Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
Mar 26, 2020
Put your sunglasses on, peasants - It's 2049! Charli XCX has finally fully converted into a robot, Sam Smith ascended to his fifth gender... And Dua Lipa is still way ahead of her time in terms of music. From releasing her album sooner due to a leak, indirectly challenging Grimes' bravery with such situation, to offering this world what could be the cure for bubblegum bass albums, the girl has it all. On her hands, white gloves due to COVID-19 - And the entire world.

Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia" may not be the nu-disco perfection this timeline expected from her second full album, but it's close enough to make history in such cursed year. The mix of her natural roots in "Pretty Please" and "Levitating", with the futuristic "Cool" and "Physical" and the sadly cliché "Boys Will Be Boys" and "Good In Bed", along with many other tracks, just couldn't go wrong that fast. Move out the way, time doesn't wait, and this album's acclamation won't as well.
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Mar 27, 2020
that sam smith joke was shitty also you have bad taste in music
Mar 27, 2020
^ some 'my-taste-is-better-than-yours-in-a-moral-level' pretentious brat says: you have bad taste in music... pop music can often be actually pretty enjoyable.
Mar 27, 2020
1. you DONT have bad taste in music
2. that sam smith joke was uncalled for and can be offensive to some.
Mar 27, 2020
dont be a rat
Mar 27, 2020
/\ Good morning to you all, too. 🤠👍
Mar 27, 2020
hateful jokes about the lgbtq+ community 🤢 we don’t stan
Mar 27, 2020
@snowman Now who told you I'm straight? lmao
Mar 27, 2020
the sam smith joke was unnecessary but okay!
Mar 27, 2020
Oh gay me ajuda te ajudar kkkkkkk só porque te achei lindo
Mar 27, 2020
Y'all do know I'm not changing a single thing in my review and I got no regrets, right? lmao
Mar 27, 2020
in the future, when Sam Smith really does achieve their fifth gender, I'm going to be so proud of them. and THESE COMMENTS will turn out to be the offensive ones. acting like fifth gender is a joke just because you don't understand it. gonna get your future asses canceled for this.
Mar 27, 2020
@matteo omg we stan a futuristic god
Mar 27, 2020
Wow bro you identify as an attack helicopter? Never heard that one. You got the whole squad laughing.
Mar 27, 2020
Mar 27, 2020
@Dombot I'm bi as well, but I'm somehow not surprised. People from countries with native english tend to be triggered easier.
Mar 27, 2020
y'all really dont understand how pronouns work huh
Mar 28, 2020
gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things, you can be bi and transphobic
Mar 29, 2020
The Sam Smith joke was untasteful and just downright disgusting. You're not funny at all
Mar 29, 2020
best review on here in a while, people need to learn to take a joke..
Mar 29, 2020
the Sam Smith misgendering chile
Mar 29, 2020
Day 3. Still not convinced to change my review. Life is good.
Mar 31, 2020
The Sam Smith joke wasnt mean spirited. He never implied that their gender is invalid or that they're "fake trans", just lighthearted humor. Even if you didn't personally find it funny, dont attack his character for it.
Mar 31, 2020
This jock could be both funny and offensive,depending on the story of each person. Just saying, sexuality doesn't mean that you are open mind and not 'phobia someting. Just that you can develop romantic and/or sexual feelings for man and woman.

According to multiple interviews, photos and stage persona, you can clearly see that sam smith isn't confortable with the entire image of himself (which is very painful to see for example his breakdown during early confinement, poor body image, the need to rely on physical artifice, etc. Sam smith needs to take time for him rather than using the media to express his true nature/his way to feel existing)

If the identification in something that he is creating or percieve helps him, then let him embrace hundred gender if he wants haha ;) The joke is a bit misplaced because of the person. If he was an attention whore just teasing the media, well it could have been a jock to mock a stupid act. But here I don't sense Sam Smith malicious.
Apr 5, 2020
People are not asking to change your review. People are telling you to have some responsibility for your actions, you fucking potato with eyes
Apr 5, 2020
@BonoLightier "actions", lol
I am, that's why I'm not changing a thing, 'cuz I did nothing wrong
Apr 5, 2020
I'm bi too and nb and that joke was dumb as shit lmao you're not special
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