Crustbag's "Albums I Love" list

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Link to the video:

I have no clue why I'm only doing this now when I've been planning to do this ever since the video came out lmao.

Crustbag has been very therapeutic for me ever since I first discovered his content. It was so cool to find a channel like this as his content is truly one-of-a-kind. I adore every video he makes, and will keep doing so as they've helped me throughout so much, and I couldn't appreciate his work more than I already do :)

I intend to use this to keep track as I want to listen to every record he's mentioned on this list.

If you haven't, then I highly suggest checking him out; he funny :3

Also, before I start, he mentions 4 record labels (AUGHT / VOID, Evening Disclosure, To Live a Lie Records, Nerve Altar), A few bands' songs but not records (Maximum the Hormone, Mr. Kitty), a record where the members of Infant Annihilator cover Doom songs but I'm assuming it got taken down by Bethesda, or was never released, and a Cassette only record (Shade ft. Drumcorps' "It's Almost Forever" It has a BC page but only to sell the cassettes, the actual music is not available online) which I will not be adding since he doesn't mention any specific records from the labels besides the four before that, and the Cassette release for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

Hope you enjoy this list >w<

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@Lachadne Same here. His content is superb, and made me appreciate the sounds of Grindcore more which is now one of my favorite genres ever.
bro discovering crustbag's content was basically what got me to start appreciating extreme metal fr. it's so sick to see more of his fans here!
@PhobixTheGuy Fuck yeah! Glad to see other fans of his channel. He's absolutely one of my favorite creators, and he got me into a lot of bands I would've probably never checked out if it wasn't for that video. I hope this list helps with discovering more music :3
Aw hell yeah thank you so much for cataloging this! I love crustbag so much and I’ve watched that video a couple of times now just to see what albums I should listen to
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