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Walrus - VIRUS
Feb 23

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Metallica - 72 Seasons
🤘🤘 Metallica Re-Dive #11: A Big Event 🤘🤘

I am writing this first part of the review on the day before the release of the album. Given the weight that this release holds, I felt like doing a bit of a retrospective on the musical journey that got me to this point. If I'd crossed 100 followers already as if writing this it could have acted as a 100 follower special but alas, I will have something else for that (and I already have a possible idea for it).

My experience with rock and ... read more

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Walrus - VIRUS
Walrus' debut VIRUS is a very solid alternative rock album, and that's about it really.
The first three tracks are easily the highlights, they're all pretty distinct from each other and you can trace the roots of a lot of the material on Seven to them, while the latter half of the album is somewhat underwhelming, especially 海II and 海I which are both essentially variations of each other and trudge on without reaching a climax. The one thing that's on par with the rest of the band's work are ... read more
Hum - Fillet Show
Fillet Show seems to be a bit of an apocryphal album in Hum's catalogue, seeing as not only it's missing from streaming services everywhere but the band has also never reissued it in any capacity after its original release. I think it's a shame honestly, mostly because I think it's always nice to be able to hear the full evolution of a band, but the reasons for this absence are apparent from just one listen of this album.

To put it simply, this is just not the Hum that everyone knows and ... read more

(originally rated 80/100 on December 5th 2023)

Awakening:Sleeping is Mass of the Fermenting Dregs' second post-reunion album, and I can't lie, after listening to their previous release I went into this one with some doubts. No New World broke a lot of new ground for the band and was indicative of their decision to diversify their sound and break away from their roots, but because of that it lacked both cohesion and the energy I most enjoyed in MOTFD's music; I was hoping Awakening:Sleeping ... read more

Blume popo - Body Meets Dress
After speedrunning all the singles I hadn't listened to yet, here I am ready to review Blume Popo's new EP.
And if those singles weren't indication enough, Body Meets Dress pretty much cements the fact that the shoegaze aspect of Blume popo's music has now taken the backseat in favor of math rock experimentation. That's not to say that it's gone, all of these tracks except for the first one still have shoegaze elements, but it's a far cry from the abrasive guitars of 海と毒薬; NEW SKIN and ... read more
Blume popo - 彼方高さから躰放ったあなた
Every lyric in this song is composed by characters ending with the letter A and that's absolutely genius, I thought she was scatting her way through the whole thing at first but nope. The novelty also extends to the instrumental, the piano chords are a first for Blume popo and blend seamlessly with the rest of the band and the electronics are also way more prevalent. It seems the band decided to stray further from shoegaze though which is a bit of a shame.


nd i will b throwing a party for each new addition hehehe 😝🥳
I cannot wait to scour your atmospheric dnb list omggg ! I hit random releases and just discovered the Blu Mar Ten record (what a hidden gem right??) through that, and in-hand your list!
Hey blue!! I just wanted to let you know that my band’s debut album, “Empty Homes in Blue Light” is out now on all platforms! I appreciate if you end up giving it a shot, and if not no worries at all :) Here’s the AOTY link if you’re interested:

hey blue whats up im making aoty's first good community list i need you to tell me your top 5 fruits (ranking preffered but not nessacary) thank u
loved your review on that one eureka project it was brilliantly said. you just earned a follower. keep that stuff up
Hi! I'm making a community list for the first time on here. I was wondering what your 5 favorite albums from this year and 5 least favorite albums from this year are so far. You can write little blurbs for your top album if you feel like it, I'm probably gonna pick the best ones for each album.
Hey, blue! I just released a new single inspired by Death Grips and other synth punk acts.

If you'd like to listen: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/torrance/album/646690-iodine/
will definitely play it just got finish a couple games first


20, he/him
Shoegaze enthusiast, professional dumbass.

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