- Bad Life
A very perculiar collaboration and somehow works!
A little too radio friendly production wise, but the chemistry between Oli and Sigrid makes this single stand strong.
Also may I direct your attention to this certain verse, "Now So I Wrote This Song To Say Things Won't Always Be This Way, No It's Just A Bad Day"....That right here is a very striking statement right there and the narrative does justify that (Especially if you see the MV of this). There is always hope and each of us ... read more
 - Higher
Arguably; Buble has given another silky-smooth production and formula that's still remains intact like his other albums so do expect a "Same as Usual" album. And yet, keeping it satisfactory, because its an inoffensive formula that's keeping the Canadian superstar status intact.
His finale track Smile (Which is a rendition by Charlie Chaplin) on the other hand, is perhaps his best rework to date.
Michael Buble in the past 2 decades has grown strength to strength, by doing what he does ... read more
 - The Overload
I think it's unfortunate that users are over-hating this, because Yard Act's debut album The Overload is such a genius album.
Where do I even begin? Their seems to be some comparisons to the early Arctic Monkeys days and even a dose of John Cooper Clarke. Why do I like this so much?
That's easy, their lyricism and the ranges James Smith delivers really shines superbly on The Overload.
Whether its from a fact-checking Dead Horse to a life affirming slice of humanism 100% Endurance, James ... read more
 - Wet Leg
The hype train started last year and was worth the buzz, Wet Leg is definitely one of the best debut albums of the year.
Indie Rock seems to hit a stumble as far as listeners are concerned, whether its too samey or too bold; however Wet Leg has definitely defied that and has just trasisted Indie Rock to a new a turning point. Courtesty with their unique creativity and discordant values, keeping listeners challenged and not pressing that skip button (Don't you dare!).
Their are some traditional ... read more
 - BanG Dream! Dreamer's Best
This is BanG Dream's official 5th anniversary and despite its niche appeal on the mainstream perspective, but theirs no denying the popularity of this franchise in Japan and the mobile gaming community worldwide.
Dreamer's Best has given us 3 songs per 5 bands, flexing their unique styles; plus with some special tracks at the end of both discs.
For me, this is a specially great, because I jumped into this since 2018 and really adored the bands, especially Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN, but the ... read more
It's safe to say Idol bands are becoming quite tiresome and this is builds my case.
I won't repeat much about the origin of SEKAI, as I already covered that in WonderlandxShowtime album (Go read that).
What I will add though, is the engineering is completely untouched (Well, you'll know soon enough why I'm rather irritated shortly) to their original counterpart, the only difference are the vocals and that's what I'll try to base each SEKAI album on. In which case, MORE MORE JUMP! cover tracks ... read more
 - Better With You
Better With You is perhaps one of the most enjoyable debut playthrough I've heard this year.
Safe? you could say so; but arguably, KAWALA's artistic skills are really dazzling that lights up. It's clear they're having a good time, and this will keep us listeners occupied without pressing that skip button.
KAWALA definitely has the formula similar to Two Door Cinema Club and for sure, has a bright future ahead if that's the approach.


FTHC (Frank Turner Hardcore) is a return to his inner-punk form.
I'm a big fan of Frank Turner's earlier works, but I was quite disappointed with his previous album No Man's Land, especially the sketchy narrative, so my expectations of this is subpar low.
But, Frank threw the gloves off and set off to Abbey Road Studios, which the recordings and mixing is much enriched, thanks to Rich Costey's production mixing (He worked alongside Muse, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro).
With that production ... read more
 - Amazing Things
First and foremost, I have to congratulate Don Broco for scoring their first ever UK Number 1 album last Friday with Amazing Things (Physical sales really does pay off, despite multiple delays).
I was quite underwhelmed with their previous 2018 album Technology, so how will this fair?
Gladly, I found myself enjoying this far more than Technology and does not attempt to compare with previous albums, so it's certainly a fresh, unpretentious entry.
The confidence and their self-aware on Amazing ... read more
 - Wonderlands×Showtime SEKAI ALBUM vol.1
"Project Sekai" has kicked off with their monthly album releases starting with a bubbly theme park troupe Wonderlands×Showtime.
Not familiar with Project Sekai? Well, this is adapted to the music rhythm mobile game 'Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stages' consisting of 5 unique bands plus the Virtual Singers (Miku, KAITO etc.).
Each songs are entirely covers, selected based on the band's unique characteristic.
So, while this album isn't my sort of genre, it's fair to say ... read more
 - World I Understand
The Sherlock's latest third album "World I Understand" certainly fell under the radar lately, which is unfortunate because this is their most ambitious album.
For sure, this certainly caters with musical influences like the early Blur days for instance. But, World I Understand is definitely their most cohesive work and that rewards you as it has much better replay value than their last album Under Your Sky.
In my previous review for their last album, I mentioned this is their stepping ... read more
 - Brightside
A nice, introverted and worthwhile play-though by The Lumineers.
Despite it's folk slow burn, it's is a kind of album that requires multiple playthroughs, especially the album's motivation to Schultz after his near death car crash.
Through BRIGHTSIDE, theirs definitely some channelling of Bruce Springsteen on certain tracks.
But the biggest strength is the engineering, especially the piano chords, wonderfully crafted.
BRIGHTSIDE is quite short, but this certainly does reward you with this ... read more
 - Are We Gonna Be Alright?
If you enjoyed their debut album, their fun anthem grooves are intact which will certainly please their fans.
You got a whole of pot of variations, from emo-pop to instant high adrenaline to keeping their 70s grooves like their debut.
Lockdown effect? Not for them, Fickle Friends were in good spirits and this Are We Gonna Be Alright? clearly showed.
This I had a great time with and definitely will have high replay value in months to come.
 - Fix Yourself, Not The World
What's wrong with a bit of fun? If you've stumbled into The Wombats expecting Radiohead level of music, then I'm afraid you've barked up a wrong territory.
One look at the artwork and you're guaranteeing this will be a nostalgia polished circuit-board that still hasn't faltered and that's what makes The Wombats remain as the pioneer of Indie music to this day (If you don't believe me, go check their past festival experience).
I wouldn't say this their ground-breaking album that's going to ... read more
 - Transparency
Twin Atlantic's ambitious project Transparency really did pay off, despite losing a member since POWER.
But for one, it's safe to say Transparency is lightyears superior to their previous bland album POWER.
I will concede that their direction does pose strange choices that seemed vague. But judging by the scores, perhaps the album is too quirky for the many.
But to me, I had no problems with this playthrough. This is just a fine, bouncy album containing a couple of great bangers, but it was ... read more
 - Now or Whenever
It's been an entire decade since we last seen Spector's debut album released.
Now, 6 years later since their last album sees Spector jump back into past and towards an uncertain future.
Yes, that narrative is rather repetitive (Especially when many artists have delved into this narrative since 2020) on Now or Whenever which deals with current anxieties and depression (I think the artwork very much translate that pretty nicely), but to take optimism to make up for lost time... It's 2022 and ... read more
 - Sprechchor
Roselia never ceases to disappoint me and Sprechchor is evidant.
All those harmonies and engineering parts throughout this single are addictively wonderful.
 - Super Max! YoHé, YoHo!
F1's New World Champion!
 - Something To Leave The House For
Not the riskiest album, despite some really repetitive, upbeat radio-friendly formulaic approach that'll grind to a halt.
Nevertheless, what impressed me the most on this second album was the songwriting capabilities that really stood tall; Especially in Dance with the Devil, go check that out. But the engaging Hotel Deville and the decent Love Bites and Overthink Everything also deliver.
But hey, if the band's blissful formula doesn't break and results in their highest UK album chart and ... read more
 - 30
30's playthrough is rather a departure from her usual style which made her to this day popular. What we got instead becomes an even bluesy raw and depressing narrative.
Now, I do like Adele's past albums, especially her 2011 Royal Albert Hall Live Performance and her 2012 James Bond song Skyfall.
Since then, I felt 25 was slightly pretentious at times, but still a fine album, but translated wonderfully to her Glastonbury set in 2016.

Let's talk about her vocal effects, because they're very ... read more

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