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EarCandy -
Here on this 75' live outing between Evan Parker and Derek Bailey, the two musicians responsible for writing sonic curriculums that redefined their respective instruments can be witnessed engaging in a peculiarly unique fashion. To borrow what Peter Brötzmann once said in an interview upon asked about what sort of confrontation occurs when improvising, Brötzmann stated that the meeting is typically an effort to either 'fit' or 'fight'. This definition gives a whole new confirmed ... read more
EarCandy -
More an admirer of the Darmstadt school (the creative wheelhouse responsible for producing such iconic composers as Stockhausen, Brown, Berio, Boulez, and Nono), then an actual participant, André Boucourechliev all the same, pioneered in a similar vein the practices of that renowned school. As to which composer he individually gravitated in style towards, Boucourechliev began to follow in the steps of indeterminacy of Cage while still maintaining a passion for the methods of serialism, ... read more
EarCandy -
If I were to spend the rest of my days with the works of one Second Viennese school composer, it would have to be that of Alban Berg. In one oeuvre spanning several decades tragically cut short on account of a bug bite, Berg masterfully progressed and expanded the limits of the opera (the first to do so since Wagner) with the enormously popular Wozzeck and its successor Lulu. As well as the innovation and secrets of infidelity laced within his Lyric Suite. The importance of Berg's work is found ... read more
EarCandy -
A very compelling iteration of the free jazz idiom is found in Albert Ayler's Spiritual Unity. The work became the defining moment of the young tenor man's ascendancy to jazz stardom as a new voice heralding the unusual jazz offshoot known as free jazz. The sub-genre that was so controversially concerned with expanding the frontiers and testing sonic limits of tried-and-true hard-bop facilities. The term "free" doesn't seem to be a word boasting a universal definition that all free ... read more
EarCandy -
We have previously talked about the spectral viola (Intimate Rituals, the viola works by Radulescu), whose high-register wretches and screeches sear the eardrums. Still, we haven't discussed the spectral piano, an unlikely compatriot of the spectralist mode, whose keys resonate in the most glacial and chilling manner. Mind you; this isn’t to be compared with the asymmetric pattern presentation of Feldman, whose compositions gnaw at music's intellectual potential through minute and nearly ... read more


Jul 19, 2021
What is your favorite album from each year, 2001-2021?
Jul 12, 2021
I'm a little curious about your thoughts on Vingt Regards, I noticed you have the Batagov rendition as your favourite. Was wondering what in your mind makes that performance in particular so standout, compared to say Osborne, Loriod (maybe my preference as it stands currently), Laurent Aimard?
May 29, 2021
Thank you man!
May 27, 2021
Hey man, I hope you are doing great! Can you suggest me a few American primitivism albums? I heard some from John Fahey and Robbie Basho (you’ve recommended it to me already). I enjoyed that style a lot, but couldn’t find anything decent enough. Tried some Richard Bishop as well but only latest albums, they were okay but kinda psychedelic at that point.
May 13, 2021
Fair, it was interesting seeing a long stream of low scores flow through my feed. Have you deleted some reviews?
May 13, 2021
Any particular reason for the re-shuffling?
May 13, 2021
poor Elliott Smith, unable to outscore Justin Bieber! Maybe it was you who stabbed him in the chest! ;)
May 13, 2021
Its one of those days again eh!!!! lol
Apr 2, 2021
Apr 1, 2021
I remember my physics classes from high school quite well! I know I enjoyed the ideas it tried to explain, but it's just that my interest for math has always been quite a ways off. I wasn't particularly bad at it, I simply didn't really enjoy it, even if effortlessly grasping statistics for my uni class was incredibly satisfying. More than anything else physics, space has always spoken to my imagination too. I've watched a lot of videos - like the approachable Vsauce ones - that are really descriptive, but I've never personally been intrigued to go beyond that. My interest, at the end of the day, mainly focuses on society at large. Culture and politics are definitely my bread and butter, but the relevance of mathematics has never been lost on me, I'm just glad there are other people out there willing to do the dirty work, if you catch my drift!


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