Sep 27, 2020 (updated Sep 28, 2020)
Singles Hundred Club #4: LIKEY - TWICE

Yes, it's okay to be a grown-ass man sitting in his stinky bedroom, screaming every lyric of Likey even though he knows zero Korean... Mom what do you mean I'm too noisy?

Since my voice is now lost due to constant shouting, I'd like to pull out the keyboard and write a review of Likey, by Twice. Besides, I'm feeling quite joyful today, so why not write about the song that perfecly captures the intoxicating nature of happiness?

(And yes I am heavily inspired after reading Inglume's review)

First off, a little of a musician background check.
Twice. K-Pop powerhouse that consists of 9 members, who have been dominating Korean and Japanese charts for 5 straight years now, started off with cutesy concepts. And it makes perfect sense. The members were young, they were cute, and people (mostly male, of course) poured their money like how oil companies dump their wastes from giant cargo ships in the middle of the ocean.

Now, I've been so-so towards their bubblegum music, as some just don't click, e.g. T.T, Knock Knock, but oh man, one certain song in 2017 that when I heard it, it fucking blew my mind.

This song, is, IT! This is the absolute pinnacial of pop! This is probably, no, this IS the catchiest song I've ever heard in my entire life. Here are some of my favorite aspects:

1. The classic "Mindlessly-Repeating-Song-Title-Shoutout" strategy in the chorus that sticks into one's mind and never leaves, which starts to appear literally right at the start of the song and continues on and on.

2. The fucking horns, the GOD. DAMN. HORNS. Yes, let them inject and blow through my ear drums like how Bayern smashed 8 into Barca's goal!

3. The "hey" sound effect everytime the pre-chorus comes in. There is just this eerie force that orders me to join in, hold hands together and chant.

4. The percussion man. They sound so simple but they BANG at the right time, the snare-like clap sounds like it's from heaven!

5. The "hi-hi" sound effect right before we enter the chorus, leaves me with SOOOO MUCH SUSPENSE, like, just fucking hit me with the chorus, why are we waiting?

6. The bridge starts with the isolation of the vocalist, and it builds up, and builds up, the vocalist continue to go higher, "CAN WE GET MUCH HIGHER?" then her note extends, looks like we're getting led to the chorus again, oh wait, what's this?

7. UH, 아무 반응 없는 너 땜에 삐졌는데 눈치 없이 친구들이 나오라고 부르 Ooh 잠깐만 잠깐만 연락이 이제야 오는걸 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 하루종일 기분이 왔다 갔다 울다가도 다시 신나서 춤추네

And yes the bridge is unquestionably the best part of the song. As soon as Dahyun says "uh", I know we're in for a fucking treat. Now I'm not one that likes K-Pop rapping, but Dahyun and Chaeyoung rapping on this instrumental is just so-----fucking-----NICE! The only times I've experienced the same type of hype were Anderson .Paak in the final verse of Bubblin, and Kendrick Lamar in the second part of DNA, so yeah, this song is up there with Bubblin and DNA, in terms of rapping. I said what I said.

8. The "BAK" sound right when we hit the final chorus and before Sana continues to do the "ME LIKEY ME LIKEY LIKEY LIKEY" shit, man that gives off so much satisfaction, just in a quarter of a second.

Every time when I decide it's go-time to loop this song for 6 hours straight, I start to question my existence. What is the point? Is this healthy? Are my parents ashamed of me? Do my friends think I'm a mega Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Moe? Is this what God would've wanted me to do? But then, the chorus kicks back in, and I realize I've been ignoring my true calling. My life has been leading up to this, to me, bopping to Likey by Twice. This song is the reason why the universe exists. This song is the base of human society. Heck, I bet God is also bopping to this.

PS: I don't know if I was being ironic or not, I remember I was conflicted, found myself screaming "ME LIKEY ME LIKEY LIKEY LIKEY" in the hotel room.
Oct 3, 2020
Oct 4, 2020
@Allofasudden yup yup
Nov 24, 2020
Nov 30, 2020
me likey this review
Nov 30, 2020
this fucker acts like he's a cute anime girl then he speaks like that corpse dude on vc
Nov 30, 2020
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