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Gunna - DS4EVER
Jan 21
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Dec 25

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EJCDance01 -
After listening to this last night I needed to sleep and let the information marinate for a little while so I could form my opinion.

I absolutely loved this album, the inspiration behind these songs I could list all day as they paid homage to a lot of artists, but a few that spring to mind right now are artists like The Jackson 5, The Chi-Lites, Teddy Pendergrass, Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind & Fire, James Brown, The Ohio Players, Barry White, The Temptations, Rose Royce and probably loads ... read more

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EJCDance01 -
Okay so I really wanted to enjoy this album, I've been a fan of Cordae since stumbling across 'The Lost Boy' a few years ago, more specifically the song featuring Anderson Paak called 'RNP', I absolutely loved the energy and how they bounced off one another with original and quirky flows that weaved in and out of the beat, Cordae also has an ability to technically write well, as well as make bold statements and tell stories.

Okay so imagine all that... and forget about all that because none of ... read more
EJCDance01 -
Sorry to say that I'm just not a fan of this album at all, but I tried.

The thing that I take issue with is the fact that the album is 19 tracks long initially, I don't get this current trend of 'let's make 12-15 filler songs and have a handful of decent tracks at best', why can't we go back the formula that works of actually putting genuine effort into like a steady and strong 10-12 tracks, even 8 or 9. It makes you value the music that you're listening to a lot more, and not rolling your ... read more
EJCDance01 -
Here we go, the first review of 2022. Happy new year everyone!

Abel is no stranger to experimenting with new sounds and really running with them, and for the most part this is a really great concept.

The production is smooth and classy, you have a selection of sounds including Synthwave, Soul, R&B and Funk. Artists that come to mind especially on the track 'Sacrifice' is Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' in terms of the beat, and Alicia Myers' 'I Want To Thank You' in terms of sound and tone. ... read more
EJCDance01 -
I love the message that Jazmine is trying to strongly convey in Heaux Tales with the power of women. There are several voices of different women telling their stories throughout the album, discussing really personal and deep subjects e.g. relationships, money and sex whilst also being serious and bringing attention to them. We do need a lot more people being honest and bringing the right kind of awareness to these things, as a lot of people just don't understand or won't willingly learn about ... read more
EJCDance01 -
Another little Christmas drop from Nas! I had no prior knowledge of this so it was a great surprise.

The duo of Nas and Hit-Boy is undeniably great, the production and switch ups with the boom bap sound always sounds clean, Nas flowing over the top with his cadences and strong messages always sounds focused and to be this inspired this late in his career, especially when he has literally nothing left to prove is insane. Touching back on Nas' messages as well, he speaks a lot in this project of ... read more


Dec 6, 2021
No problem, actually loved your old pfp too haha. That's lovely to hear, usually I just shitpost my way along, pretty low effort
Nov 19, 2021
Lovely page you got here
Jul 9, 2021
ty for the follow :))
Apr 23, 2021
Thanks for the follow! Your reviews are really solid, keep it up!
Apr 22, 2021
tysm for the follow! keep of the reviews, theyre really good :)


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