The Just Joans - The Private Memoirs and Confessions of the Just Joans
In the first few seconds of listening to this record, I already felt that I was going to be confused as to why this had such a low rating. The guitar sounded amazing, the melody was nice, and the production sounded like something I would really enjoy. But then it hit. The vocals. I hate to be mean when addressing someone's well meaning, hard work but... the vocals are just... not great. It does not sound like singing, almost like they were trying to record the LP but didn't want to make too much noise for their neighbors so they kept it low key. I hate to say it, but the heavy accents also did not help. A more vintage overlay over the vocals would have better complemented it. But instead, the vocals are in full clarity, even stopping the main instrumentals to make way for it. Overall, the record is decent, except for when they start singing which is when it gets honestly physically uncomfortable.

Favorite (barely) Tracks: Dear Diary, I Died Again Today / Holiday
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3d ago
the vocals were the exact reason I rated it so low as well.
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