Loyle Carner - hugo
its like he read that i said he was boring on his last album, went crazy with the beat selection and made terriffic bars
Knxwledge - HX.24
i could listen to every knx beat on repeat for years and never get bored
MIKE - Beware of the Monkey
Mike's best imo, these beats are chill yet CRAZY. I can have this on repeat for the rest of the year tbh, and of course he is FLOWING on these beats. I love it
Your Old Droog - YOD Presents: The Shining
Droog just be putting out anything now, I guess it's cool
Metro Boomin - HEROES & VILLAINS
Some fucking bangers in here but still nothing groundbreaking, just pick a few tracks to add to a playlist
Sza puts herself out for display on this one, I feel her but regrettably nothing that really stands out unless you really relate this to your personal life imo
Machine Girl - Neon White OST 1 - The Wicked Heart
Fire music to game with, very up tempo, it's dope
Drake & 21 Savage - Her Loss
The last bit of tracks are the "best" but as a whole a mediocre album. But yeah broke boys, Pussy & Millions, and I'll add More M's and Jumbotron to the best tracks worth adding to a playlist
Blksmiith - 「DIGITAL TWIN」
Prime music to do literally anything to, do a hitless run in Elden Ring, get 7 kills and 39 deaths in the new MW2, get a 22/100 on your take home test, the possibilities are endless
Dear Silas - It's Giving SELF LOVE!
I ain't stressing today is the highlight by far and it's been out for over a year, everything is just bland and weak attempts to sound like someone else, mainly Kendrick
The Game - Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind
2 HOURS!!!!!!!! I want my time back, the game is horribly out of touch, there are a few, emphasis on A FEW, decent tracks here but it's way to bloated with garbage, can't recommend to sit through and try to find them
Amaii - I've Seen Better Days
I've listened to better music. Had an adlib in here saying "this shit ass"... already knew
Moor Mother - Jazz Codes
I wanna like this so bad but I just can't, it's just too much going on
Perfume Genius - Ugly Season
Wow, very left field and avant garde, I'm fucking with this for the most part
Rappers Die too much
Juicy J & Pi'erre Bourne - Space Age Pimpin’
Why tf is Pierre Bourne even opening his mouth on here, especially the first two tracks that would've been hard as fuck if he didn't do that weak soft ass singing rap shit, this is NOT the beats to do that shit on bro, completely ruined the whole album for me, everytime I heard his voice I just skipped ahead in the song, or to the next track as a whole
Jim Jones & Maino - The Lobby Boyz
Just 2 old heads who put some tolerable tracks at best together, nothing special or groundbreaking, nothing you haven't heard before
Logic - Vinyl Days
A vast improvement and solid goodbye
Drake -  Honestly, Nevermind
What type of Hollister dressing room shit is this. Drake walked into a H&M and a lightbulb popped on his head. Grindr, and I quote, said this album "kinda gay asf". Jersey shore ass beats, wtf is this shit.
Curren$y & Fuse - Spring Clean 2
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