Joji - Nectar
Sep 25, 2020 (updated Sep 25, 2020)
Sep 25th Album Marathon #1: Nectar - Joji

Is it fitting to say that this is a "Flower Boy" moment for Joji? Sounds really cringe, I know, but please bear with me here.

He started off as Filthy Frank, made some jokey rap music, similar to Tyler, then became more serious in his craftsmenship and made some music that although not fantastic, showed immense potential for listeners to stick around, anticipating Joji's blossoming in the future.

This, however, this is it. This is Joji's defining moment.

Just from the album cover, it shows a clear message that Joji has put aside his previous satire alter-ego and became more focused to make music that unlike before, hope to attract listeners in by shock value and sarcasm, now hope to entice listeners in by quality music. And, also from the album cover, the concept is clearly going to be more dim.

The brilliant shadowy production combined with Joji's melancholy singing perfectly captures the moody aesthetic this album aimed for.

Shame I couldn't listen this in a whole during my first listen as I was in lessons, but this album sounds great! The production feels way less awkward and more polished than some of the low points I've experienced during low points of BALLADS 1.

Joji's vocals peak in the songs with the accompaniment of gloomy instrumentals. I don't think his vocals have ever sounded better. He's always had talent, but it felt underdeveloped before. It is very possible that flaws in his vocal might start to appear to me after future listens, but first impression is checked.

The features are a bit of a mixed bag. While Yves Tumor and BENEE delivered, rei brown and Omar Apollo's features felt a little bit left to be desired. Unfortunately, I do not have the level of intellect to understand Lil Yachty, so I'll not comment about that

Edit: Okay, just listened to Pretty Boy a couple more times, and it's safe to say that Lil Yachty did well on Pretty Boy. I really hoped Lil Yachty would perform well because the instrumental sounded like something he could ace, but his inconsistency throughout the years concerned me. But, yep, Lil Yachty was a great feature!

The first 8 tracks are super consistently fantastic! As the tracklist went on, the songs were better and better, and the highlight of the album for me has to be Gimme Love and Run.

I do think the album dips a little bit in quality during the second half, but still, the consistency of the album is an upgrade over BALLADS 1.

From Pink Season to In Tongues, to BALLADS 1 and now, Nectar, Joji continues to buff his musicianship gradually. Overall, this is an upgrade from his previous music, in almost every aspect. This is a reward for fans who've stood by him in his bumpy music journey. Joji's steady and constant improvement not only build up higher expectations for fans, his current product also stands on its own as a great piece of work.

Favorite tracks: Ew, MODUS, Gimme Love, Run, NITROUS, Pretty Boy, Normal People, Reanimator
Least favorite tracks: 777
Sep 25, 2020
wait, so you LIKE pretty boy??
Sep 25, 2020
Yeah it bumps
Sep 26, 2020
Nice review dude
Sep 26, 2020
Thank you!
Sep 27, 2020
I'd say it's more like Joji's Wolf than Flower Boy. Wolf showed the potential Tyler had but it still wasn't as utilised as it'd eventually would be in Flower Boy + IGOR. Nectar was a step up for sure but there wasn't any defining moments that would consider George one of the greats - more just ear candy really (which he might just wanna go for tbh). Good review though nonetheless.
Sep 27, 2020
I guess this really comes to personal taste, but in my opinion, Nectar is a huge upgrade over BALLADS 1, so that's why after I listened to it, the idea of it being the "Flower Boy" of Joji popped up. I understand why you would say it's his Wolf though, since Joji still got a long way to go.
Sep 27, 2020
Oh definitely, there's less filler than in comparison to his last album and overall a lot more consistent, but it still wasn't the peak of his ability. I can definitely see him becoming on par with James Blake, Sampha, Frank Ocean etc. if he put his all into a project. Decent album though by far.
Sep 27, 2020
@CrayonSnatcher Pretty Boy is a beautiful song.
Sep 27, 2020
@eliiscool Great review!! Congrats on getting the 'Popular This Week' badge!! :)
Sep 27, 2020
*@eliiscool5 sorry for forgetting the 5
Sep 27, 2020
@Cry Thank you!
Sep 28, 2020
great review dude, truly deserving of the badge. However the rapping comparision to tyler is kinda weird. Because 1. Joji's been making serious music and meme music since 2014/15 plus tyler was always serious about his shit just wrote largely edgy lyrics and stuff. Pretty Boy was one of my personal favourites too.
Sep 29, 2020
@TomBejoy I felt Joji and Tyler were similar was because both of them in their early careers emphasized on shock value and edgy content. And about the albun, for me, Cherry Bomb and BALLADS 1 were quite disappointing, and when I heard Nectar, the album felt like BALLADS 1's highlights extended into a full album, similar to what Flower Boy felt to me at least.
Sep 29, 2020
@eliiscool5 nectar is more of a wolf/cherry bomb actually. Joji's next record will be a 90 im certain
Sep 29, 2020
@TomBejoy I felt that this album wasn't that big of a difference to BALLADS 1 in terms of stylistic choices, but Wolf was pretty different to Goblin and Bastard. But anyways, still going to be rooting for this lad
Sep 29, 2020
@eliiscool5 wolf was more poppy and streamlined but it laid the foundation for tyler to blossom into the pop infused enigma he is today. The same thing's happening to Joji. Don't be surprised if he produces most of his next record
Sep 29, 2020
@eliiscool5 Joji always made professional music on the side of his meme rapping. He just turns out to be a comedian who took the route of youtube to make his music blow up like his initial goal but got so excited with the lucrative fame off youtube that he settled for it
Sep 29, 2020
While singers are more respected, Youtubers have like a 1000 percent higher chance of blowing up. There are barely any industry plants or products of nepotism on youtube outside brother/sister duos
Sep 29, 2020
@TomBejoy nah I feel you about the serious/jokey music thing, but truth is that the satire stuff got him famous, but then he changed his musical style to move away from it, just like how Tyler originally was horrorcore but then he didn't want to be classified as that
Sep 29, 2020
@eliiscool5 True, that's right. I was just saying Pink Guy is nowhere near early tyler nor is ballads/nectar joji nowhere near the perfection of igor/flower boy
Sep 29, 2020
@TomBejoy oh yeah for sure
Sep 29, 2020
@eliiscool5 what direction do you want tyler to take next
Sep 29, 2020
I mean I'll continue to anticipate his music no matter what direction he goes. I just want him to continue to explore different styles like how he went from FB to IGOR
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