FKA twigs - LP1
FKA twigs
Jan 23

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eastbaldboy -
Must Hear Album? More like, Don’t Hear Album.

Anyway, if you’re interested in a User equivalent to the Must Hear title, I suggested it over on the Forums. Go reply and like to make sure Rob knows it’s something he should add.

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eastbaldboy -
Pretty solid EP, but definitely a few shaky moments that needed working out. But Scissorhands is a BANGER! Fantastic song.
eastbaldboy -
I have nothing to say about this album. Just like how Lil Skies had nothing to say on this album.
eastbaldboy -
I enjoyed this album. No doubt about it. But I just will not return to this. Seven 1 minute death metal songs don’t sound all too appealing outside the record’s context, and the 11 minute closer doesn’t really make up for it in my opinion, despite it being a great track.
Overall, good album, but lacking significant replay value.
eastbaldboy -
inoffensive lo-fi beats to study to
eastbaldboy -
I just do not like this.

Not a big fan of her voice, the lyrics, nor the production, which is too... something. Maybe it’s the bass being too overbearing, but overall the production is not great. I genuinely did not like this at all.
Jan 16, 2021
Very based to pick a Kero Kero Bonito album. Still, great pick! Thank you for participating, and here's the link for the list, feel free to check it out!
Jan 16, 2021
Hello there! What is an album that you've given a 100 score, and why so?

Simple explanations are fine enough, but detailed reasoning is of course welcome. If you have multiple 100s, then just pick one of them as your answer. It's for a list by the way. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!
Jan 9, 2021
Hello, I hope you're having a good day. I am reaching out in regards to my next AOTY Icon Interview. If you're unfamiliar with the series I crowdsource for questions. This time around for January 2021 edition, I will be interviewing PipePanic. The question is, what is a music-related question you can ask Pipe. Please refrain from asking questions as simple as "What is your favorite album?" Please also refrain from asking for thoughts about a specific album or asking joke questions. I ask that you ask something thought-provoking and ambiguous. I will be selecting the best questions to ask Pipe. If you can't think of any questions, you have a week to think about it. I also recommend checking my shoutbox before asking the question just to verify it hasn't been asked already. All participants will be credited for their questions. The interview will be posted by the end of the month. Thank you!
Jan 3, 2021
huge W for time 'n' place 100
Dec 31, 2020
Thank you so much for responding! The list is out now if you want to check it out:

Have a great night/day, and happy new years! <3
Dec 30, 2020
2020 has been a huge roadblock, a year that a lot of people would want to forget. Filled with hardships and pain. As this year is coming to a close, I wanted to ask a question for a list. What song would you listen to, to end the year off entirely? It can either be a send-off song, or a song that you would listen to in high hopes for 2021. Hope I'm not bothering, and if you respond, thanks for the help!
Dec 30, 2020
Hey what's your favourite Radiohead song? It's for a list btw
Dec 24, 2020
yes carti is dropping!
Dec 24, 2020
Merry christmas dear friend, love you!!

we dont really know each other though, but our tastes kinda matched on that fm bot
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