H.E.R. - H.E.R.
Oct 25
TWICE - Fancy
Oct 25
IU - Love Poem
Love Poem
Oct 25
IU - Bbibbi
Oct 25

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eliiscool5 -
"Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon' be alright."

In the current world filled with social injustice, this song finds itself charting yet again. I really wish we didn't need this song. But yet here we are.

I'm sure everybody has their own chronicle of the current year they're longing to tell, so, here is mine.

I'm sure most people are aware with the social movement in Hong Kong for the past year. In a social environment where people are now afraid to express their political ... read more

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eliiscool5 -
What does Twice and Nazi Germany have in common? Failed global expansion.

This is a bit of a long review, so strap your seatbelts, we in for a fancy rollercoaster ride.

So, before I talk about the album, please allow me to give a little bit of a background. Twice's musical evolution throughout the past 5 years has been fascinating to say the least. From the start, catapulting into the top of the Korean music scene with over-the-top fluffy concepts that include Likey, TT, Knock Knock through ... read more
eliiscool5 -
This album is the reason why anti-darwinism exists
eliiscool5 -
This Loona New Year has not been good. (Pun very intended pls laugh)

Loona while already making a name for itself, for better or for worse, is technically still a 2-year group, Their full debut was in 2018. It's easy to expect a lot more from them due to their solo or sub-unit activities, but they're currently, still, a group trying to find their sound.

Wow I really wanted to enjoy this EP a lot more. I really liked some of their older sub-unit stuff, and till this day I am still begging ... read more
eliiscool5 -
I've lost all discernibility.

This EP is messy, this EP was clearly made with limited effort, there aren't much innovation or new ideas to the table, and the 5 songs here aren't especially catchy or fun, which is usually what I look for in K-Pop stuff. For heaven's sake, the title track Really Bad Boy is literally sharing the same 2 words with their biggest hit!

It is absolutely clear that this was intended to use the popularity of Bad Boy to gain traction, because Really Bad Boy is ... read more
eliiscool5 -
Shut up NME, go to bed.

Look, for this kind of bedroom pop shtick, I tend to discount the problems of inadequate content and lacking lyrics if the instrumentals are catchy and the vocals are attracting, but rarely do I find something redeemable here.

I wouldn't say I really liked his previous work, but Stereo was a nice experience. This however, takes a few steps back, despite the clear showing of a bigger venture. The album cover makes my skin crawl a bit, and why are there butterflies ... read more
Oct 26, 2020
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Oct 25, 2020
In your opinion who is the most overrated artist (for a list)
Oct 24, 2020
Oct 21, 2020
Most, honestly. I've been down the hole. It's a dark place.
Oct 21, 2020
I honestly wouldn't have been shocked if I had seen them perform at a church I was at as a kid. I remember some weird Christian band performing at my church. One of the singers looked like a peacock. That is all I remember.
Oct 21, 2020
"Here we are, we are dads! If you are a dad, we are one of you!"
Oct 21, 2020
I can't believe how dad this group looks.
Oct 21, 2020
Okay so I've never solicited for a list before, but I had an extra obnoxious idea and I wanted to get other people to contribute to me being obnoxious.

What album makes you think of your dad?
Constantly editing reviews because I have heavy grammar mistakes. Severely failing in keeping up with music releases. I also really like making dad jokes so I sincerely, sincerely apologize.

90-99: Amazing, classic cd
80-89: Very good, mmm me likey
70-79: Good, high replay value
60-69: Decent
50-59: A mixed bag
40-49: Boring
30-39: Most likely didn't finish it
20-29: Will file a complaint letter
10-19: Have caused emotional scars
0-9: Sworn arch nemesis.
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