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Nanoray - ZAPPER
Jun 18
Maroon 5 - JORDI
Maroon 5
Jun 14

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Edgeworth -
Of course, this is a perfect album. Why would I doubt Wolf Alice?
With 2 perfect albums, Wolf Alice has just scored a hat-trick with Blue Weekend and definitely cements at the peaks of the greatest British Artists, and rightly so.
Blue Weekend has evolved and consolidated its identity with its completely original, husky, grungey style and such irresistible defiance. Ellie Roswell also captures every celestial emotion of every track delivered, whether its anxiety to anguish. Arguably, you could ... read more

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Edgeworth -
This is Finland’s Linkin Park and I'm really liking it. Although I think their live Eurovision version does more justice and punchier than the studio version.
Bwoah, still a great track though.
Edgeworth -
*tsk* I guess the days when Maroon 5 pulled off a solid album is well and truly over.
Granted, there was some snippet of pop moments if you seek to give this another playthrough, but that's just scraping the barrel on how sourly lackluster JORDI was.
The production is just a manufactured, mainstream cookie-cutter, glistened with recycled repetitive engineering that doesn't want to bat to change their formula, which is a shame as their debut feel-good album "Songs Like Jane" proves ... read more
Edgeworth -
It's a solid debut with flamboyant engineering and mature lyric work, which were Easy Life's strongest points of the album, but Life's a Beach on the long-term replay value won't do much for me. Some tracks do dip up with some sweet instrumentals, but then certain tracks suddenly dips under with overuse of bouncing between multiple genres, which was enough for me to feel detached.
Satisfactory, but one playthrough was enough for me, and probably get lost in the shuffle over the course of Summer.
Edgeworth -
Considering this is his seventh album to date, Seeking New Gods is one of the finest entries by Gruff Rhys.
The chassis of this album certainly has Super Furry Animals vibes, but the provoking abstract creativity of Rhys is what makes Seeking New Gods, a resplendent and joyful album to playthrough.
Great album.
Edgeworth -
If you're after that Nostalgia rehash, then Intruder is perhaps the most appropriate name, because veteran Gary Numan has moved on from the past and instead gives us this fiery electronica, with contaminating dark aura within the production.
I would say the finale was disillusioning, but Gary will not be deterred on the current climate by delving into this fantastic cinematic album. While most veteran artists care about their past and indulge it so dearly (Especially those that are so ... read more


May 18, 2021
wow you really are Miles Edgeworth from the Capcom made video game series Ace Attorney, rad
May 17, 2021
Helllo, namasteπŸ™πŸ», loved your reviews and followed you. My 2nd conceptual EP 'Marine Affairs' has been just released and I will request you from my heart to check it once. I consists 4 songs (English majorly, with some tinge of hindi and Bengali in 2 track) and it will take only 8 minutes. I know you are busy enough but will be grateful if you review it on AOTY. Your review means a lot. It's a very novice attempt and I am learning, so I will request you to put a very honest review off course. Hope you are in safest of condition in this very hard times. If you do, it will make my day. Thanks in advance for your precious time. βœ¨πŸ™πŸ»
attaching the Spotify and AOTY link:


May 13, 2021
Hey!!!! So today I had an idea to make a very fun list on this amazing website that I'm addicted to. So... my goal is to make a huge RAINBOW🌈list, so you get to choose an album that you like that has an specific color, it can be literally any album but the majority of the cover has to be of the chosen color. So I'm gonna start by choosing one of my fav albums which has the color: RED πŸ”΄

Send me a color and an album that you like, If you want to write something you like album this album feel free to do it!
Or you can just send the name and the color.

check the live update here all the time:
May 3, 2021
not anymore :((((((((((
Feb 3, 2021
Based akechi and fe3h fan
Oct 22, 2020
nice profile picture man
Sep 30, 2020
hello friend
Sep 25, 2020
Oh no I didn't, I'll try to listen to it if I have time, thanks for reminding me!
Sep 15, 2020


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