympathetic" way that it's both boring by its poverty and without lack of surprises. As much to the production as to the ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
While it seems that she knew how to chase away the demons around her, Saint Cloud resembles her victory lap, both musically and personally. Waxahatchee's discography was already well worth the detour if you're a fervent fan of 90s music sprinkled with a layer and aesthetic of traditional American music, but in addition to having offered an effort of a much higher level Saint Cloud is her most poignant album, without the slightest hesitation.

If Saint Cloud is synonymous with renewal for Katie ... read more
Mar 26, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 108

[I invite you to read my review of João Gilberto's album Chega De Saudade (n°106), in order to better understand the "birth" of Bossa Nova and the context of the Brazilian music industry.]
1959 was a pivotal and decisive year for Brazilian music, notably with the explosion of Bossa Nova, so a whole industry developed. It was also this year that Black Orpheus (or Orfeu Negro), a film which won a Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, ... read more
Mar 25, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 107

Using the name of the Egyptian sun god, which corresponds so well to him when you think about it, Sun Ra is both a fascinating human being, very attached to spirituality and an outstanding jazz artist. One could even easily believe that he comes from another planet. With his ultra visionary side, Sun Ra is a conductor, composer and musician to whom we owe a lot musically thanks to his experiments, his innovations, his techniques, his cultural commitment ... read more
Mar 25, 2020
Empty Country is a totally sensational album, which doesn't only cotton to pure and raw indie rock, it exudes great emotion and seizable sincerity. It is to my surprise one of the most remarkable, thrilling and captivating rock albums I've listened to in recent months.

Founder of the indie band Rock Cymbals Eat Guitars, which disbanded around 2017, leaving us 4 remarkable albums including Why There Are Mountains and LOSE, Joseph D'Agostino offers us a first solo album in the continuity of ... read more
Mar 24, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 106

Today we are going to talk about the Bossa Nova style and the artist who most represents it. Originating in Brazil, this movement that fuses Jazz with Samba-Canção appeared in the second half of the 50's and exploded commercially in the 60's. Often associated with the birth of Bossa Nova, Joao Gilberto is not the only one, but he is actually the most important pioneer and the one who made Bossa Nova world famous, in addition to being one of ... read more
Mar 23, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 105

Originally from Tennessee, Chet Atkins is one of the most influential guitarists in any musical genre. We owe him in particular the Nashville sound, a sign of a considerable revival that was so important for Country music in the 50's, which was going through some really difficult times at the time. Not only did country music experience its "revival" era mainly thanks to him (this term doesn't exist for this genre, but you get the idea), but he ... read more
Mar 23, 2020
After starting in the middle of the boom of the underground electronic scene that we experienced at the beginning of 2010, Zebra Katz forged his weapons and made a name for himself, working notably with Gorillaz and releasing several projects. Today, he has released Less Is Moor, a breathtaking album. At a time when experimental hip hop is doing rather well and shows it again with this album, which can be explained by the fact that there are many very popular rap artists showing signs of ... read more
Mar 22, 2020
The History of the Albums - n° 104

Among the main pioneers of hard bop, that is to say those who revisited and updated bebop to give it a second life from the second half of the 50's, I still had to tell you about Horace Silver. Born in 1928 in Connecticut, Horace Silver is one of the greatest jazz pianist (and one of the greatest jazzmen in history), one of the most influential, and one of the most influential, to whom many great works and founding compositions have been written, leaving ... read more
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