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Yeat - 2093
Feb 20
Cecil Taylor & Italian Instabile Orchestra - The Owner of the River Bank
Cecil Taylor
The Owner of the River Bank
Feb 18

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Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir And Orchestra / Antoni Wit - Mahler: Symphony No. 8, 'Symphony of a Thousand'
Mahler Reference Recordings #8

Gustav Mahler's Eighth Symphony is by far his most epic and expansive work, making it exceedingly difficult for conductors to interpret. Due to its complex nature, there is little room for stylistic changes without affecting its core structure. As a conductor leading this titanic symphony, the best approach is to navigate through known and charted waters. I suggest that a literalist stance, involving a direct application of Mahler's instructions, is ... read more

Квартет им. Бородина - Квартеты
This mesmerizing, mercurial anthology of Shostakovich's quartets represents the pinnacle of 20th-century modern classical music. The cycle begins with a fresh take on the classical string quartet form and concludes poignantly with a self-eulogizing funeral march, embodying a remarkable journey of musical evolution. In the skilled hands of the Borodin String Quartet, these pieces find their most sublime expression.
John Coltrane With Eric Dolphy - Evenings at the Village Gate
Yet another room found in the pyramid.
Malmö Symphony Orchestra / Eri Klas / Oleh Krysa - Alfred Schnittke: Violin Concertos No. 3 & No. 4
What an interesting contrast we have here on this 1991 premiere recording. On the one hand we have Schnittke's 3rd Violin Concerto which to my ears is not all that interesting. Yes, there are brief moments of intense psychosis that is a common trademark of his music, but the polystylism which usually marks Schnittke's appears to be on holiday. Then you have the glorious 4th Violin Concerto which to me is one of his most epic and indulgently polystylistic works that comes very close to rivaling ... read more
Phew - Phew
It's not quite so obvious when you give this record a listen that you have Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit of Can fame lending a helping hand to Japanese minimal wave artist Phew. Perhaps it becomes a little more obvious when you realize what Can were up to as a band during the eighties releasing such uninspired releases like the atrocious Rite Time. It is within this context that one recognizes the echoes of a diluted Can sound, albeit noticeably altered.

Ultimately what you have here is ... read more


Thank you! I've heard the AFCM Piano Quintet recording but I should check out the Tale's as well.
Any preference for Schnittke's string quartets? I listened to the Kronos as it was more complete but I've heard the Tale might be more expressive. I like the Kronos one—the arrangement of Choir Concerto's second movement is stunning—but I'm wondering if I'm missing out by not listening to Tale's interpretation. And thanks for the follow, looking through your account is helping me with picking performances to listen to for some composers
Thank you for your substantive answer, I will definitely check out the works you suggested
After that, the list will be gradually added to, a bit like RYM's "featured reviews" on the front page. So if you're interested, please shoutout 4x AOTY review links, including at least 1 from you and 1 from another user. (Reminder: minimum 3,000 characters). Finally, if you don't want to be included in this list because another user has chosen you, please let me know.
In parallel, I have just published my second review of my new series "No Sleep on This: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/20799-from-a-compound-eye/
and my list has just been published: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/list/182368/no-sleep-on-this/
Thank you in advance for your support. Love
Hey Earcandy
I hope you're well! Voila, I'm launching a new list of communities that I'm offering you to participate in (if you want to, of course). This is the first wave and I've thought of you for the launch. To pay tribute to all the enthusiasts of this site, "Long Reviews - AOTY Guide" will group together all the reviews of over 3000 characters (minimum) that users wish to highlight because they are particularly proud or fans (Regardless of publication date). The aim is to give priority to writing, without underestimating oneself, as the list will above all be a place for sharing, with everyone having a place here. You'll have several choices: either submit your own reviews, and/or submit those of others. In the interests of sharing, we'll initially try to limit the number of reviews appearing on the list. For example, it won't be possible to have more than 2 reviews included per user. To continue..
May I ask why you gave Einstein's article such a low rating on goodreads? I have nothing against your opinion, I'm just curious because although I haven't read it, I've heard positive opinions about it.
Hey Earcandy! I'm currently creating what's known as a network graph or "Atlas" of AOTY, and someone mentioned YOU! :D To ensure the highest accuracy possible, as well as allow as many members to take part I'm asking all users mentioned if they'd like to take part as well! The following link will take you to a form if you do decide to take part: https://forms.gle/FjrJiKqLF1pkA4MJ6 Hope you had/have an awesome day, and thank you in advance if you do decide to contribute to the Atlas!
Wow that's quite interesting, didn't know that. Makes me even more excited to listen. Thank you!
What buxtehude would you recommend listening to?
Your reviews are very great. Love the profile picture too.

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