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NI$H!TH - Out On My Own
Sep 1, 2021
The iconic cover to a project that doesn't disappoint.

out on my own is Ni$h!th's latest EP, and boy does this kid show some promise. NT shows that they're an artist to take seriously on this project. They establish a unique identity and show their versatility on songs like by your side and out on my own.

NT's a young dude, and he's still very early on in his music career, and he's already dropping insane hits. not enough is a contender for Squadeca SOTY (on par w/ vertigo & impulsive), and is in the general top 50 2021 songs for me. The drill beat with a unique NT twist on it with Nishith's addictive vocals makes for a song that won't get out of my damn head. And that hook is NASTY. Lyricism is insane aswell, overall a fantastic song.

Immediately after not enough, NT follows up with another punch with out on my own, a very ethereal and entrancing track with good vocal runs that portray the A-Grade lyricism fantastically. I love the beat as well, and it's not really like anything I hear with other artists.

by your side's strength mainly come from Ni$h!th's fantastic hook-making ability. Their rap verses on here are nicely written but rapped a bit awkwardly, however his singing is amazing on here.

so much for forever is a smooth outro on a beat that I didn't expect NT to sound good on, but they pull it off, pretty nicely too.

However, out on my own does not come without it's drawbacks.

sinkin' ship.

I was so INSANELY hyped for this project and this song had me TERRIFIED because if the rest of the EP sounded like this, I'd have to give it a 20. Ni$h!th's lyrical ability shines here, but his vocals come off EXTREMELY amateurish & squeaky, to the point where I skip this. The song's a dud. Thank god NT picked it up from here.

Overall, this EP is FANTASTIC. Not many complaints here, and if sinkin' ship was replaced with a song on par with not enough, it would've gotten a 95.

BEST TRACKS: not enough, by your side, out on my own
WORST TRACK: sinkin' ship

8/10. I guess you were enough.

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